How Air Purifiers Can Be Harmful And Aggravate Health Conditions!

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Have you ever wondered if there are any disadvantages or downsides to an indoor air purifier? Well, there might be. Air purifiers can be harmful and aggravate health problems because some air purifiers emit ozone and ozone is harmful to health.

In this article, I’m going to talk about how air purifiers aggravate health conditions, what air purifiers do for your health, and how they cause breathing problems.

How Air Purifiers Can Be Harmful And Aggravate Health Conditions

In a small congested room, an indoor purifier that emits just minute amounts of ozone in an hour can form an ozone point that surpasses that of public health standards, some UC Irvine researchers have found out.

Few studies have also shown that the ozone that is formed in the process of an air purifier purifying air adds to the ozone that is already present in a room – although it has remained a prediction and has not been practically verified in an actual indoor setting.

How Air Purifiers Can Be Harmful And Aggravate Health Conditions

These however could suggest that individuals using indoor air purifiers are more susceptible to being exposed to ozone levels higher than the acceptable public standards.

Also, indoor air-cleansing has garnered widespread popularity with the rise in air pollution and air pollution-related issues in metropolitan regions.

Air purifiers focus on dust, mold spores, and other airborne contaminants which are spewed by a large spectrum of merchandise, including strong cleaning agents and insecticides. These contaminants are thought to worsen respiratory issues and other health crises.

Although some air purifiers with carbon filters can sometimes be costly, this should not discourage you as there are still some HEPA wall-mounted air purifiers on a budget that’s fit for your room.

How Unsafe Is It?

The challenge is that some of these indoor air purifiers emit ozone during the process of purification. For instance, some broadly used ionic air purifiers which function by electrifying airborne particles and drawing them to metal electrodes, give off ozone as a result of ionization.

How Unsafe Is It

Some other indoor air purifiers only emit a few amounts of ozone per hour, depending on the model. This can be calculated as approximately the same amount of ozone given off by a dry-process photocopier during continual operation.

The effect of ozone is that it damages the lungs resulting in cough, chest pain, and related respiratory problems. It can also aggravate chronic respiratory illnesses such as asthma and negatively affect the ability of the body to wade off infections – even in healthful individuals.

Ozone reacts faster with materials like carpet, rubber, certain metals, and clothing. People who operate indoor air purifiers are more inclined to be exposed to ozone levels that surpass health ideals because ozone from these appliances adds to ozone that already subsists in the area.

Levoit HEPA air purifier is however safe for people who have allergies or any respiratory problems.

What Do Air Purifiers Do For Your Health?

Air purifiers help the healthy living. Here are some of the benefits you get from using air purifiers.

Removes Dangerous Asbestos Particles

If you live in an old building or work in one, you might be exposing yourself to asbestos particles. This is because asbestos sheet materials or insulation pipes were popular in the mid and late 1900s.

As time goes on, these buildings slough off substances dissipating asbestos dust in the air.

Inhaling asbestos particles can result in lung disease dented by tissue defects. The neck or face becomes swollen, and there is difficulty in swallowing.

An air purifier helps protect you from all of these by purifying the air. The use of HEPA air purifiers makes capturing these particles even better.

Counteracts Unpleasant Smells

Several chemicals like gasoline and formaldehyde get broken down at room temperature giving off an offensive odor. These kinds of chemicals are usually found in aerosol sprays, furniture, and even some cleansing agents. The odor from these chemicals can hurt cognitive functions, lower productivity, and performance.

Using air purifiers with an activated carbon filter will go a long way in reducing these pollutants in the air.

Moreover, with the use of an indoor air purifier, you worry less about the odor that comes from various cooking substances affecting you.

These indoor air purifiers engulf all the smell making your room clean and fresh.

Decreases The Chances Of Airborne Diseases

Some diseases such as flu and the common cold are airborne and are spread through small pathogens floating around. These diseases are also communicable and can be spread from one family member to another. This is a result of the bacteria and viruses present in the air.

Air purifiers such as the ones with HEPA filters trap these viruses and bacteria. Once these pathogens are removed, you become safeguarded from them. Air purifiers help to remove these pathogens from the air.

