Should I Sleep With the Air Purifier on?

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Sleeping with your air purifier on is advisable because it ensures supply of fresh air all through the night. You need fresh air at all times, not only when you are awake.

The essence of using an air purifier is to ensure there is clean air in your room round the clock. Breathing in contaminated air can hamper your sleep quality.

So, leaving your mobile or wall-mounted air purifier on while sleeping is safe for your health. Air purifiers are meant to make the air fresh. If well positioned and well maintained, you will get the best from your air purifier.

Should I Sleep With My Air Purifier On?

You can sleep with your air purifier on. It is advisable to sleep with the air purifier on for these reasons:

Should I Sleep With the Air Purifier on

  • Air purifier does not pose a threat to life when you use it as you sleep. One reason why people use the air purifier while sleeping is because they feel threatened. If the air you breathe is tampered with, it can lead to a serious situation putting your life at risk. However, you do not have to bother about this with the purifier. It is safe to use at night or anytime you sleep.
  • The air purifier is meant to rid the air you breathe of pollutants. It traps microscopic contaminants that can cause irritation and congestion.
  • Everyone wants a good sleep. Fresh air will contribute to that, and the air purifier will make you actualize that. Therefore, leaving the air purifier on as you sleep is advisable.
  • Keeping your purifier on while sleeping will make your skin healthy and glowing.
  • A well-rested person will enjoy the benefits of a good night’s rest. An air purifier will improve your sleep and make you ready to face the day.

Do Air Purifiers Improve Sleep?

An air purifier can improve your sleep quality. It rids the air of contaminants. There are several ways that the air purifier can improve your sleep, including:

Do Air Purifiers Improve Sleep

  • It keeps the air fresh as you sleep, ridding it of all impurities. Air purifiers improve the quality of the air you breathe, improving the quality of sleep you get.
  • An air purifier is beneficial for people with allergies. If you are allergic, the air purifier is good for your health because it helps to trap all airborne contaminants to give you fresh air.
  • It helps you use your rest time well as your sleep will not be interrupted.

What Speed Should I Run My Air Purifier?

You should run your air purifier at medium speed. However, you can regulate depending on some factors, including:

What Speed Should I Run My Air Purifier

Air Quality

The state of the air in your house will determine if you will run the purifier at high speed or turn it low. If your house has an unpleasant odor, you will have to place the air purifier close to the odor’s source and turn it up. If the air purifier blows at high speed, it will get rid of the odor faster and more efficiently.

Some purifiers feature an “auto mode” or ‘smart mode.” This means that the air purifier has an air quality monitor inside. If the air quality is good, the device will be asleep, but it will turn on if the air quality is poor. This shows that you can adjust your purifier based on the air quality.

Size Of Your Room Can Also Determine The Speed Of Your Purifier

You can adjust the speed of your air purifier depending on the size of your room. If you have a large purifier in a small room, you might not need it to run at the highest speed to get a good result. It is best to get the right size of purifier for your home.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Sleep While Running Overnight?

Leaving your purifier on overnight will help your sleep quality. Breathing in fresh and odorless air will make you sleep uninterrupted. The essence of a purifier is to ensure the air you inhale in your house is clean. Given that you cannot always guarantee fresh air, purifying it is a smart move. If the air purifier is meant to serve a specific space, then it has to keep the air in that space clean at any time.

Leaving your purifier all through the night is to ensure that you have it functioning as it should. If the air is fresh during the day, it should also be fresh during the night because you breathe in the air every time.

Where Should I Keep My Air Purifier?

There are some good places to keep your air purifier in your room, including:

A separate place

An air purifier works well if it is placed at a place alone. If you place it among other devices, it might have to be congested in a place where it cannot function properly. The air purifier needs to be placed where it can purify the air in the house without having a higher concentration in one area than the others.

Source of odor

If you are using the air purifier to air out unpleasant odor, it is advisable to place it close to the source of the odor or the area where it has a high concentration. The result will be more impressive if you have the purifier placed close to the source of the smell. It will clean up the air and rid it of any trace of such smell.

Close to the doorway

Another excellent place to keep your air purifier is close to the doorway. This way, it can purify the air more effectively because it gets to purify the air before coming into your house. So, aside from generally purifying the air in the home, it will purify the air coming in.

An open space

Aside from making sure that you place the purifier in its own space, the space must be open. Keeping the purifier in a hidden corner may not function as expected because it will not properly access the air. It is advisable always to note that the purifier must be placed in an open space.

An elevated platform

It is advisable to place your purifier on an elevated platform up to 5 feet. This will ensure that it has access to the air in the room and does not struggle to access air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Air Purifier Not Working Well?

It might be the fan or the filter or the wrong selection based on your room size.

The fan that draws the air to filter and release pure air. The drawn air contains particles, dust, hair and so on that accumulate on the fan and eventually  reduces its efficiency.

If the filter is not a quality one after a short period it loses its efficiency as well. Prefer filters that are high quality such as HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Air)  Microfiber, carbon filter etc.

Your purifier may not be working well because you did not place it in the right place, it is not well maintained, or it is too small for your space.

Also make sure that your Air purifier is possessing proper ACH ( Air change per Hour) based on your range of space.

Why Does My Air Purifier Go To Sleep?

There might be several causes that make your air purifier go to sleep. It might be the battery is down or loose connection of power and the fan has stopped working.

Also, inappropriate settings like auto mode can cause this. These are some initial checks. If you have found no issue with these initial checkings do not go too deep to fix issues that require advanced skill or expertise.

Change the Battery, clean the fan or the filter, check it is well connected with socket and if it is not working then stop and restart and check you have the right setting.  Still not working?  stop trying and get help from an expert.

Can I Sleep With My Purifier Close To My Bed?

Not all air purifiers work silently. Air purifiers make the least level of blowing sounds while drawing the air to filter.

Some low quality air purifiers even make noise while performing. On the contrary, there are also some purifiers that make almost no sound when they become active. Amidst many  Levoit Vital 100 has got good customer reviews as a quiet air purifier recently.

In short, you can sleep with your air purifier close to your bed if the blowing and the noise level are tolerable for you.

In Summary

Leaving your air purifier on is not bad. It helps to keep the air in your room fresh all night while you sleep.

If you are in a place with a bad odor or you are allergic, leaving it on all through the night is smart.

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