10 Best Water Based Air Purifier Reviews On The Market In 2023

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Water based air purifiers, aka air revitalizers are the revolutionary minified upgrade from a regular sized air purifier. If you want to keep your personal area full of fresh air, a water based air purifier can give you that.

However, getting the best water based air purifier can be a little tricky because there are a ton of considerations. To work with the most efficiency, a water air purifier has to come with deep purification and a long work time.

No worries, we’ve researched the market on your behalf and found water air purifiers that offer top-notch performance. Get along with the purifiers, see which one matches your air quality and needs, and choose the right one.

What Is A Water-Based Air Purifier?

A water based air purifier is a machine that purifies the surrounding air without using filters like traditional purifiers. It sucks in the polluted air, runs it to the swirling water inside, purifies it, and redistributes afterwards. Instead of using a filter, this air purifier uses water for the filtration process.

The best thing about these air purifiers is that you’re not going to use traditional purification filters with them. Plus, the purifier will be way smaller than a regular air purifier in size, making it ideal for small spaces. You can have a look at the patent for the water based filteration system for understanding the technolgy.

Do Water-Based Air Purifiers Really Work?

Despite the fact that the water based air purifiers come with a relatively smaller form factor, they work really well. When you run a water based air purifier in a room with polluted air, it will absorb every bit of impurity. It does the job without making much noise or getting you a ton of electricity bills. Besides, a water based air purifier won’t need a recurring cost of replacing filters like you do with regular ones.

Does A Water Air Purifier Remove Dust?

Although now you know how a water air purifier absorbs airborne pollutants, the only question remains is, does it work for dust? Well, if you have floating dust particles in your home that cause respiratory issues, the purifier will surely take care of that. Just like any other pollutant, such as tobacco smoke or the smell from your kitchen. However, be sure to keep the air change per hour rate in mind to have an effective purification.

Table Of Content:

This article has everything you need to know about water based air purifiers including the best ones on the market. To navigate through faster, follow the table below with hyperlinks to each part.

Comparison Chart:

We’ve discussed a few air purifiers, depending on real life needs. Here is a quick comparison chart to decide the one that suits you the most.

Best Water Based Air PurifierBrandColorPower Source DimensionsFragrance control
Bluonics Fresh Aire Water-Based Air RevitalizerBluonicsBlackAC8 x 8 x 8 inchYes
Ocean blue 2 Speed Humidifier and Air CleanerOcean blueBlueUSB connector8 x 8 x 8Available
Sirena Twister Air Cleaner and DeodorizerSirenaBlackAC electric line9 x 8 x 9 incheAvailable
U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer & Room RevitalizerU.S. JACLEANWhiteCord7.5 x 7 x 7.5 inchAvailable with aroma
New Comfort Mini Air Purifier DiffuserNew ComfortBlueAC 4 x 4 x 4 inchAvailable with aromatherapy
AP airpleasure air Washer Aroma DiffuserAp airpleasureWhiteAC8.39 x 7.44 x 7.4 inchAvailable with essential oil diffusion
ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi air cleaner & humidifierASAKUKIYellowAC6 x 6 x 5 inchAvailable
EcoGecko Little Squirt air revitalizerEcoGeckoWhiteUSB Powered4.25 x 4.25 x 5 inchAvailable with lavender oil diffusion
UROMA Air Revitalizer HumidifierUROMAHoneyCord7 x 7 x 7 inchAvailable with essential oil diffusion
TRUSTECHWhiteAC8.66 x 8.66 x 12.64 inch-

10 Best Water Based Air Purifier Reviews 2023

Although getting the best water based air purifier might seem like a hectic job, things can get easier with experts’ suggestions. So, here is our list of the most promising air purifiers that are water based, and have special characteristics:

1. Bluonics Fresh Aire Water-Based Air Revitalizer: Editor’s Pick

Bluonics Fresh Aire is a great little machine that freshens up the air in its coverage, just as the name implies. Here are the features it offers that make the best water air purifier, and our editorial choice:

Hydro purification technology

This air purifier from Bluonics provides deep air purification from all kinds of airborne pollutants. It uses the Hydro purification technology to get rid of smoke (tobacco, kitchen), nasty odors, dust pollen, mold spores and dust mites. It’s great for asthma patients who want to breathe fresh.

