5 Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifier Reviews (Updated In 2023)

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Are you sneezing a lot lately, or your little baby getting sick too often? Chances are, you’re struggling with molds, pollen, pet dander or just dust mites that cause severe allergies. Getting a dehumidifier is surely the best way to stabilize the relative humidity for sure.

But how about mounting it? Leaving it on the floor may not be an option for all, and a wall mounted dehumidifier can cut the dilemma. However, getting the Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifier isn’t a piece of cake, but we’re here to help.

With the help of our humidity specialists, we’ve researched all the available dehumidifiers in the market. If you want the most efficient dehumidifier that you can mount into the wall, let’s talk moisture! Shall we?

Can A Dehumidifier Be Mounted On A Wall?

If you have less floor space to spare for the machine, a wall-mounted dehumidifier is what you need. It’s also a necessity if you need a clutter-free floor, or have a kid to keep away from it.

But the question remains is, is it really possible to mount a dehumidifier on or into a wall? After all, it includes humid air, dampness, and needs extra space to work; both of which go against a wall mounting design!

Well, the answer is yes. You can definitely mount a dehumidifier on a wall, but it must have the right design. The machine should have the design to draw enough humid air alongside a proper drainage system. Besides, if you want it not to damage your wall, the construction and dampness control has to be top-notch.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier?

Get one thing straight first, when you have high humidity in the indoor air, you need a high-end dehumidifier. With that said, the obvious question is, how long the wall-mounted dehumidifier may last with contentious work?

If you take good care of your dehumidifier, according to the study, conducted by NACHI, it can last about 8 straight years. If your dehumidifier is fighting high condensation or dampness in your house, give it occasional inspections and cleaning for optimal service.

Table Of Content:

Using an in-wall dehumidifier requires knowledge, and we’ve covered a ton in this article to help you out. Have a look at the topics you can learn about:

Comparison Chart:

Not sure which dehumidifier does the job best? Why not have a look at this quick comparison chart and get a head start with the best option:

Best Wall Mounted DehumidifierDimensionsWeightCoverageNoise level
Innovative IW25 In Wall Mounted Dehumidifier8.63 x 14.2 x 25.25 inch36 pounds1500 square feet47 dBA
LG Air Conditioner with Built-in Dehumidification14 X 24 X 20 inch80 pounds530 square feet55 dBA
Pioneer WYS012A-19 Ductless Air conditioner Dehumidifier31.5 x 7.5 x 11.75 inch19 pounds450 square feet38 dBA
Midea U Open Window AC dehumidifier21.89 x 18.98 x 14.65 inch63.8 Pounds450 square feet56 dBA
AlorAir Duct-able Crawl Space Whole Home Dehumidifier23.2 x 15.2 x 17.7 inch81.8 pounds2600 square feet58 dBA

Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifier Reviews 2023

If you want the best wall mounted dehumidifier, there’s not much good options that do the job well. Therefore, we had to put all the options in a head to head research-based comparison, and come up with 2 best ones. Have a look:

Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

1. Innovative IW25 In Wall Mounted Dehumidifier: Best overall

If you consider the best brands for making wall mounted or in-wall dehumidifiers, Innovative would top them all for sure. Their Innovative IW25 is their top selling dehumidifier with some high-end features. Let’s see what make this dehumidifier top all our considerable and becomes our editorial choice:

Seamless in-wall design

The Innovative IW25 comes with a seamless in wall design with which you can put it into a wall. Its design is so aesthetic and well thought that once you have it attached, it’ll look nothing but a vent. With no flashing bumps on the wall, it won’t draw much attention yet will deliver the finest dehumidification possible.

Hands-free Operation

Talking of dehumidification, the primary job of this machine, you’re getting an exceptional performer on board. With this machine working against your indoor humidity, you’ll get relief from all the traditional humidifier maintenance issues. You’ll never have to empty the tank as it comes with an automated drainage system.

Balanced dehumidification

Getting rid of the excessive humidity and keeping the indoor under control with a balanced humidity is this machine’s specialty. You can set this dehumidifier to keep the relative humidity anywhere between 30 to 90% and automate the operation. It runs noise free at only 47 dBA, so, keeping your indoors at a consistent moisture level is a no-brainer.

