What Size Dehumidifier For Garage? The Ultimate Guide In 2022

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You need a dehumidifier because you are having moist , mildew or mold in your basement or garage. But at the same time you are confused about what size dehumidifier for your garage will be the best fit ?

We are here to help you with the answer but we feel it is also important for you to know how you can determine the proper sizes by yourself as well. Therefore, stick to the end and you will get to know what you are looking for as a whole.

A dehumidifier is an appliance that ensures your garage is in good condition and has limited moist conditions. You should know what size dehumidifier for the garage you require because this helps choose the appropriate humidifier your garage needs and how efficient it works.

Many warehouses, basements and garages require a humidifier because of the safety benefits it offers. We will take you through the proper size humidifier your garage needs, how to choose the correct humidifier size and other important information about garage humidifiers.

Dehumidifier Size Chart

To help you when you are searching for the right humidifier size, here is a chart that will give you an idea of how it works. Please note that the testing criteria of humidifiers aren’t stable and have changed since 2020.

These humidifiers are usually put to work in cold temperatures, which might affect the average pint capacities of other brands.

Dehumidifier Size Chart

What Size Dehumidifier For Garage?

What size dehumidifier you need for your garage depends on the range of area your garage occupies. For example , if your garage covers 2000 square feet you need a dehumidifier that has more than 70 pint rate capacity.

What Size Dehumidifier For Garage

For your better understanding let’s get down to it and determine the size that varies based on range of area in terms of size and capacity. .

Industrial size

This dehumidifier is usually required when you have huge factories or warehouses. They are generally called heavy-duty dehumidifiers. They come with a drainage hose and rope.

You should consider getting this if your space averages about 7,500 sq. Ft.


This is slightly smaller than an industrial dehumidifier but is bulky. Also, they come in 60 pints and are designed for big spaces. I will suggest you get this humidifier if you own a large basement or workshop which has about 4,500sq.ft.

This large size dehumidifier comes with some problems, though, which might be an expensive, bulky and high cost to maintain.


Another great humidity appliance comes in 50 pints. It is suitable for open spaces and averagely-built workshops, which averages about 1,200 to 3,500 Square feet. I will recommend these garage dehumidifiers from amazon because they offer the best services and are affordable.

It’s a popular humidifier used by most households because it seems to fit most garage sizes. However, be careful not to buy fakes and only shop at reputable e-commerce sites.


These weigh about 25 oz and are used primarily on private basements and garages. They are usually suitable for better airflow in your room. I will recommend you get them for single rooms and workshops that are about 400 to 1600 Square feet.

Though you can buy this size, Humidifier, however, it has shown concerns of fragility, especially when you don’t handle them well. To increase its lifespan, don’t overuse and always refill the pints.


The mini humidifier is around 18 oz in weight and is made to decongest toilets, offices and bathrooms. Usually suitable for 280 Square feet or smaller. It is lightweight, portable and can be moved around. This mini size humidifier comes in various models and can be repaired easily.

How to Pick a Garage Dehumidifier of the Right Size?

When picking a garage dehumidifier, there are specific considerations you need to follow, and they include:

How to Pick a Garage Dehumidifier of the Right Size

Take The Right Measurements

The first step you need to take when choosing the right dehumidifier in the garage is to check your space. If you don’t know the length of your room, you can use a measuring tape to get the right size.

You will multiply the length and width to get the size which will guide your decision to buy a dehumidifier. Getting a dehumidifier that doesn’t match your garage space will reduce efficiency.

Check The Garages’ Moisture Level

When buying a dehumidifier of the right size, inspect how moist the garage is. This will require using a humidity meter which will ascertain the water level in the room. This is because garages with thick moisture or rust will need a more robust or larger dehumidifier. Criteria to follow when using this humidity meter includes:

  • The garage can be damp when it’s wet and musty.
  • It can be pretty humid when it has a foul aroma in cold temperatures.
  • A wet garage or room shows physical signs of condensation.
  • A very damp garage will prove hard to breathe correctly.

Compare The Room Size And Moisture Level

This can be done quickly using the dehumidifier Size chart. The size of the humidifiers you want to buy should be based on how they can remove wetness in a day.

Compare The Room Size And Moisture Level

Therefore, a humidifier pint is essential when the size of the garage has been determined. It can take some time to arrive at the proper comparison, but it’s worth the effort.


Though not everyone considers this factor necessary, it plays a vital role. You will need to check your garage temperature before buying that humidifier. There are some sizes of humidifiers that perform better in certain temperatures than others.