Removes Harmful Air Substances From Indoor Environments

Substances such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide can be found in areas of high motor traffic and may get into the home through the windows and doors. Even shutting the windows and doors does not make you fully protected from these substances or chemicals. These substances cause a high chance of getting dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Removes Harmful Air Substances

Even in small cities with less motor traffic, your home could still be contaminated with toxic substances caused by several cleaning agents. Lots of regular cleansers contain dangerous chemicals like phthalates and ammonia.

Exposing yourself to these chemicals might seem harmless at first but routine exposure can result in severe health problems such as cancers and tumors.

Air purifiers that contain activated carbon filters can help cleanse the environment of these chemical pollutants, taking out the risk of health problems. In the process of the air purifier trapping these hazardous chemicals, fresh air is recycled back to the room.

Enhances Sleep

Some indoor allergens such as fungi and bacteria can incite allergies or fevers. These fevers could result in a respiratory infection that could last up to a few weeks.

Symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, frequent wheezing, and even sore throat could cause disruptions in your sleep.

Lack of adequate sleep results in drowsiness during the day and affects your productivity. An indoor air purifier can help you avoid all of these by cleaning the indoor air.

Can Air Purifiers Cause Breathing Problems?

Yes, air purifiers that emit ozone can cause breathing problems and this can be harmful to you. The common result of this is shortness of breath, chest pain, and cough.

Long exposure to greater levels of ozone can cause great damage to your respiratory and immune systems.

However, air purifiers that contain HEPA and carbon sheets are generally safe for utilization and do not cause harm to individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Use Air Purifiers?

Yes. Generally, air purifiers cleanse the air and make it healthier for us. Air purifiers work by removing dust, mites, pollen grains, smoke, and other contaminants making the air healthy to breathe in.

But not all air purifiers or named as air purifiers are definitely harmful for your health. In fact, it would be more rational to say good quality air purifiers are made to purify the air you breathe in to make you safe from diseases like Asthma, watery eyes, and any respiratory issues. Apart from these, it makes the room comfy and  heals insomnia.

At the same time, there are millions of air purifiers from so-called brands to draw your eyes.They might not save time to research what level of Ozone will be standard for humans. Poor filters are threatening to health as well.

Do Plasma Air Purifiers Work In Large Rooms?

Yes, air purifiers can work in large rooms. Some air purifiers are specially designed to function for large rooms such as hall spaces or office board rooms.

On this note, it is important to understand the ACH ( Air Change per hour). What size air purifier you need, however, depends on your room size.

Therefore, if you need an air purifier for your large room you need to look for one with a high ACH rate. Here is a quick overview for your convenience:


Air purifiers with a regular ACH rate are perfect for small rooms ranging 299- 700 square feet.


Space or room up to  700-2000 square feet requires an air purifier that filters the surrounding air at least four times per hour.

Hall or Auditorium:

Air purifiers with a high ACH rate that is more than four times including microfiber or carbon filters are perfect for hall, auditorium and for the whole-house.

Do Air Purifiers Actually Cleanse Air?

Yes. Air purifiers cleanse the air and make the air healthy for us to breathe in as human beings. Also dust, pollen grains, mites, spores, and other contaminants are cleansed from the air.

Which Air Purifiers Are Harmful?

Any intentional ozone emitting air purifier is harmful to human health. Effects of ozone can be hazardous.

The effects of ozone on human health are very harmful. It can cause respiratory diseases and long term unfavourable health conditions in humans.

Can I Use Two Air Purifiers In A Room?

Yes, you can use two air purifiers in a room especially if the room is large and has lots of windows and doors that allow full access to outdoor air.

Although there are large air purifiers designed for large rooms, you can utilize two small ones in the absence of a large one.


The lack of proper indoor ventilation has prompted the need for indoor air purifiers. These devices are known to decrease air pollution indoors so you can enjoy a clean environment.

Although some air purifiers which emit ozone can aggravate breathing problems and other health-related issues, this can be avoided by using the right air purifiers. Air purifiers that contain carbon and HEPA filters are best for purifying indoor air.

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