How Long Does A Humidifier Take To Start (You Must Need To Know)

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Hey, I have flashed away my money on the toilet buying a humidifier for my room? You might be thinking like that because your humidifier is not working after switching it on. Don’t worry. The humidifier takes a little bit of time to start working.

But I can not say the exact time that how long does a humidifier take to start. It depends on humidifier speed, room size, ambient temperatures, etc. But in this article, you will get your answer in a digestible way. So, stick with me to get a convenient solution to your question.

How Long Does A Humidifier Take To Start?

The minimum time required to start a humidifier is 3 hours if your humidifier warms up within 10-15 minutes. The maximum time needed to start working a humidifier is 24 hours. If you put the proper temperature water in the humidifier, it will warm up faster and work faster than cool water.

How Long Does A Humidifier Take To Start

Please note that if your humidifier does not start working within 24 hours, something is wrong here. If you want to have warm mist in your house or room, you must use warm water. On the other hand, for cold mist, cold water is mandatory.

On top of that, several factors have impacts on humidifier function. I will talk about it later in this article. Stay tuned.

How Long Does A Humidifier Take To Start In A Room?

The answer to this question is relative. It depends on the size of your room and the humidifier’s capacity. For instance – if you have a larger space, a higher capacity humidifier takes a shorter amount of time. Whereas, for this same room, a lower capacity humidifier takes a little bit more time.

On top of that, if your room has so much furniture, it will take more time to humidify your room. Why? Because they have absorbing surfaces. After absorbing for a while, you will perceive a faster result.

Here is the output capacity of humidifiers and room size:

Output (Gallons/day) Room Size (Square Feet)
2.0 250
3.0 400
5.0 600
7.0 800
9.0 1100
10.0 1200
12.0 1450
13.0 1600
14.0 1700

How Do I Know My Humidifier Is Working?

Learning whether the humidifier is working or not is necessary to worth your investment in the humidifier. Here are the methods for knowing humidifier is working or not –

  • See the water level of your humidifier. If the water level is decreasing, the humidifier is working. Conversely, if the water level remains constant, the humidifier is not functioning.
  • Put your hand on the vent of the humidifier. You will feel a cool breeze that means the humidifier is working efficiently.
  • You can buy a hygrometer to determine the humidity percentage in your home. If you see any change in the humidity level in the hygrometer reading after a few hours, then you can say your humidifier is functioning.

How Do I Know My Humidifier Is Working

  • Besides, some of the humidifiers come with a humidistat or humidity sensor. You have to read the manufacturer’s manual for calibrating the humidistat.

Note: Humidity stat sometimes shows inaccurate results. So, it is wise to use a hygrometer and place it somewhere else in your room.

No decrement of water level, no breeze feelings, no change in hygrometer reading means your humidifier has a fault.

What Is The Best Time To Run A Humidifier?

The best time to run a humidifier is – when dry air makes you feel uncomfortable. There is no specific time to run your humidifier. In the winter season, mold and fungus infections occur, so you should keep the humidity level optimum. At that time, you have to run your humidifier most of the time in a day.

Can I Speed Up The Humidifier?

Sure, you can speed up the humidifier when the number of dry air increases. You should consider the humidity percentage when altering speed. Try to maintain 40 to 50 percent during the summer season and 30 to 40 percent during the winter.

The more speed, the more humidity level increases. So, you should not exceed the recommended level.

Factors Influencing The Performance Of A Humidifier?

I have mentioned some factors that influence the performance of a humidifier. Here are the details of all of them –

How Long Does A Humidifier Take To Start

  • Size of the room: Should you buy first or measure the size of the room first? This factor teaches you to measure the room size first. How?

The larger the room is, the higher capacity humidifier you need to get optimum humidity level faster. The size of the room determines how much capacity the humidifier should have.

Think you have bought a humidifier with 3.0 (gallons/day) output for your 1600 square feet house. You are not going to feel the humidity effect with 10 hours.