Aroma fragrance deodorizer

Apart from providing healthy water washed air, this purifier will also help you breathe in the aroma of lavender fragrance. However, you can use any other aftermarket deodorizer and breathe the air with the smell of your choice. All it takes is 2 to 3 drops of aroma essential oil.

Ambience lighting

What can give the fresh and scented air more appeal is a great ambience lighting. This air purifier offers that as well while leaving the air pollution free with 6 different color LEDs. You can match your room decor and give your living area a dreamy ambience to fall asleep faster, or just feel good.

Huge air coverage

If you have respiratory issues, or have a family member suffering with asthma, this purifier keeps the whole room air breathable. With its 360 sq. ft. of coverage, a large room will stay safe from pollutants and highly safe for asthma and allergy sufferers. It offers a 1 Quart tank to cover 14000 CF each day.

Compact, Lightweight, Portable

Using a small device like this water based purifier can be a great thing if you travel a lot. It’s highly portable with a small form factor as you can use tap water and use anywhere. Besides, it comes with RoHS and CE certification to help you use it with confidence to breathe clean, deodorized and aromatic air.

Technical Details

  • Dimension & Weight: 8 x 8 x 8 inches; 3 pounds
  • Air purification type: Water based, for personal use
  • LED color lights: Yes, with 6 changeable light colors
  • Fragrance control: Yes, any fragrance (lavender included)
  • Power source: AC input with included USB connector
  • Air purification and deep cleaning with water revitalizer
  • Aromatherapy choice with included lavender fragrance
  • CE and RoHS Certification for purification and aroma
  • Good coverage area with 14000 CF every day
  • Multiple ambience with changeable LED colors
  • Doesn’t have a remote control feature

Why You Should Buy It?

The Bluonics Fresh Aire is the best water based air purifier for its great air water washing  capability. It also offers essential oil diffusion alsongs and ambient LED color lighting. Besides, it offers a good coverage area (14000 Cubic Feet /day) with CE and RoHS Certification.

2. Ocean blue 2 Speed Humidifier and Air Cleaner: Best Overall

Getting the most out of an air purifier isn’t as easy as it seems unless you have technical knowledge. However, with a fine illustration of what’s happening inside can help you big time, and the Ocean Blue offers that. Have a look:

Super simple control

There’s a controller monitor on this water based air purifier as well as an array of LED indicators for functions. You can see at which level this machine is working for both humidification and air purification on the screen. Plus, the LEDs will show you other functions like fan, light, timer

Multifunctional air purifier

The most important part of this air purifier is that it’s not only an air purifier, but also a humidifier. It can balance the humidity of the air inside your room while purifying it for good. Apart from that, it deodorizes the air, sanitizes it as well as works as an air revitalizer with great efficiency.

Huge purification coverage

Despite having a small form factor, this water air purifier offers a huge coverage of  over 350+ square feet. You can run it for up to 24 hours with a single refill to the water tank. Hence, you can use it in a small living room, a medium bedroom, or a relatively large kitchen.

Lights up and fragrance

The coolest visual part of this air purifier is its lighting and aromatherapy functionality. It can light up the machine as well as the ambience in 7 different colors to make it a dreamy surroundings. Plus, you can put a few drops of fragrance, and feel it for the next 24 hours!

It runs quiet and safe

Running noise is a big concern for air purifiers and Ocean blue has thought it out in this machine. You’re getting 2 speed options on the fan, both levels are super quiet. And the smartest part of this stage is this: it will turn off if you lift the upper cover, and vice versa.

Technical Details

  • Air purification type: Water based, with aromatherapy
  • LED color lights: Yes, with 7 changeable light colors
  • Coverage (max): 350+ sq. ft. (24 hours with 1 refill)
  • Fragrance control: Available, with revitalizing ambiance
  • Power source: USB connector with included cable
  • LED indicators and monitor with deep purification
  • Large coverage space with a humidifying option
  • Adjustable LED lights for a romantic ambiance
  • Runs relatively quieter with 2 fan speed options
  • Comes with aromatherapy and auto shut off
  • Doesn’t offer rubber fit to sit tight on a wobbling surface

Why You Should Buy It?

This water based air purifier is for those who need a package of great features, packed into one structure. You can control this machine without doing guess work as the display and the LED indicators do the guidance. Besides, the aroma therapy with a large coverage for any room.