Huge coverage and capacity

If you have a large house to take care of humidity from, no worries, this dehumidifier has got your back. You’ll get a huge coverage of over 1500 square feet from this dehumidifier, covering a whole house or a hall room. It’ll extract over 25 pints of moisture every day to keep the RH level at ideal 60% at all time.

Easy installation

Since this dehumidifier has an in-wall design, installation might seem a daunting job. However, getting it into your wall doesn’t need a ton of technical knowledge. It goes into a wall with standard 16” wall studs. You have to cut the place in size, route the drainage hose, and screw the machine in. It comes with a tamper-proof outer shell, securing it with that is an easy job.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions & Weight: 8.63 x 14.2 x 25.25 inches, 36 pounds
  • Coverage & design: 1500 square feet, in-wall design
  • Dehumidification option: Automated RH level control
  • Noise level: Noise free (47 dBA)
  • Drainage design: Continuous drainage hose (included)
  • In wall design with continuous drainage hose
  • Huge coverage with automated dehumidification
  • AHAM certified for coverage and RH level
  • Capable of draining directly into existing plumbing
  • Maintains the healthy RH level of 60% at 80° F
  • Can be a little tricky to place into the studs

Why You Should Buy It?

Innovative IW25 is the best wall mounted dehumidifier that stays out of sight and controls humidity with might. If you have a large (up to 1500 sq. ft.) area to cover, this machine will cover that. You can install it inside a wall that has a 16” stud with a continuous drain hose and low sound level.

2. LG Air Conditioner with Built-in Dehumidification: Best with Air conditioner

If you want top-notch dehumidification alongside air conditioning inside your house without using two separate machines, get this combo. This machine is a great combination of a dehumidifier and an AC from LG. Here are the reasons why we’ve chosen it as the best combo:

Complete in wall design

The LG air conditioner dehumidifier combo comes in 2 separate parts that’ll attach to your wall. Unlike most traditional split air conditioners, this machine goes inside your wall without bulky flushing parts outside. No worries about it being inside, the gold fin anti-corrosion coating technology will keep the machine fine for years.

Automated Dehumidification

It does a pretty great job to keep your living space free of excessive wetness or moisture. You can get rid of over 3.8 pints of humidity/moisture per hour, keeping the air nice and dry. Besides, the included thermistor thermostat technology will keep it from over-drying. That’s because it uses a clever technology to balance between cool and dry air.

Air Condition made easy

For the air conditioning, this machine goes beyond the typical small form factor ACs in the market. It has a powerful air conditioning power of over 11,500 BTUs, covering a large space. You can cover a room up to 530 sq. ft. for both the cooling and dehumidification features. As for the cooling, you’re getting 3 cooling speeds as well as 4 air deflection ways.

Remote control mechanism

You’re getting a convenient remote controller alongside the onboard control panel to control this machine. There’s an LED monitor where you can see the states of air and humidity. Plus, its 24-Hour on/off timer will help you run it on schedule, while 3 fan speeds giving you extra control. Further, the “clean filter” alert indicator will let you know when to clean the mesh filter.

Air refreshener feature

Although that’s a lot to expect from a piece of machine that small, it offers even more to an extent. You’re getting an auto-restart feature when it senses no humidity or hot air. Plus, a dedicated energy saver function is there to reduce your energy bills while leaving no hot spot behind. Although it has 4 oscillating distributors, noise level is surprisingly low at only 55 dBA.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 14 X 24 X 20 inches (HxWxD)
  • Coverage & design: 530 square feet, through-wall design
  • Dehumidification option: Automated humidity control
  • Noise level: Low Noise (55 dBA)
  • Air conditioner: 11,500 BTUs (with auto thermistor)
  • Through-wall sleek design for no flushing parts inside
  • Automated thermostat for balanced cooling/drying
  • Oscillating multipurpose air distribution system
  • Heavy duty air conditioning and dehumidification
  • Large space coverage with enough moisture control
  • Not suitable for window installation

Why You Should Buy It?

