House Smells When You Walk In: What Can You Do?

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When you walk into our home, you will always notice a smell different from any smell you experience throughout the day. This is a pleasant and nice smell unique to your home in most cases. However, things aren’t as pleasant as they should always be.

Your house smells when you walk in, and it’s not a nice one. You suddenly step inside the home, and a stinky door hits your nose. It could be due to dirty trash cans, wet clothing, pet odor, dishwasher, and even the front-loader washing machine.

Thus, you must investigate the cause of the funny smell around the home and fix it ASAP to avoid health inconveniences. Thankfully, you can get rid of the funny and bad odor from home with an air freshener, neutralizer, and air purifier.

Plus, you may use an essential oil diffuser, regularly remove garbage from the trash can, and even choose a HEPA filter for a nice smell in your home to boost your mindset.

Why Does My House Have A Weird Smell?

Although most homes have a unique and pleasant smell, it sometimes feels like booing and nasty. When you sense any weird smell in your home, you should find the reason to fix it shortly. There’re several reasons for a weirdly smelly home. The following list will highlight the most common causes of an odorous home.

1. Improper ventilation

One of the key reasons for a smelly home interior is inadequate ventilation. If the house rooms aren’t ventilated properly, dust will quickly accumulate inside them. Thus, the rooms will feel stinky and dusty. It happens mostly in the kitchen as kitchens normally have the least ventilation in homes. Plus, it boosts mold and mildew growth, and it further boosts the funny smell at home.

Improper ventilation

2. Air filters not working

Although you might not notice, expired filters of air purifiers and humidifiers might be the actual victim of a smelly home. The filters of air purifiers and sanitizers come with filters, and it has an expiry time. If you don’t replace it timely, the filters will start working weirdly. Consequently, you will sense odors around your home. Also, when dehumidifiers stop working, they might develop humidity and nose bleeds issues, which isn’t a pleasant feeling.

Air filters not working

3. Dirty laundry and unattended washing machines

You may forget to clean your dirty laundry stash when you are busy. It will slowly build a stinky odor as you don’t clean them regularly. Plus, your top-loader washing machine may also accumulate water due to improper drainage.

Dirty laundry and unattended washing machines

Therefore, both unattended dirty cloth and water-clogged washing machines will cause a stinky smell at your home. It happens because dirty laundry will eventually develop bacteria and mold due to biological reactions, and so it feels unpleasant and stinky.

4. Leftover foods

Many people are so lazy that they will often put their overnight leftover food and dishes unclean till the next day. It will soon get spoiled when you don’t attend to yesterday’s leftover food and dishes. Thus, you will start smelling a bad odor the next morning.

Leftover foods

Also, it is a bad practice to keep your leftover and used dishes unclean. It is unhygienic, and the smell of spoiled food isn’t pleasant either. It might even cause a stomach disorder to spoil your entire day.

5. Mold and mildew growth

Mold growth is a common issue in older homes. Even new homes might develop mold and mildew due to inadequate ventilation. Plus, mold growth is a common phenomenon in tropical regions due to humidity and moisture. If you can’t treat the molds, they will start smelling as bad as you may imagine. People have even reported headache issues due to moldy smells in their homes. Plus, molds will reduce the lifespan of the walls of your home, and this is the last thing you would want.

Mold and mildew growth

6. Pets

If you have dogs, cats, raccoons, or rabbits at your home as pets, pretty obviously, these pets will smell bad. Consequently, your house will smell when you walk inside it. The most common cause of pets’ odor is their urine. In fact, the urine of dogs and cats is toxic and unhealthy.


Also, many pet owners don’t bathe and maintain the cleanliness of their pets’ cleanliness. Thus, it turns their pets into odor bombs. As you can’t control where they will lay around, they continue roaming around your home to spread the smell in the entire house.

Plus, many owners also don’t train their pets in their litter. Thus, it also helps spread bad odor due to litter which will surely give you a stinky feel.

If you are concerned about dog odor at home, you may follow the tricks described in this video.

7. VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) develop inside the home due to different chemicals. It happens if you have painted your home recently. It will block the fresh air in the home indoor. Therefore, VOCs will surely cause a stinky and odorous feel.


Also, insect repellants will have VOCs. So, when you apply the insect repellant, ensure that the home has enough ventilation. You may consider opening the window for this.

8. Smoking inside

If you smoke inside your home, it could also be the reason for a stinky interior. The tar of the cigarettes will remain for the longest hours inside your home compared to the door of spoiled food or pet odor. It is also the hardest smell to remove from the home.