3. Sirena Twister Air Cleaner and Deodorizer: Best With a Deodorizer

This air purifier from Sirena comes with some impressive features that make it a great combo of purifier and deodorizer. Here are the main highlights made it to the second of our list:

Water filtration for pollutants

With this mini indoor air filtration system, you can get rid of smoke, irritating odors, pet dander, pollen, dust mites. It will attract all the impurities in the room into it, filter the polluted air in the water, and purify it. And this machine does the purification with style.

LED illumination

Talking of style, this machine works with a 7-color LED illumination that gives the ambience a nicer aesthetic look. You can also adjust or turn the lights off if you want to. Overall, the look and the soothing light will give you restful sleep alongside pure air to breathe.

Silent purification process

Sirena has made this air purifier completely silent, and full of serenity, especially for a sound sleep. It doesn’t use a noisy fan that could make the ambience irritating with buzz. Yet, it makes your surrounding air freshener to help you breathe healthier.

Deodorizer and Aromatherapy

The machine comes with an aromatherapy to enhance your breathing and help you feel better as you breathe. You can add a few drops of aroma it comes with, and it will deodorize the air. It will help you feel more rejuvenated while helping you sleep restfully, or spend good time.

Compact and portable design

Besides being highly capable of removing odor and airborne pollutants, this air is also compact, and lightweight. It’s highly portable because of its build that can help you take it anywhere, no matter where you go. Whether you’re purifying your home air or at the office, it can go anywhere.

Technical Details

  • Dimension & Weight: 9 x 8 x 9 inches; 2.34 Pounds
  • Air purification type: Water based, with deodorizer
  • LED color lights: Yes, with 7 changeable light colors
  • Fragrance control: Available, with revitalizing ambiance
  • Power source: AC electric line with included connector
  • It comes with a built-in deodorizer and aroma feature
  • Has 7 customizable LED light control for better ambience
  • Offers great air pollution filtration for dust, smoke, odor, etc.
  • It’s ultra lightweight and has a portable compact design
  • Works without making irritating noise for better sleep
  • Doesn’t offer a display monitor

Why You Should Buy It?

If you want a modern and stylish water based air purifier that also offers fragrance, this one is the best. It doesn’t only offer great air purification, but also makes the room super cozy to breathe and live in. Plus, the 7 changeable LED lights will make the ambience more enjoyable.

4. U.S. JACLEAN Aroma Globe Air Washer & Room Revitalizer: Best for Large Rooms

The Aroma Globe air purifier is an impressive piece of tech with some high-end features. With a large 700 sq. ft. coverage and a few state of the art technologies, this thing is lit. Here are the features that caught our attention:

Made for large rooms

This water based air purifier and aroma machine covers up to 700 square feet in your room. Whether you need an aromatic ambience in your office space, living room, or bedroom, this thing won’t fail you. Besides, its single button controller makes it easier to set and control.

Steam water and moisturizer

There’s a motorized rotating stemming mechanism in this machine that stirs the water. This mechanism gets rid of stuffy air, traps all kinds of pollutants like unpleasant odor, smoke, dust mites, and others. Plus, you’ll have a soothing ambiance of moving water for aesthetics.

Soothing LED night lights

You’ll get a few different night light options in this air purifier that will sooth you in night time. The colored LED lights are customizable in 4 different color options, purple, green, pink, and blue. And the swirling water will make an unreal night ambient for an extra peaceful oasis of mind.

White noise and aroma scents

With a white noise feature in this air purifier, you’ll get an appealing circumstance that helps you get better sleep. It will block out distractions to help you get a restful sleep, while the aroma therapy makes it even better. There are 3 aroma options: Cherry Blossom, Ocean Mist,  and Jasmine.

Highly durable and portable

A great thing about this air purifier is its heavy duty construction with versatile usability. It’s made of durable ABS plastic that lasts longer and stands still for a long time. You can use tap water in the water reservoir, add an aroma of your choice, and it’ll take care of all impurities.

Technical Details

  • Dimension & Weight: 5 x 7 x 7.5 inches; 2.05 Pounds
  • Air purification type: Water based, with white noise
  • LED color lights: Yes, with 4 changeable light colors
  • Fragrance control: Available with aroma (3 scent options)
  • Power source: with an included USB connector
  • There are 4 night light options for good ambience
  • Has a durable construction and a coverage of 700 sq. ft.
  • The swirling and moving water is very calming
  • White noise feature to cut off disturbance
  • Aroma selection options and uses tap water
  • Doesn’t include rubber fits for better placement

Why You Should Buy It?