This air conditioner and dehumidifier combo is a great option if you need a 2-in-1 machine. It does both jobs of cooling and drying with a balancing technology without leaving any hot or cool spot indoors. Its remote control, good coverage, and auto timer make it the best dehumidifier air conditioner combo.

3. Pioneer WYS012A-19 Ductless Air conditioner Dehumidifier: Best split AC design

Are you fond of split air conditioner design with which you want to have dehumidifier as well? We’ve got your back with the Pioneer WYS012A-19 that works as an AC, a ventilator, and of course, a dehumidifier. Seems a lot? Well, there are more to it! Have a look at its features:

Ductless mini split AC design

This air conditioner dehumidifier is a ductless machine, meaning you won’t have to keep your window open for it. Rather, the split design consists of an outdoor unit alongside an indoor unit that does the ventilation and dehumidification. Its outdoor unit draws the humidity or heat out of the indoor space, while the indoor piece doing the rest.

Temperature and humidity control

Keeping the indoor temperature and humidity in control becomes a breeze with this machine. It takes excessive heat down and dries the indoor with heated air if you have extra humidity inside. The outdoor cooling ambient range of this machine is 32° to 122° F with a heating range of 5° to 86° F. With that being said, you can keep humidity under control by dehumidifying the indoors.

Smart air Conditioning

Air conditioning capability of this machine is outstanding because it leaves no hot or cold spot in the room. Plus, this AC gives you a follow-me mode to concentrate the airflow as you move around. Since it uses inverter technology, you’ll save on energy bills as well. Alongside 10 HSPF, 19 SEER efficiency, you’ll get over 12000 BTU of cool air per hour with it.

Remote control mechanism

Controlling this air conditioner dehumidifier combo becomes a breeze because you’re getting a remote controller. The controller has an illuminated backlit LED display that shows you the current states. With smart auto flow, multiple modes including dehumidification and more, operating this machine won’t be a big issue.

Whisper quiet and hassle free

You can set the fan speed you want with this AC to control how cold or hot an ambience you need. Despite having a high fan speed alongside the lower one, it offers a whisper quiet operation. Besides, there are permanent air filters that you can wash when dust builds up, let alone the self-cleaning feature. So, usage becomes hassle-free with it.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions & Weight: 31.5 x 7.5 x 11.75 inches, 19 pounds
  • Coverage & design: 450 square feet, mini split design
  • Dehumidification option: Humidity control with hot air
  • Noise level: Whisper quiet, noise-free operation
  • Air conditioner: 12,000 BTUs (with smart controls)
  • AHRI certified for coverage, cooling, and drying
  • Smart wifi control with Pioneer app
  • Smart follow me feature for concentrated circulation
  • Easy installation with included insulation pipes
  • Ultra quiet running with remote controller
  • Requires professional HVAC installation expertise

Why You Should Buy It?

If you want a smart solution to humidity, heat, or dampness in your house, get this dual purpose air conditioner. It doesn’t only give you a balanced indoor air, but also ensures better control over the machine. You can control it with wifi and remote controller and the washable air filter keeps things hassle-free.

4. MIDEA EasyCool Window AC and Dehumidifier: Best for Window installation

If you don’t want either of the through-wall or split design, and want a window design, the MIDEA EasyCool is here. This machine comes with a clever window installation design that you get along with almost any existing window. With both air conditioning and dehumidification, this machine offers good control over the indoor air quality. Here are its main features:

Hassle free window installation

Installing the MIDEA EasyCool Window AC and Dehumidifier is an easy task as it comes with a window design. You can install it into an existing window frame that measures 23-36” in width and a minimum height of 15.5”. Alongside the sides being flexible and flexible for any large windows, you can rest assured install it without any cuttings.

Automated dehumidification

Although it’s a great device for air conditioning, it does a great job when it comes to getting rid of excessive humidity. You can get rid of the humidity from the air within 450 sq. ft. of area while also getting cool air. It’ll sense the level of humidity in your room and activate on its own, alongside offering you a manual option to turn on.

Heavy duty air Conditioning

Controlling the coolness of the air in your room becomes a lot easier with this AC and Dehumidifier combo. It will give you over 10,000 BTU of cooling capacity to bring comfort in the room in minutes. As you have good coverage capacity and smart identification system, the air won’t get humid. Plus, the fan only mode is also there to keep things in between if you want.

