How To Get Rid Of Ferret Odor In The Room? (2022)

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As a ferret owner, you’ll agree with me that ferrets are a bit too much to handle. Although they are beautiful creatures yet they leave you dealing with the musky scent they produce that makes your home smell.

Not to worry, ways on how to rid your home of the ferret smell will be explored in this article.

Why Do Ferrets Smell?

More often than not, you find ferrets smelling and that’s because they have a distinctive musky scent that is produced by scent sacs that are situated beside their anus. Out in the wild, the smell is used to locate their territory, but it causes an offensive smell indoors.

Just like any other pet, having a ferret as a pet also has its downside which is the odor that they emit. The odor can get so bad especially if they’re left uncared for long and their cage remains uncleaned for two days at stretch. In this situation, you’ll need different methods to get rid of the odor including air purifiers for ferret odors. Below are reasons why ferrets smell.

Anal Gland Secretions:

Just like other carnivores, ferrets have anal glands that produce a scent. This scent performs different purposes which include attracting mates or marking out territories.

Although the ferret naturally gives off scents, the scent is only stronger when the ferret hasn’t been neutered. This is not usually the case with ferrets that are bought as pets because pet stores usually neuter the ferrets before selling them out.

Scent Glands in Skin:

The anal glands are not the only gland that emits smells. The ferret also possesses other glands in their skin that produce strong scents. And that’s why the ferret still smells even after a thorough bath.

Dirty Ears:

Ferret owners often give their pets constant baths but fail to clean the ears. Forgetting that the ferrets also accumulate wax and oils which consequently causes them to smell.

Dirty Living Space:

The problem of the ferret emitting odor is not entirely the ferret’s fault. Sometimes, the odor they emit is caused by dirty living space. The consequence of the owner not taking out time to clean out the ferret’s cage is the bad smell.

How To Get Rid Of Ferret Odor In The Room?

Considering how strong the ferret’s scent is, it might seem impossible to get rid of their smell in your home.

How To Get Rid Of Ferret Odor In The Room

Not to worry, it can only prove difficult but with a commitment to cleanliness, it is very possible to rid the room of their scent or reduce their smell to the barest minimum. Below are a few tips.

Clean cage or box regularly

Even coming to humans, you can’t leave your toilet for a week without cleaning it and expect it not to emit odors. How much more when ferrets just release their dung and urines. You have to be committed to cleaning your ferret cage at least once every week. It goes a long way in reducing the ferret’s odor in your home.

Place the Litter Box in the Right Place

This should also be put into consideration if you own a ferret. Place the litter box in places that are easy for them to reach. If possible, place it in their cage so they can easily find it and go about their business.

Also, try as much as possible to train your ferrets so that they know where to go when they need to poop or pee and make your work a lot easier. Don’t forget to clean the litter box regularly too.

Bathe But Not Too Much

This is a very tricky part and why’s that? The ferret possesses skin that produces oils and these oils, in turn, nourish their fur and coat. Now, when you bathe them, you wash off the oils and when it’s done too often, it causes the skin to produce excess oil.

The consequence of this is that the excess oil causes the ferrets to release too much scent. It is recommended that you bathe once a month and this also depends on the season. You can only bathe them once in two months during the winter season.

Clean Ears

When cleaning the ears, you need to be gentle. Do not apply force as too much force can cause damage to their eardrum. To clean their ears, it is recommended that they use a damp Q-tip.

Also, it is best to clean their ears just once a month so you can do it around the time you bathe them.

Use Odor Neutralizers

When resorting to this option, ensure and re-ensure that the neutralizers do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to your ferret. If you must use them, do not spray your ferrets directly with the neutralizer. Instead, apply it on a towel first before rubbing gently on your ferret.

I’ll recommend Marshall pet products on Amazon if you need them to reduce the smell of ferret in your room.

Can You Control The Smell?

Ferret odor can be controlled but not without making some effort. To control the smell, you need to engage in sanitation activities like washing walls and floors with an Enzyme-Based pet odor and stain remover.

How To Get Rid Of Ferret Odor In The Room

Applying this product to your walls or floors causes the protein that causes the odor to reduce its effect. And no, they do not pose any threats to your fabrics or carpets because they are biodegradable. So, you can use them to wipe your home to reduce the scents of ferrets.

In addition, you can’t have overall control over the smell of your ferret. It will always release its distinct smell into the atmosphere. The best thing is to get used to its smell. That doesn’t stop you from carrying out necessary sanitation activities, but the fact remains that with time, you’d get to love the scent of your ferrets and take care of them to the best of your ability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Ferrets Stink Up Your Room?

If you’re looking to get one, then be prepared for the smell. The scent secretes from their skin and glands situated beside their reproductive organs. However, it isn’t always bad, and the scent does not stink.

Dirty and unclean ears are also a key component of the bad smell. Ferrets generally keep themselves tidy, but thoroughly cleaning the ears takes human help.

If you don’t want your ferret to stink up the room, then try to keep its living space clean and use air purifiers and odor-absorbing litter boxes.

How Often Do I Change The Ferret’S Bedding?

To achieve a less smelly room, you have to include changing your ferret’s bedding to your chores. You need to change the bedding at least once a week. Also, ferrets are very sensitive creatures and prone to allergies.

The bedding materials matter as well. You should select clean, odor and moisture absorbent, non-toxic bedding for ferrets. Shredded paper and tissue are also decent choices for nesting.

Will An Air Purifier Work For Ferret Smell?

Yes! An air purifier doesn’t stop ridding the air of air pollutants, but it can also rid the air in your room of ferret smell. Even though their scent is so musky, the presence of an air purifier will get rid of the smell.

While looking for an air purifier to reduce the smell, you need to ensure that it has activated carbon filters. Also, look for non-ionizing air purifiers to keep your pets safe from harm.

How Harmful Is The Neutering Or Surgery Option?

Neutering your ferrets does more good than harm. However, this can only happen if a professional vet performs the surgery to avoid complications. Also, neutering ferrets helps them to stop releasing too many scents.

Spaying or neutering makes pets less aggressive, promotes a healthier life, and improves overall lifespan.

Is It Safe To Use Odor Neutralizers?

Odor neutralizer goes a great length in eliminating ferret odor from your room. However, it can pose a threat if applied directly to the ferret, especially if they contain harmful chemicals. If it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, then it’s safe to use on a ferret. Otherwise, you need to spay the cage, litter box, and living space.

Also, you can use air purifiers and shampoo made for kittens instead.


Ferrets are lovely animals and are good to have around as pets. The only issue ferrets owners face is that they release too much scent. However, if you love ferrets, you can go ahead and get them because the smell that it produces can be easily controlled.

To enjoy the presence of ferrets in your home, simply do the needful by caring for them, giving them baths as required, and feeding them properly. Do this and you’d enjoy having ferrets as pets.

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