Smoking inside

House Smells When You Walk In – 6 Way To Fix

We have described the common reasons for a stinky home. So, it’s time to show you the ways to fix these problems so that you enjoy a pleasant interior without any stinky feel. But before we jump into the solutions, we would suggest that cleanliness is the key to maintaining hygiene and removing any odor from your home.

House Smells When You Walk In

1. Maintain cleanliness

The key to removing odors from your home interior is to maintain cleanliness. When we mention cleanliness, we refer to several things. First off, you must attend to your dirty laundry regularly. When you clean your clothes and ensure that the washing machine drain is unclogged, you almost instantly eliminate the risk of an odorous home.

Plus, you should never keep your leftover food and dishes dirty overnight. You can put the leftover in the trash to avoid stinky odor. Last but not least, always clean the trash timely to maintain a pleasant smell at home.

2. Ensure ventilation

When you ensure adequate ventilation at home, you almost kill every reason for a stinky feel inside. Ensure that the duct system of your home is working properly. It will ensure proper ventilation and allow the door to get away from home. So, you will enjoy a better and nice interior without any stinky feel.

3. Maintain your pets

If you have pets at home, you must bathe and clean them regularly. It is essential since pets can get dirty pretty soon, and the stinky feel coming from their furs is worse than you might imagine. Plus, you should litter train your pet to know where to urinate and poo. It will help you clean the litter quickly and remove the odor source with ease.

4. Use a neutralizer

When all of your tries fail to fix the odor inside the home, you can use a neutralizer to remove the door. The neutralizer will reduce the stinky feel with its natural smell. Therefore, it works brilliantly to offer you a nice peasant feel.

Use a neutralizer

You may use the following neutralizers for this purpose:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Vinegar
  3. Coffee ground and charcoal
  4. Oats

You can pick any neutralizing elements and spread them across your home. These neutralizers will surely soak the bad odor. The tradeoff of using the neutralizers is that they work slowly and need hours to remove the smell. So, be aware of it.

5. Remove mold and mildew growth

Since mold also causes a stinky feel at home, eliminating the source of mold and mildew growth will help you enjoy a pleasant home interior. If you live in a high-humidity location, you may choose a dehumidifier to control the moisture and humidity. Consequently, you will reduce the mold and funny smell.

On top of it, ensuring proper ventilation throughout the home will stop mold development. It not only removes the stinky feel from home but also increases the resell value of your home.

6. Use air filters

Air purifiers will soak the odor and filter the air before returning it to your home interior. Air purifiers with filters such as ionizers and carbon-activated screening will soak bad odor from the indoor. So, you will enjoy a nice interior for sure.

We recommend you the LEVOIT Air Purifiers to remove bad odor from your home with ease. Its HEPA filters will accurately remove funny odor, pet dander, pollen, and germs to offer you great indoor air.

How To Make Your House Smell Good?

If you need a nice smell in your home, there are multiple ways to achieve it. For instance, you may choose an essential oil diffuser to spread a nice fragrance around your home. You can choose your favorite essential oil and use it with the diffuser to enjoy your perfect fragrance.

How To Make Your House Smell Good

Next up, you can use an air freshener for instant results. Air fresheners are available in different sizes and fragrances, so you are free to choose them accordingly. Last but not least, you can cultivate flowers at your home. It will work the best to give your house a nice and pleasing small throughout the year.

Will A Dehumidifier Get Rid Of Musty Smell?

Yes, a dehumidifier will help you eliminate the musty smell from home with ease. Dehumidifiers soak excessive humidity from home so mold won’t grow inside. As a result, the musty smell will reduce from the home as mold is the primary source of a musty feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my house smell like stale air?

Generally, humidity and chemical development due to VOCs will cause a stale smell inside the home. MOCs may boost the growth of germs and bacteria, and so, your indoor air feels stale.

How do you deodorize a house?

There’re multiple ways to deodorize your home. You may apply white vinegar, baking soda, or raw oats to deodorize the home and eliminate the stinky smell gradually.

What does a dead mouse smell like?

A dead mouse may smell like a rotten cabbage when it starts decaying. Gradually, the smell will become unbearable, and it could feel like a mixture of poisonous gases.

Why does my house smell like an old house?

If your home smells like an old house, the source could be mold and mildew growth. When mold develops inside the home, it will almost immediately give you a nasty musty odor, and your home will feel like an old one.

Final Verdict

When your house smells when you walk in the interior, you should find the source of it. Usually, untreated leftover, rotten eggs, dirty pets, laundry stashes, dirty trash cans, and inadequate ventilation will be the cause of a stinky home. You can maintain cleanliness and use a deodorizer to remove the smell surely. Also, we suggest you apply essential oil with a diffuser and air freshener to surround your home with a nice and pleasant fragrance.

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