Can I Put My Air Purifier On A Table?

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Using a good air purifier can offer you the best quality air you want to breathe in your house. However, if you don’t put the air purifier in the right position in the first place, it won’t work efficiently.

So, where do you put your air purifier, which placement technique works the best for it? High above or on the ground? If you’re wondering, can I put my air purifier on a table? The short answer is an absolute YES! You can surely put the machine on a table.

In fact, that’s one of the best ways to increase the lifespan of your machine, depending on other variables. Although there are many other considerations to put into account, we’ll find that all out in this article!

Does It Matter Where I Place An Air Purifier?

Before discussing whether to put the air purifier on a table or the ground, let’s see how it matters where you put it. Air purifiers work by pulling the bad or contaminated air into the machine to purify it. The machine absorbs the polluted air in, filters the pollutants, and then circulates the air in the room.

Now, depending on one where you put it, the machine pulls in what in front of the intake area. If you have less contaminants there, it doesn’t give you pure air. The same applies if you don’t elevate it from the ground because it gets less area to suck air from. Hence, putting your air purifier on a table or the ground does matter a ton.

Can I Put My Air Purifier On A Table?

So, you’re wondering, can I put my air purifier on a table, or it’s okay to leave it on the ground. As mentioned earlier, the efficiency of your air purifier vastly depends on the place you’re putting it. Here are the things regarding the placement of an air purifier that you need to know:

Put My Air Purifier On A Table

Elevation is the key

Your air purifier works by pulling bad air into the intake duct and purifies it with layers of filters inside. Therefore, it’s necessary to give it adequate area to pull air from, for which you must place it elevated from the ground. Hence, putting the air purifier on a table is the best thing you can do to help it work efficiently. Besides, putting it on the floor rag or carpet may push-in excessive debris from the ground, meant to be vacuumed.

Not the dining table

When you’re putting the air purifier on a table, that must not be a dining table. An air purifier usually traps the pollutants inside the filters, but also steers the dust up with the motor. Hence, the steered dust particles and concentration of pollutants might land onto the dinner table, let alone the food. It’s no good of an option to get sick with pollutants when you’re actually trying to live healthy.

Have a good clearance

The air purifier needs its breathing space to work efficiently, as it takes the air in and spreads it out. If you don’t have enough breathing space, it won’t take a high amount of air at once. Neither will it be able to distribute the air properly all over the room. The rule of thumb here is to put it 3 feet away from the wall or furniture.

Not close to your head

If you keep the air purifier turned on overnight while sleeping, this step is particularly important for you. You never want to put your air purifier too close to your head while sleeping. Although it’s okay to run it overnight with the sleep timer on, it can be harmful if it’s too near to your head. Since the air purifier needs space, you give it well to stay safe and keep it working.

Static electricity is bad

Putting the air purifier next to an electric device like a TV, fridge, or microwave isn’t a good decision. The static electricity on these devices might interrupt the functionality of the air purifier. This is especially applicable for purifiers that have an electrostatic filtration layer to eliminate pathogens. Therefore, you must keep your air purifier away from such electronic devices and put it in a safe location.

Understand how an air purifier works

A portable air purifier works with airborne particles filter technology to improve your indoor air quality. It filters out harmful pollutants like mold spores, pet odor, dust mites, with HEPA, and a pre-filter. You’ll also have a carbon layer for tobacco smoke, cooking smells, and other air filters like electrostatic and UV technology.

Understand how an air purifier works

Different types of air purifiers use replacement filters, have strong airflow, and purify a few times per hour or so. They can have low noise levels, white noise and night light for a soothing sleep as well.

There are also personal air purifier or tabletop air purifiers that have front-facing vents for pure air with air intake in the back. Therefore, you must put the air purifier in a place where it can pull the bad air inside and distribute it from the front vent.

Best Places To Put An Air Purifier

It might be tempting to put an air purifier on the ground instead of occupying a table. After all, leaving it on the ground keeps the table free and keeps the room more clutter free! But hold on, there is more to the game, as you know how important placement is by now. You have to know where should not put an air purifier, and here are a few tips on that:

Best Places To Put An Air Purifier

  • Close to the source: Place your air purifier near odor source (or other pollutants) for best results, but with about 3 feet distance, of course. If you have an air purifier for odor with a carbon filter inside, put it in the kitchen for the best results against smell and smoke.
  • Put it on the table: Putting the purifier on the table keeps it away from a damp and unhealthy floor. And it works more efficiently with the elevated place to circulate air.
  • On a dry floor: You can also put your air purifier on a dry floor if it’s a tower design with the intake on the upper portion. Chances are, it’s elevated from the ground in prior.
  • Match the room size: Air purifiers are 97% efficient against 0.3μm particles if the room size is not more than recommended. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation to know how many square feet it covers. A high-quality purifier will have adjustable fan speeds with optimal efficiency if placed near the source of pollutants.
  • Not with another purifier: Don’t use an air purifier combined with another to have more efficient purification. It will rather make a contradiction between them in circulation.
  • Doesn’t work with humidity: Your regular HEPA air purifier doesn’t work well under high humidity such as bathroom, sona, or other humid area. Don’t place them in such situations. There are types of air purifiers that work for such places, go for them instead.


An air purifier can be your best support to breathe fresh air and live a healthy life. Putting it at the right place is very important, as you may already understand by now. If you wanted to know, can I put my air purifier on a table, floor, and how far from the wall, now you know where should an air purifier be placed in a room. Putting the purifier elevated to the ground by 2-3 feet using a table is the best thing you can do. Make sure you’re keeping your air purifier’s filters safe from damp areas, keep them dry, and give them space.

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