Does Air Purifier Cool The Room?

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It’s the indoor air that you breathe in, 90% of all your time. And that alone suggests how important it is to acquire fresh and breathable air inside your room.

There is no doubt that with the intense amount of pollutants in the air, air purifiers are utterly important. But the question is, does air purifier cool the room and purify it at the same time? If you have a plan of getting an air purifier, will you have to get a separate cooler as well?

Or if there is any machine you can get that does both jobs at the same time? Well, that’s what we’re discussing today. Let’s see how an air purifier works, and does it include cooling or heating the room.

What Is An Air Purifier?

What Is An Air Purifier_

Simply put, an air purifier is a machine that filters the impure air in your room and provides fresh air. Studies suggest that the indoor air you breathe in is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. It’s because the air indoors is trapped inside your house and gets significantly lower circulation. An air purifier provides the solution to both problems and helps you breathe in pure air. It purifies the pollutants and pathogens in the air, and then it circulates the purified air around the house.

How Does Air Purifier Work?

How Does Air Purifier Work_

The air purifier works in a straightforward way that has a significant outcome of providing pure air for your home. It has a few stags of purifying the polluted, dangerous air into a purer form; here they are:

Intake stage

An air purifier starts its job by pulling the polluted air through an intake duct, usually located at the back. There’s a powerful motor with a reversed fan mechanism attached to it. That fan pulls the air into the machine for further processes. Therefore, you should face the intake duct towards the polluted part of the air in your room.

Filtration stage

This stage is rather a preoccupied part of the air purifier prior to the motor and fan. When the fan and motor module pulls the polluted air into the machine, filters come into play. They filter out the impurities from the air that’s coming through and deliver it to the fan. And then the air goes to the delivery channel, and you decide you get it.

Purification stage

Different air purifier models come with different types of air filters in variable numbers. Most good quality air purifiers come with a few purification stages to filter regular debris to viruses and bacteria. The common filters work in 3 to 5 stages in an air purifier, and they’d be:

  • Pre-filter: A pre-filter that halts large debris and dust from going inside the machine.
  • HEPA filter: The air then passes onto the HEPA filter of a HEPA air purifier to eliminate microscopic pollutants. That include airborne particles, fine dust particles, PM 2.0, mold, airborne particulates under 0.3 microns, viruses and bacteria.
  • Carbon filters: After that, the air goes into a carbon activated charcoal filter that takes care of VOCs, smoke, bad odor, allergies, and any other pollutants. Not every type of air purifier will have this filter to eliminate organic compounds and contaminant particles.
  • Electromagnetic [optional]: And electromagnetic filter is also a common filter, sometimes instead, or with the carbon/HEPA filter. It electrifies the air and kills germs and pet dander.
  • Other layers: As there is a range of air purifiers, they have extra features as well. For example, you can find ionic air purifiers that offer negative ions unlike a typical air purifier.

Air delivery

Once the intake air is pure inside the machine, it’s time to deliver the pure air to the room. The air purifier comes with an air delivery duct or vent to deliver the air, typically in front of the machine. There are air flow regulators, airflow direction controller handles and other mechanisms for efficient delivery. After you adjust them, the machine will spread the air in your set direction, measured by CADR internationally.

So, now that you know the process, the question stands, can air purifier cool the room? If does, how the cooling stage goes and how it cools the room?

Cooling the air

There are types of air purifiers that have both purification for airborne pollutants alongside cooling with condenser and evaporator coils. Before the machine delivers the air, it goes through another layer where it cools off. The condenser and evaporative coils quickly cools off the air and delivers to the room like a mini cooler machine.

Does Air Purifier Cool The Room?

Does Air Purifier Cool The Room_

Now that you know how an air purifier works, it’s time to discuss if an air purifier can do more. does air purifier cool the room? Can it purify the air and cool it at the same time, and spread it to the roam?

Well, the answer can be tricky because the machine doesn’t really come with a cooler mechanism and humidity levels. Since the air purifier has a straightforward air filtration system, it doesn’t usually feature condenser and evaporator coils.

Hence, the air you get is at room temperature without nay heat manipulation. However, there are air purifiers on the market that do feature such mechanisms to cool the air. Not just that, some air purifier combos even include a heating feature that can keep it warm in colder seasons.

Choose the right vent

If you want your room to be fresh and cool in summer, get an air purifier with a side mounted outlet. Air purifiers with upward airflow direction will take longer to cool alongside air purification. It will cool the whole room, and you’ll get only ambient coolness, which is way too less. The side mounted vents will give you cool air upfront directly to your body.

Takeaway: An air purifier doesn’t work to cool the air as a primary job, but some portable air conditioner models do have t. They offer a cooling or heating option, usually which you get from expensive models.

What Can You Do Instead To Cool Down Your Room?

What Can You Do Instead To Cool Down Your Room_

If you don’t want to clutter your room with two different machines, you have options as well. Let’s discuss some impressive hacks on how you can cool your room air and stay calm in the hot summer:

Get an air cooler first design

This is especially applicable if you don’t yet have a machine and are trying to get the right machine. Getting an air conditioner first model will be a better option here since you need the cooling option more. High-tech air coolers also feature purification, as the air circulation process is already there. Alternatively, you can use a water based air purifier that also offers cooling.

Use the ice and fan method

ice and fan method

If you have a perfect air purifier with high CADR (clean air delivery rate), you can use ice to cool the room. Set the purifier (with side vents) on highest fan speed mode, and take a bunch of ice cubes in a bowl. Put the bowl in front of the machine where the air first touches the ice before you. Tweak the vents to narrow to have a concentrated flow.

Have a better daily routine

Bringing some changes to your daily routine can bring the temperature of your room down a little. They’d include:

  • Use heavy and insulated curtains so that they block the sun and insulate.
  • Have adequate air flow throughout the room from south to north.
  • Use LED and CFL bulbs instead of high heat lights that produce heat.
  • Keep the heat sources (oven, dishwasher, etc.) away from the bedroom.
  • Use your regular fan as the exhaust fan if you have good air flow coming in already.
  • Close the windows and doors when you have full sun heating the room.
  • Invest in a split air conditioner unit with which you can avoid clutter on the floor.


Using an air purifier has a lot of perks for living a healthier life by breathing fresh air. But with global warming and increasing heat, staying cool also became a major concern alongside air pollution around the globe.

Hence, it became a common question that, does air purifier cool the room or not. So, now that you have the answer, you can also go and invest in an air purifier with cooling fan. Alternatively, use an external AC, or use a natural method to cool the room while the purifier does its job.

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