Does An Air Purifier Dry Out Skin? [Everything Need To Know]

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Without a doubt, your skin is the very organ that mostly represents you to the world. That’s why it’s fair to be sensitive to the issues of skin protection. On the other hand, air quality affects our skin to a massive degree. That’s why, in order to keep the air quality in good condition, we sometimes use air purifiers.

Thus, the question arises, “does an air purifier dry out skin?”. To answer this question in short, NO, an air purifier does not dry out the skin because it doesn’t change the humidity level of the air.

But, there’s more to air purifiers than you think there is. To really take advantage of air purifiers, you need to know how they impact your body and skin (and what benefits they offer).

That’s exactly why we’re here. In this discussion, we’ll tell you all that there is to know about air purifiers. And, we’ll also give you useful insights on skin protection. So, without further ado, let’s go through this whole discussion in one full scoop.

What Do Air Purifiers Do?

To state in simple terms, the basic function of an air purifier is to get rid of excess dust pollutants, toxins, and allergen particles from the home air. By reducing these particles, the air purifier sanitizes the air very quickly.

What Do Air Purifiers Do

As air purifiers constantly work to reduce excess particles from the atmosphere, it is the exact opposite of an essential oil diffuser. Whereas an oil diffuser imparts extra particles to your home atmosphere, an air purifier does the exact reverse (it takes out excess particles from the atmosphere).

An air purifier uses electricity to pass the air from the home atmosphere through a series of filters and membranes. As a result, the existing unnecessary particles that are carried in the atmosphere get caught up in the filters. Therefore, the purifier provides clean and sanitized air in output.

Does An Air Purifier Dry Out Skin? [If It Doesn’t, Why So?]

Skin feels dry (less moisturized) only when the air in the home atmosphere does not have enough humidity in it. The only way that can happen is by using a dehumidifier in your home. If you have a dehumidifier in your home, your humidity level can get extremely low and, in turn, can dry out your skin.

Another way this can happen is by nature itself. In winter, when the temperature goes very low, the air humidity can get drastically low too. As a result, the skin can feel dry.

Does An Air Purifier Dry Out Skin

Now, a humidifier has no function of reducing or increasing the humidity in the air whatsoever. So, it plays no role in changing the humidity level of your home atmosphere. Therefore, it does not have the ability to reduce the humidity level and make your skin dry.

On the flip side, because an air purifier refreshes the air, it can cause a comforting feeling on your skin. But, in terms of skin dryness, an air purifier neither has a positive effect nor does it have any bad impact.

So, taking all things into consideration, it’s safe to say that an air purifier cannot dry out your skin.

Can An Air Purifier Be Helpful To Skin?

Although an air purifier cannot help in mitigating the skin dryness problem, it can help your skin in many other ways. Because it can get your home atmosphere rid of toxic particles, it has the full capability of imparting positive health effects on your skin.

One of the best things about air purifiers is that they can prevent mold accumulation and bacteria generation in the atmosphere. Moreover, it actively prevents dust and germs that roam in the room air.

Now, you need to understand that those harmful elements that an air purifier can prevent, cause various skin issues to us. That’s why having an air purifier will ensure that your skin does not contact toxic materials. As a result, your skin can stay radiant and retain its natural glow.

Furthermore, air purifiers have proven to help in the process of acne and blemish breakout prevention. So, it is safe to say an air purifier can indeed help your skin.

How Many Types Of Air Purifiers Are There?

Depending on the working mechanism air purifiers can be divided into 4 groups:

How Many Types Of Air Purifiers Are There

Whole House Air Purifier (In-duct System):

If your home already has an HVAC system installed, this type of air purifier can be paired up with it. As a result, it can cover up your whole house and purify its atmosphere. It’s also worth mentioning that an in-duct air purifier has the ability to purify the air of up to a 3,000 ft² house.

If you have asthma and allergy patients in your home, this type of purifier can provide amazing positive results. On top of that, they are quite proficient in preventing mold and bacteria generation in the house.

One such product that has got our attention is the Coway Airmega 150(K) True HEPA Air Purifier. Check it out, it’s an overall good quality in-duct purifier.

Fresh Conditioner (Air Exchanger):

The main function of this type of air purifier is to exchange your home atmosphere air with fresh air from the outdoors. This type of air purifier provides the best result if your house is situated in a natural landscape rather than an urban area.

Usually, this type of air purifier has a dedicated fan that constantly vents polluted air from the room atmosphere. In turn, the fresh air from the outdoors can enter the room atmosphere.

Now, to get introduced to a top-quality air exchanger, we recommend that you check out the iPower 14 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan.

HEPA UV Air Purifier:

This is a special type of air purifier that uses UV rays to burn the excess particles in the atmosphere and then, it traps the burned particles in a filter. This type of air purifier works best when it’s paired up with the home’s HVAC system.

The best thing about this type of air purifier is that it can purify the air up to 99.97% capacity.

So, check out the Germ Guardian True HEPA Filter Air Purifier with UV Light Sanitizer. According to our analysis, it’s a decent UV air purifier.

Electric Air Purifiers:

This type of air purifier has dedicated electrocuted filters that can trap particles from the air such as dust, dirt, pet danders, etc. When this air purifier is installed in the HVAC system of a home, it sucks in the room air and passes it through multiple layers of electrocuted filters. As a result, the HVAC system provides cleansed air as the output.

Now, let’s get introduced to the USB Powered Electrostatic Air Ioniser With Built-in Fan And Dust Collector. It’s an efficient electrical air purifier with ultra-portability features.

What Benefits Does An Air Purifier Have?

Air purifiers have various benefits. Let’s see them one by one:

What Benefits Does An Air Purifier Have

Alleviates Respiratory Problems:

Air purifiers actively play a major role in reducing diseases like asthma, cold and cough allergies, etc. As the air gets cleansed due to the verification of an air purifier, it works as a permanent solution to respiratory diseases.

Keeps The People Happy:

If you usually have a lot of people come and go into your house, you can rest assured that an air purifier will give them great relief. Why is that? As an air purifier cleanses the air, it reduces the stress level. That, in turn, keeps the people relaxed in your home.

Better Time With Pets:

Since an air purifier is very efficient in changing the room air, if you have pets in your house, you will not encounter any bad animal odors. Meaning, the smells from your pets will not feel disturbing anymore.

Increases The Efficiency Of Your AC:

It is worth mentioning that an air conditioner also partially works as an air purifier. So, installing an air purifier in your house can give a boosting hand to your air conditioner. Consequently, your AC can provide better results in air conditioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Amplifiers Dehydrate My Body?

No. Air purifiers do not reduce the humidity level of the air. So, they cannot reduce the water level in your body (cause dehydration).

How Long Should I Keep The Air Purifier On?

Generally speaking, you should always keep your air purifier turned ON when you are staying in your house.

What Is The Best Place To Put A Portable Air Purifier?

We recommend installing air purifiers in places where there is good airflow. For example, a window or an air vent is the perfect place near which you can install an air purifier.

Bottom Line

Now that you know air purifiers cannot cause dry skin problems, you can say goodbye to any concerns you had regarding installing an air purifier. And, now you should also be convinced that air purifiers are indeed beneficial for human skin and human health. Indeed, air purifiers are great tools to prevent respiratory disease in children and adults.

Anyway, just to be extra sure, we can also consult with your doctor before installing an air purifier as well. At last, we hope our discussion on the topic” does air purifier dry out skin?” was beneficial to you. And, we bid you the best of luck with your air purifier.

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