This air purifier is the best option if you need a water based air purifier for a large living room, or office space. It doesn’t only make the air free of airborne irritants, but also gives aroma to it and changes the ambient light. Plus, it uses tap water and has a rigid construction.

5. New Comfort Mini Air Purifier Diffuser: Best Purifier or Car

New Comfort makes excellent air purifiers that are water based, and this model is a great one. It’s especially good for using as a car air purifier, apart from personal area or bedroom purification. Here’s why:

Smart power functionality

This water air purifier runs for both home and car, and wherever you need pure air to breathe. It comes with a wall charging adapter as well as a car changing adapter with regular 5 volt USB connectors. Both can run it well without making the job any less than efficient for you.

Large coverage and runtime

Another thing that this air purifier makes its leap on is its large coverage area and a long run time. You can run it for over 12 hours with one refill to the water container before you have to refill again. Besides, the coverage area of this air purifier is over 350 Sq. Ft. for deep purification.

Germ Proof LED lights

This air purifier has 7 different colors on its LED light mechanism that also helps in the fight against germs. Besides, its filtration is capable of taking out the air trash and giving you a fresh place to breathe in. Furthermore, its humidifier mechanism will help asthma patients a lot.

Runs quietly and efficiently

Despite the fact that this air purifier has a high RPM motor inside, it doesn’t make too much noise. You can run it all night long as you sleep without being disturbed. On top of that, this machine offers a locking upper lid that seals the container to prevent incidental spills.

Aromatherapy and nice ambience

Apart from the light conditioning, this purifier offers an aromatherapy mechanism to offer you an addictive ambience. You can add a bit of essential oil with fragrance in it and turn the inside air into a nicer place to breathe in. It will pull the bad air in, purify it, and redistribute with aroma.

Technical Details

  • Dimension & Weight: 4 x 4 x 4 inches; 11.22 Ounces
  • Air purification type: Water based, for home and car use
  • LED color lights: Yes, with 7 changeable light colors
  • Fragrance control: Available with aromatherapy
  • Power source: AC input with included USB adapters
  • Works for both cars and home, or office
  • Has good coverage as well as a long running time
  • Offers aromatherapy along with LED lighting
  • Comes with a high RPM, yet silent motor
  • The locking lid seals the chamber and prevents spillage
  • Doesn’t offer white noise functionality

Why You Should Buy It?

The biggest reason to buy this machine is its multipurpose usability with both wall sockets and car chargers. It has a nicer look, especially if you’re looking for the best air purifier for cars. Besides, the LED lighting, and the silent running capability make it stand out from others.

6. AP airpleasure air Washer Aroma Diffuser: Best for Smells and Smoke

The AP Airpleasure purifier has a strong appeal for being able to reduce high amounts of smoke and smell. Well, there are more to it, and that’s why we selected this machine. Here are some:

Deep air purification

This air purifier works to make the air much healthier by removing all types of allergens. If you have pollutants like smoke, odor, pet dander, pollen, mold, bacteria, etc. it will vanish. It can work on 94.5% of the subtle irritants including fine dust particles, PM 2.5, CO2, and others.

Night light customization

Apart from purifying the air, this machine also offers a multicolor night light for better ambience. There are 7 different color options that can give you the right ambience depending on what mood you’re in. You can also turn the indicator lights off if you don’t want them.

Essential oil diffusion

You’re getting a multi-functional water based air purifier that does more than absorb pollutants. It also works as an essential oil diffuser alongside air purification. All you’re going to do is, take some tap water, mix a few drops of essential oil. And it will run for hours with a single refill.

Negative ion generator

No wonder, this machine does even more, and that’s where negative ion generation comes into play. It will release negative ions, trap positive ions in the air, and help you breathe healthier air. Besides, you can combine night light, swirling water, aroma scent, and negative ions simultaneously.

Safe and energy saving

Although it has a plastic body, and emits ions, safety is not compromised with it because it’s BPA free. And you’re getting a large 1000 ML water capacity, and using it super easy, apart from the energy saving mechanism. It’s usable anywhere, regardless of bedroom, gym, office, living room.