  • Temperature: We open doors or windows during winter, so dry air enters our house or room. That eventually lowers the temperature and humidity of our home. At that time, the humidifier works harder to cope with the relative humidity level.
  • Design of your house: The simple design house does not need a long time to humidify by a humidifier. However, a complex structure takes a little bit of time. The design of the house is a big concern for the whole-house humidifier.
  • Height of the humidifier: The more height, the more humidification. Usually, most of the humidifiers come at 2ft height. However, some humidifiers are more than 2ft in height, and you have to place them on the ground.
  • The dampness of the home: It means the moisture level of your home. It also has an impact on humidifier performance. Like – humidity level of your home is close to standard, the humidifiers work faster or vice versa.
  • Furniture: We all have furniture in our homes. Every furniture product has a surface area that comes in contact with warm moist weather, so humidifiers need a long time to start working. Carpets absorb moisture in them; that is why humidifiers work hard to match relative humidity.

How Long Does A Humidifier Take To Warm Up?

10 to 15 minutes is enough for a humidifier to warm up. If your humidifier takes more than 1 hour to warm up, you can assume that it has any problem. You should fix this issue.

Types of Humidifiers

There are five types of humidifiers in the market. You will learn how efficient they are and how much they need to start working. Let’s go –

Types of Humidifiers

  • Whole house / central/ furnace: Whole house humidifier does not take too much time than other types. It will take around 3 hours plus to start working. This is the most efficient humidifier on our list, and they humidify every part of your home equipment.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier: This humidifier produces mist by breaking water into droplets. This is easy to use and safe. This is less effective than a furnace humidifier. So, it will take more time to start working.
  • Evaporators: This humidifier produces mist by blowing water through a wet filter. A fan blows mist to air. The effectiveness of this humidifier is the same as an ultrasonic humidifier.
  • Steam vaporizer: It starts working when water starts evaporating. The boiling point of water is 100 degrees centigrade. After reaching that temperature, vaporization will start. However, this humidifier is the second most effective humidifier.
  • Impeller humidifiers: This type of humidifier is less effective on our list. They produce mist by spinning rotating discs.

On top of that, you may have questions like – how much time does it take for a Crane, Aprilaire, Vicks, Equate, cool mist humidifier? Again it depends. What? Yes, it depends on the size of your room, humidifier capacity, speed, amount of furniture in your home.

How Long Does A Humidifier Need To Run?

According to a study, you need to run a humidifier for around 12 hours to get the ideal humidity level (30 to 50 percent). Most people reach this level within 12 hours, but you may not because of your room size, structure, more furniture in the home, carpet, season, etc.

The essence is – you need to run a humidifier until you reach the ideal humidity level. You can determine the humidity level by a hygrometer or humidistat.

Maintaining standard humidity in your home retard the growth of bacteria and mold. Besides, it is beneficial for getting rid of hiccough, snoring, respiratory problem, skin dryness.

Can We Run A Humidifier All Night?

You can run a humidifier all night without worrying about anything. But you have to consider that the humidity level does not increase the normal level. Lower humidity cause nose bleeding during the night. So, running a humidifier all night adds moisture to prevent nose bleeding and skin dryness.

A Quick Tip: You can buy an automatic humidifier that maintains humidity automatically according to your command.

How Long Does My Baby Need A Humidifier In His Room?

Your baby needs a humidifier until he gets well from congestion or sickness. You should run a humidifier in his room if he congests again. It is better to put 2 to 3 drops of saline in each nostril to loosen everything up. Then suck secreting with a syringe bulb.


I have discussed almost every aspect of “how long does a humidifier take to start.” I hope you get the answer to it. And the answer is – it depends. It depends on different factors.

I suggest you buy a whole-house humidifier if you have a larger room and massive decoration. You can buy an impeller humidifier for a smaller room. Nonetheless, for safety, you can use an ultrasonic humidifier or steam vaporizer.

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