Temperatures play a vital role when you seek the perfect dehumidifier for your garage. A freezing garage will require a large or industrial dehumidifier for great results.

The Climate In Your Garage

When your garage is located in a humid location, you will need to add about 10 pints to the humidifier size you want to buy. This is because certain climates are harsher than others.

State of use

How long you or others spend in the garage is important because it determines the type of dirt to expect. If you use it frequently, add about 7 pints. However, if you are an occasional user or very few people come to the garage, your work is light, and a mini dehumidifier will be appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know What Humidifier Size To Buy?

Dehumidifier size depends on 3 factors:

  • Humidity rate inside the room
  • Room area in sq feet
  • Room temperature

Average room temperature affects the relative humidity rates at any given moment, but the room area plays the biggest role. The testing criteria of dehumidifiers were changed by DOE back in 2019, and these standards will come into effect in all dehumidifiers from 2022.

You can find out the capacity required for your room from the size chart given above.

Furthermore, you can know the right dehumidifier size to buy by checking various brands online. After you have determined the size of your room in sq feet, seek the appropriate dehumidifier that can remove moisture and waste. After that, you can check the listed products for the best results.

What Is The Best Dehumidifier You Can Buy For Your Garage?

It depends on various factors, such as:

  • The perfect area coverage
  • Pints per day
  • Water removal capacity
  • Water storage capacity
  • Performance in low temperature
  • Noise and portability, etc.

These factors combined with the garage size and humidity determine what is the best dehumidifier for a garage.

Also, the top choices include the Model GE ADEL35LZ-GE 35 Pint Energy Star and GE 50 pint Dehumidifier. However, if you can’t afford them, there are cheaper humidifiers on Amazon.

Are Dehumidifiers Necessary For The Garage?

Yes, you must get a Dehumidifier for your garage to remove condensation and mold. Dehumidifiers allow your garages to look better and cleaner. They reduce dampness and prevent your stored items from condensation, rusting, and rot.

The breathing condition of your garage also requires attention if you stay there for hours, doing projects or other household work. If the garage is not well-ventilated, you may face breathing issues due to high humidity.

Moreover, a common occurrence in garages is the floor always staying wet and slippery, a condition known as garage sweating. You can easily get rid of all these problems by installing a dehumidifier.

What Is The Right Humidity Level That A Garage Should Maintain?

The recommended humidity level for a garage is between 40% to 55%. Anything above is dangerous and can be harmful to you.

The humidity level is measured with a hygrometer. When considering the appropriate humidity level for your garage, consider the environment you reside in.

Molds tend to develop and flourish in humid, dark, and confined environments, such as garages. Besides, improper humidity levels can cause breathing issues too. So, you need the right amount of ventilation in a garage to prevent these issues and promote a healthy environment.

What Is Dehumidifier Capacity?

dehumidifier capacity or size is the optimal moisture output your dehumidifier should operate daily. The right dehumidifier capacity is needed for a better atmosphere in the garage. Using the right measurement allows it to do a great job.

Dehumidifier capacity is measured in pint/day units. For example, if the room is 1200 sq feet and you want to reduce the humidity level from 75% to 50%, then you’ll need a dehumidifier with 30 pints per day capacity. So, the calculation mainly depends on the dimension of the room, current and desired humidity level, and room temperature.

If you don’t have the right instruments to measure humidity, then try to determine how damp the place is. These signs include condensation inside the windows, molds, musty odor, damp spots, and water droplets on the walls.

How Many Times Should I Refill My Dehumidifier?

You can refill your dehumidifier one to three times, but it is advised that all humidifiers should be filled up daily. The time to dehumidify your garages depends on the brand. This is to ensure that it works better and lasts longer.

What Are The Common Dehumidifier Problems?

Here are a few common problems most users face using a dehumidifier:

Problems Causes Solutions
Dehumidifier is not working Power or switch issues, empty tank Check the fuse, see if the tank is overflowing
Dehumidifier is too noisy Placed unevenly, loose screws, internal clogging Reposition the device, tighten any loose screw, clean and vacuum
Dehumidifier not collecting water Failed refrigeration system, faulty motor or compressor Cleaning or replacing the air filter
Fan or motor not running Broken, loose, or clogged connection  Seek professional help
Frozen coils Imbalanced temperature Increase or decrease the room temperature


When picking the right humidifier size for your garage, kindly consider some pertinent factors. Also, note there are different sizes and models, which includes industrial, large and mini.

Always try to check the dehumidifier Size chart to know what your garage needs at the right time. The information provided in this write-up should be enough to guide you on how to choose the right humidifier size for garage.

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