Technical Details

  • Dimension & Weight: 39 x 7.44 x 7.4 inches; 1.72 Pounds
  • Air purification type: Water based, suitable for any place
  • LED color lights: Yes, with 7 changeable light colors
  • Fragrance control: Available with essential oil diffusion
  • Power source: AC input with included electric cord
  • Large water container capacity for longer run times
  • Effective for airborne pollutants including PM 2.5, CO2
  • Suits any place from home to office with an aesthetic look
  • Pleasing aroma diffusion for better ambiance with night light
  • BPA free high quality construction with less energy consumption
  • Lacks the white noise production

Why You Should Buy It?

If you have a bad smell and smoke from the kitchen or tobacco, this water air purifier is your best option. It will eliminate all types of pollutants including PM 2.5, carbon dioxide, apart from giving you aromatherapy.

7. ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi air cleaner & humidifier: Best With Remote Control

If you’ve ever used or seen the Asakuki older version before, you already know how pleasing it is to use this gadget. Now be ready to experience the next generation of this popular humidifier and air purifier. This version includes a ton of smart features alongside Wi-Fi connectivity; here are in detail:

Impurity and odor purification

The Asakuki diffuser is a great little machine that can vastly improve your air quality. It will take out common airborne pollutants like smell from pets or smoking  and  microorganisms that are caused by dry air. Dust mites, allergens, dry air, won’t bother anymore.

Smart Wifi and voice control

This part of the Asakuki diffuser is what sets it apart from its previous version and other bands. You can operate the machine using a smartphone by connecting it via wifi to your phone. Controlling the colors, intensity, and mist density is all controlled by the app, or voice control with Alexa.

Full humidity control

You can control the humidity of your house completely with this machine with the mist density control option. Besides, the machine covers 320 sq. ft. to use it for a living or bedroom for over 16 hours with one refill. Since it’s a cool mist machine, it’ll trap the floating irritants and cool the room as well.

Diffused light ambience

It offers a next-level ambience lighting feature that you can control with voice control by percentage, or the app. And you’re getting three different types of lighting such as gradient of multiple colors, fixed color, and dimming green nightlight. With all of them, you get complete control on the intensity.

Aromatherapy and deodorizer

While keeping your home free from irritants, dry air, and dreamy with diffused ambient light, it also deodorizes the air. With only a few drops of any deodorant of your choice to regular water into the 500 ml water tank does it. You can add the aroma, set it on the table, and the machine will make the air pleasant.

Technical Details

  • Dimension & Weight: 6 x 6 x 5 inches; 4.8 ounces
  • Air purification type: Water based, with humidifier
  • LED color lights: Yes, gradient colors, fixed and nightlight
  • Fragrance control: Available, with intensity control
  • Power source: AC input with wireless app or voice control
  • Multiple color gradient feature with nightlight
  • Automated shut off when water runs out
  • Timer for 1, 3, 6 hours or contentious use of 16 hours
  • Wifi, Amazon Alexa, and smartphone app control
  • The wifi band isn’t 5.0GHz for high speed sync.

Why You Should Buy It?

If you have a smart home where everything goes under voice or wireless control, this machine is the best option. You’re getting voice or app control for it alongside onboard control buttons. Plus, the overall design and aesthetics will surely enhance the beauty of your room.

8. EcoGecko Little Squirt air revitalizer: Best Value for Money

Are you running low on budget, but want to get the best water based air purifier? Then the EcoGecko revitalizer is your best bet with some incredible offerings at less cost compared to its nearest competitors. Here’s what you get from this little squirt air purifier:

Trapping airborne particles

The EcoGecko little squirt comes with a smart air filtering capability that helps you get rid of airborne impurities. It doesn’t only offer good air to breathe in, but also makes the room a better place for asthma patients. As it purifies the air without mist, it won’t irritate you.

Swirling water whirlpool

Alongside purifying the air, this air revitalizer will also give you a sensational feeling of calmness. For that, this machine makes a whirlpool of swirling water alongside a shimmering blue light. With the attractive night light, it can take your mind to the zen atmosphere you need.

Releasing fresh moist

Emitting fresh aroma and moisture into the air is this air purifier’s specialty. It uses essential oils with aroma, which will make the ambience a lot more energizing and free of bad smells. You can control the intensity of the scent by controlling the intensity of the applied lavender oil.

Covers a large personal space

This machine offers a compact and innovative design and size to fit on a small space. However, that doesn’t mean that it purifies a small area! It offers a huge 300 sq. ft. coverage to make a personal space or room a good place to live in, with fresh air to breathe.

