8 Water Air Purifier Benefits – Are They Any Good?

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Have you ever thought why people in recent times are more interested in water-based purification than they were in air based ones? Or do you think that a water purifier is more effective than an air purifier ?

Water that comes to our mind first when asked to name something as purest. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing products functioning with water there is always the risk of being persuaded.

Water air purifier  however , has become popular in recent times among the users and unlike air purifiers it performs as a humidifier apart from cleaning the air only. But before making up your mind  you must consider how a water air purifier benefits you. Let’s explore and find the answer.

Have you ever wondered what exactly a water air purifier is and why it is called such? A water air purifier is a form of air purifier except that it works with water instead of a filter. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a water air purifier.

8 Water Air Purifier Benefits (Explained)

Water Air Purifier Benefits

Purifies And Cleans The Air

Water air purifiers cleanse the air and make it safe for us to breathe in. Although the air outdoors is very risky, the indoor air is also very polluted. This arises as a result of different things used in the home for construction, day-to-day activities, and even cleaning. Also, dust could settle indoors and serve as air pollutants.

The water air purifier draws in surrounding air into itself and passes it through a tank of water. The fresh and filtered air is then blown out from the other side of the purifier.

This process helps in the reduction of household air pollutants such as pollen, mold, bacteria, allergens, viruses, and even odor from cooking. This goes a long way in preventing people from suffering from air pollution-related health issues and helping those who already suffer from these issues.

Functions As An Aroma Diffuser

You can mix aroma oils and other sweet-smelling fragrances in your water air purifier to help diffuse across the room as it diffuses the air. This is known as aromatherapy.

Although, not all water air purifiers are suggested to carry out this function. This is because aroma oils can interfere with the level of diffusion and affect the effectiveness of the diffuser. Nevertheless, most water air purifiers are still able to perform aromatherapy since it helps in enhancing the odor of the room.

The result of this includes a reduction in stress levels, increased immunity, improved digestion, and quality sleep.

Excellent Humidifiers

Unlike the conventional air purifier that leaves the air in the room feeling dry, the water-air purifier humidifies the air and makes it better to breathe in. This is as a result of the air passing through water before it is being diffused across the room.

This also helps in retaining air moisture in the room since the water-air purifier does not collect moisture in the air but instead gives off moisture. The result is that oxygen content in the room is less dry and crack, leaving a fresh and rejuvenated feeling.

Very Easy To Maintain

The major component of a water air purifier is water. This makes it very easy to maintain unlike other forms of air purifiers with expensive compartments. Moreover, all you need to do is change the water and just clean the purifier from time to time to prevent it from storing bacteria, germs, and other pollutants that can decrease its purifying abilities.

Helps With Allergies

Water air purifiers serve as revitalizers and can remove allergens from the air. This can save you a lot of stress and health downtime if you have any form of air allergy or if you’re super sensitive to contaminated air.

The smell of the air in the room is kept fresh and you don’t have to worry about any odor.

Mitigates Odors

Because of their ability to remove smells, water air purifiers serve as a wonderful odor mitigation system. They help alleviate household odors and even tobacco smoke. Water air purifiers can also sometimes perform the function of an activated carbon filter for getting rid of stubborn smells although in a less durable system.

Runs Quietly

Another major benefit of using the water air purifier is that it functions silently. It does not make the usual low-buzz noise common with most purifiers. This is a result of the little or no mechanics involved in its purifying process. You could sleep right in a spot just a few steps away from a water air purifier without feeling disturbed by the noise and that’s a bonus for you.


One major point about the water air purifier is that it is very affordable. This is because they do not require any expensive filters. Thus, they are cheaper to purchase, unlike other air filters.

A water air purifier can be sold for as low as $140 unlike the other ones with HEPA filters that sell for as much as $300.

How To Choose The Best Water Air Purifier

As a result of the various water air purifier varieties handy in the market, it can be quite difficult to purchase the best water air purifier.

Key features such as the size of the water tank, speed of the fan, and multifunctionality of the water-air purifier are what you should look out for when trying to purchase a water air purifier.

Size Of The Water Tank

As a result of the compact size of water air purifiers, the capacity of their water tank is generally small.  As a result of this, you would often need to clean them, unlike most other air purifiers.

Good water-based purifiers will often offer you a larger tank capacity to help the machine function more efficiently for longer periods.

Fan Speeds

A water air purifier with multiple fan speeds makes it possible for you to control the switching speed of the appliance. Thus, you can adjust the level of purification and humidification according to your present weather and other needs.


An ample number of water air purifiers present in the market are quite multifunctional. Apart from purification, they can also diffuse aroma in the room. This feature is an extra advantage if you are looking to purchase a water air purifier.

Do Air Purifiers Work?

Yes, air purifiers work. They are a very reliable means of getting rid of indoor contaminants and pollutants. They can nullify some of the major dangers posed by air pollution, contaminants, and other indoor activities.

Due to their ability to trap these indoor air pollutants and contaminants, there is less polluted air inside the home and more fresh, humidified air that is healthy for inhalation.

Although not all air purifiers live up to their marketing hype, most air purifiers perform the functions promised by the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Water Air Purifiers Work?

Yes, water air purifiers work. They remove particles and contaminants from the air and purify the air allowing you to breathe clean and fresh air.

It serves as a humidifier and adds scent to the indoor atmosphere.

During the dry season, the humidity level drops, and it becomes pretty difficult to breathe. But a water-based air purifier in your home adds moisture to the air and helps you breathe more comfortably.

What Does A Water-Based Air Purifier Do?

A water-based air purifier tidies your home’s air purely with water which cleanses the air of particles like dust and dander. The purifier also-

  • Removes bad odor
  • Helps prevent pet allergies
  • Diffuses sweet aroma throughout a room
  • Increases the overall air quality of the surroundings

Do I Need An Air Purifier If I Have An AC?

Yes, you still do. An AC is ineffective with dust, contaminants, and pollen. Only an air purifier can purify the air.

An air conditioner removes heat and humidity from the inside of your home and provides cold air. It can not purify pollen, allergens, or other harmful particles like an air purifier does.

Besides, while AC removes the humidity from a room, an air purifier contributes some moisture. So using both devices in the same room establishes a balance and promotes healthier surroundings.

Is It Safe To Sleep With Air Purifiers On?

Yes, it is safe to sleep with the air purifier on. They can function safely in the night when put in sleep mode and placed at a cautious distance.

Also, make sure the fan is not directed at you, especially your face. Moving air evaporates faster, and this can cause your lips to dry while sleeping. Otherwise, there’s no threat of leaving an air purifier overnight.

Can Air Purifiers Make You Sick?

Air purifiers cannot make you sick because their primary function is to clean the air. They purify the air of pollutants and contaminants and let you breathe in the fresh air. Besides, they do not dry out the surrounding air or release harmful pathogens.

However, to reap the benefits, you need to change the water (in water-based purifiers) every one or two days. Otherwise, molds and bacteria start to inhabit the stored water and affect the purification process. So, proper maintenance is necessary.


Water air purifiers have a wide range of benefits. They mitigate odors, diffuse aromas, purify and cleanse the air present indoors, serve as humidifiers, trap air pollutants, and help relieve mild allergies.

As a result of these benefits, the water-air purifier is a very great recommendation for homes, offices, and other indoor areas to help alleviate polluted air.

The usefulness of water air purifiers for indoor air purification cannot be overemphasized. It’s a great recommendation if you’re looking to purchase a cost-effective and efficient appliance for purifying the air.

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