Smart control mechanism

When it comes to controlling the machine itself, things get even more convenient with both on-board and remote control. You’re getting an intuitive smart LED monitor to show the stats and dedicated buttons for modes, timers, and eco mode. Plus, all these menus are also controllable remotely alongside putting the machine in sleep mode.

Washable filter to clean

Since this machine works as both a dehumidifier and an AC, the filter gets dirty, especially in humid/dusty areas. The good news is, it comes with a filter that you can wash and clean every time it gets dirty. There’s a filter cleaning indication LED light on the control panel to let you know when to wash the filter. It’ll be very helpful if you get rid of a lot of humidity or musty dirt.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions & Weight: 21.89 x 18.98 x 14.65 inches, 63.8 Pounds
  • Coverage & design: 450 square feet, window installation design
  • Dehumidification option: Automated humidity control
  • Noise level: Moderate noise (56 to 61 dBA)
  • Air conditioner: 10,000 BTU (with oscillated fan direction)
  • Flexible design for any size window installation
  • Oscillated fans to direct the air in any direction
  • High speed dehumidification or cooling
  • Appropriate for moderately large living or bed rooms
  • Both manual onboard and remote controller
  • Can be a little noisy while running in high speed fan mode

Why You Should Buy It?

Simply put, if you need a well capable AC and dehumidifier that is easy to install into an window, get this machine. The MIDEA EasyCool is the best Dehumidifier and Ac combo that doesn’t need you to cut the wall or modify the window. It fits into any window larger than 15” x 23” and has both onboard or remote control.

5. AlorAir Duct-able Crawl Space Whole Home Dehumidifier: Best for crawl space

Don’t like keeping the dehumidifier in the room but want every bit of humidity drawn out? No worries, the AloAir Duct-able whole house dehumidifier can be your way out. You can set it in the attic, the basement, or any other crawl space, and route the inlet into your room for efficient dehumidification. Here are what this wall mounted commercial dehumidifier offers:

Off-grid duct-able design

Let’s talk about the most important part of this machine, the innovative design it comes with. Its duct-able construction allows you to attach an intake duct hose as well as an air outlet hose. You can easily route the large intake hose into your bed or living room and draw all the humidity within. After that, it’ll take the humid air off of your room through the outlet duct.

Controlled Humidity Range

Controlling the humidity in your house becomes a lot easier when you have such a powerful machine working for you. With cleaning over 90 pints of moisture per day for up to 2,600 sq. ft., you’ll never have to suffer with humidity anymore. If you want to keep your RH level at its natural state, you can do so as its humidity range is customizable between 35% to 90%.

Dual function drainage mechanism

As this machine fits into any space including basement, garage, crawl spaces, large rooms, or commercial area, drainage becomes a concern. However, AloAir has thought it through and put a built-in Condensate Pump inside this machine. You can either pump the collected moisture anywhere using a pipe or attach a regular hose and let gravity do the rest.

Remote control with surveillance

Controlling this desiccant dehumidifier is a breeze if you get the Wall remote controller specially designed for it. You can attach the wall controller into  your living space or bedroom and control humidity in real time. It has a backlit LED monitor to show you the real time data about the relative humidity in the house.

Portable commercial solution

If you’re into commercial HVAC systems and need a feasible solution to provide your clients with, this is your solution. You can easily move the AloAir dehumidifier around and use it as a portable commercial humidity controller. As it’s duct-able, ventilating complex and large spaces will be a breeze, let alone its smart notifier and control mechanism.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions & weight: 23.2 x 15.2 x 17.7 inches, 81.8 pounds
  • Coverage & design: 2600 square feet, duct-able for whole house
  • Dehumidification option: Fully controlled relative humidity
  • Noise level: Low Noise (58 dBA)
  • Control mechanism: Remote (optional) and Onboard panel
  • AHAM and energy star certified
  • Large commercial grade coverage area
  • Relatively low noise compared to the capacity
  • Fast and reliable humidity detection and dehumidification
  • Ductable design to put it anywhere in the house
  • You’ll need a professional HVAC installation

Why You Should Buy It?