Produces less noise to run

While covering a large space, the motor of this machine doesn’t make much noise that could disturb your sleep. It makes less than 45 dB of noise, but that gets better because you’re also getting white noise. You’ll get a soothing, peaceful, and an environment easy to live in.

Technical Details

  • Dimension & Weight: 25 x 4.25 x 5 inches; 8 Ounces
  • Air purification type: Water based, suitable for personal use
  • LED color lights: Yes, with shimmering blue night light
  • Fragrance control: Available with lavender oil diffusion
  • Power source: AC input with included electric cord
  • Traps all kinds of airborne impurities and pollutants
  • Has good coverage for any medium, large space
  • Lavender essential oil diffuser aromatherapy
  • Shimmering blue light for better sleeping experience
  • Offers white noise with less than 45 dB of noise
  • The power cord isn’t detachable from the machine

Why You Should Buy It?

The biggest reason for suggesting this air purifier is the price point it comes with. Despite having all the modern features that high-end machines offer, this one doesn’t cost much. Be sure to check the latest price, though.

9. UROMA Air Revitalizer Humidifier: Best for Portability and Aesthetics

Taking your water based air purifier and having a classical look can make a great first impression. Therefore, we’ve selected the Uroma air revitalizer which also is an air humidifier. Here are what make it the right air purifier if you’re planning to travel with it:

Purifying your room

This air purifier absorbs all kinds of airborne pollutants like dust mites, smoke, bad odor, and others. It will help you relieve stress by promoting healthier breathing and keeping your lungs free from irritants. You can inhale healthier air with its purification if you have a cold allergy.

Humidification and negative ions

Its air purification process has a lot to do with humidification in general. The machine humidifies the air in your room and traps the pollutants in the water inside the container. Not just that, it offers a negative ion generator that emits more than 3 million ions in every cubic cm of air.

Aromatherapy and deodorizer

Apart from purification, this air purifier offers therapeutic effects with aromatherapy. It uses water-soluble essential oils to give you a peaceful relaxation combined with water whirlpool sound. You’ll get an immediate relief from stress with it after a hectic working day.

Huge purifying space coverage

For coverage, this air purifier offers  huge coverage of up to 600 square feet with its 1000 ML water reservoir. It has an air capacity of over 400 CBM a day, which is good enough for a large room. You can use it in a living, an office space, or a personal room, or bedroom.

LED color ambience and wooden finish

You’re also getting style with LEDs with over 6 different lighting patterns to give your room a calming place. On top of that, the base variant with wood grain finish to it, it’ll be a great source of calm environment. Not just that, you’re also getting a silver color variant if you need that.

Technical Details

  • Dimension & Weight: 7 x 7 x 7 inches; 2.15 Pounds
  • Air purification type: Water based with negative ion
  • LED color lights: Yes, has 6 different color patterns
  • Fragrance control: Available with essential oil diffusion
  • Power source: US Standard AC Power Cord
  • Multipurpose use for purification and humidification
  • Huge space coverage with good air delivery rate
  • Different color LED lighting to match any decor
  • Negative ion generator for extra comfort
  • Multiple color finishes with a honey wood grain
  • Doesn’t offer white ambient noise

Why You Should Buy It?

This air purifier is for you if you need the best decorative piece to do air purification. Alongside having a good finish, it also has the perfect build of 7 inches to fit in any small space. You can set it in any room, generate negative ions, humidify it, and breathe with peace of mind.

10. Trustech Desktop HEPA Air Cleaner: Best for Dry Cleaning

Now, if you need more of a dry solution to the polluted home air, get the Trustech air purifier. It’s the best small air purifier that doesn’t use liquid or emit moisture into the air. Here are the good things you’re getting with this machine:

Deep multilayer air purification

This air purifier comes with multiple air purification filters that will deeply sanitize the air in your room. It has a true HEPA H11 filter that eliminates virus, bacteria, pollen, PM 2.5, and others larger than 0.3 microns. And the carbon filter takes out smoke, VOC, and all kinds of bad smell.

Personalized filter control

It offers a smart filter replacement reminder that pops up on the control panel LED indicator. You can clean over 215 sq. ft. in only 12 minutes with this machine and control the functions with the onboard control panel. And there’s a night light on top to help you get better sleep.

Whisper quiet fan operation

Although it can purify the air in your room pretty fast, it doesn’t have a high fan noise. You can run this machine at only 20 dB sound, which is considered whisper quiet. It won’t disturb your sleep and will help you focus more on work rather than the polluted air.

360° air purification

You’ll get a 360° air intake vent that absorbs polluted air from all over the room at once. As a result, you’re getting a very efficient air purification process from this machine. Besides, it has LED indicators to give you live updates about the air quality in your room with color indicators.

Technical Details

  • Dimension & Weight: 66 x 8.66 x 12.64 inches: 5.73 pounds
  • Air purification type: True HEPA with carbon and pre filter
  • LED color lights: Yes, has a blue night light for soothing sleep
  • Coverage capability : Purifies over 215 sq. ft. in 12 minutes
  • Power source: US Standard AC Power Cord (included)
  • True HEPA purifier to eliminate air pollutants
  • Adjustable night light and air quality indicator
  • Carbon filter to clean smoke and bad smell
  • Perfect size and coverage for a medium room
  • 360° air intake vents to work more efficiently
  • Doesn’t have multiple night light colors
  • You’re not getting white noise feature

Why You Should Buy It?

This air purifier is the best option if you need dry air purification without water. Its HEPA and carbon filters are capable of eliminating all kinds of bad pollutants and odor. And you can control it with the onboard control panel and LED indicators.

What Should Look For Before Buying A Water-Based Air Purifier?

Buying your first water based air purifier can be a daunting job, unless you know exactly what to look for. Here are some of the most critical things you must not avoid while shopping for a water air purifier:

See if It Runs on Tap Water

The first thing you want to check in a water based air purifier is if it runs on regular tap water or not. If it requires proprietary solutions, that’s only going to increase your recurring costs, which you don’t want. Purifiers that use tap water are the best option as you’re saving money, and can be used anywhere.

Look for Aromatherapy

Most water based air purifiers that have a set of promising features offer aromatherapy and essential oil diffusion. It helps the air purification process and eliminates all kinds of bad odors in the room. You can add a few drops of deodorants of any smell, and the room will have that accent for hours long.

Check the Run Time

Talking of hours, you must not forget to check how long the machine runs from one refill. It will be anywhere between 3 and 24 hours, depending on the efficiency of the machine and tank capacity. As a middle ground, you can go for a purifier that runs for about 12 hours on a single refill of the water tank.

Multipurpose Usage

Having long service isn’t enough to be a great water air purifier, it has to offer more. A good machine will have a nice night light alongside Aromatherapy, as well as white noise sometimes. These extra features will help you give your room a peaceful and calming environment you need the most.

Don’t Forget the Size

Here comes the room size you have, and it’s crucial to check if the machine can cover the space you’re using it in. Make sure the purifier has the capability to cover higher to the room size you have. If your room or living space is 200 sq. ft., it should cover at least 250 square feet for the most efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re having more questions in mind about water based air purifiers, here are some common ones, with answers:

Do Water Air Purifiers Really Work?

Water air purifiers are great because they don’t have bulky sizes as conventional air purifiers have. Not just that, it’s much easier to run a water air purifier than any other air purifier.

Does Water Air Purifier Remove Dust?

Yes, a water air purifier will remove dust and so many other airborne pollutants that can cause mold spores. Besides, you can use it for making the air easier to breathe with aroma.

Can I Put Essential Oil in My Air Revitalizer?

Yes, water revitalizes, or air purifiers do take essential oil to make the air smell better. You can choose whichever fragrance you want while applying essential oil to it.

Is it Ok to Leave the Air Purifier on All Night?

There’s no problem leaving the air purifier turned on all night, especially if it’s on auto mode. And the best practice is keeping it turned on while having night mode on so that it can adjust.

How Do You Use a Water-Based Air Purifier?

Using a water-based air purifier is straightforward, as you don’t have any complicated process. Put clean water with a few drops of optional fragrance, and run, and clean it regularly.

Final Thoughts

Making the air in your room healthier and more breathable is not a big deal if you have the right water based air purifier. The list above will surely help you purify the indoor air as it is supposed to be. However, if you still need a particular suggestion for the best water based air purifier as an all-rounder, get the Ocean Blue air cleaner and humidifier.

It has a modern design with a digital display to operate easily to take out household odors and pollutants. You can balance the humidity level of your house, alleviate allergy symptoms, and breathe healthier air with it. It takes in all kinds of aroma oils, and works with regular tap water for extra convenience.

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