The AloAir is one of the best efficient dehumidifiers for basements that also is great for crawl space and hole house. Its energy star certification, indicates that it’s highly energy efficient. Plus, it removes over 90 pints per day in 2600 sq. ft. with professional grade speed.

Does It Matter Where You Place A Dehumidifier?

When it comes to placing a dehumidifier in a room, the first confusion that comes into play, is the placement. Does it really necessary to place a dehumidifier on a specific place or area? Yes, you must put the dehumidifier with a strategic plan for the best output off of it.

So, where to put the dehumidifier for maximum output? Determine in which room you have humidity the most, and place the dehumidifier in that room. If you have only a room to cover, navigate to the source of the humidity and put the machine near that spot.

In that contrast, if you’re inspecting the best place to put a dehumidifier in a 2-story house, that’d be downstairs or basement! That way, you can absorb maximum humidity off the air, as the most humidity usually is in these areas.

What Should Look For Before Buying A Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers?

Getting your first wall mountable dehumidifier can be a little overwhelming. However, without the right checkboxes, you may end up with a bad machine. Let us help you through the features  to consider while getting this type of dehumidifier for your next shopping:

Installation and design

Since you’re going to install the machine into or onto your wall, the installation method matters the most. Unlike a portable dehumidifier, your machine should have metal hinges in the back or a through-wall design. Hanging on the wall may not be as common because of the container, leaving the through design your only choice.

Dehumidification coverage

You might not likely be planing to move the dehumidifier a lot from a room to another often. Therefore, it has to be precise when it comes to adjusting the current room space you have. Don’t forget to get a machine that can cover more than the space you have. If you have a 500 sq. ft. area to dehumidify, take a machine that works for 700 sq. ft.

Control mechanism

Controlling your dehumidifier can be a big issue, especially when you have it far from you on the wall. Therefore, you must go for a wireless control mechanism to avoid getting off your bed or chair every time. A remote control or wifi control feature can help you decrease or increase the humidity level without getting near it.

Drainage system or moisture collection

Dehumidifiers collect the excess moisture from your room, collects it in a container, and/or drains the water out. For that, you must go for a machine that takes care of that, especially because you’re installing it into your wall. The best way to handle it is: Go with a dehumidifier that can do the moisture removal continuously from the tank, like the Innovative IW25 does.

Cooling (if you need that)

The issue people face with an excessive humid room is keeping the room cool and dry at the same time. If you’re also dealing with a such problem, the best way to make a way out is getting a dehumidifier and cooler combo. Take LG AC Dehumidifier Combo for example, it keeps your room safe from excess humidity while keeping it cool!

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a wall mounted dehumidifier can have more questions than we discussed, we know. So, let’s answer some of the most common questions about the topic with answers:

Can a dehumidifier be mounted on a wall

Yes, you can mount a dehumidifier on a wall if the machine comes with such a design. You can either hang the dehumidifier on the wall, or cut the wall to fit it inside.

Where is the best place to put a whole house dehumidifier

If you’re using a whole house dehumidifier like the AlorAir Duct-able one, installing it in the basement is the best option. Then you can route the ducts to your bedroom for silent operation.

Do dehumidifiers pull water from walls

If you talk about excessive humidity that damping your walls and weakening it, then yes. The dehumidifier will pull water from the wall and keep it dry alongside the whole room.

Will a dehumidifier stop condensation on walls

Dehumidifiers do absorb condensation and excess moisture in your room, and that’ll include the walls for sure. Plus, you can extend the wall’s lifespan by keeping it dry inside.

How big of a room will a 70 pint dehumidifier cover

A 70 pint dehumidifier will cover a damp (not wet) room with over  of 2,500 sq. ft. area. If the room is slightly wet, the area can be 2000 sq. ft. to 2500 sq. ft. whereas the number is down to 1500 sq. ft. for highly wet rooms.

Final Thoughts

So, after getting through the reviews and buyer’s guides, making your first purchase for wall dehumidifier should be an easy task. We hope that things got easier for you as we considered different use case issues. However, if you’re yet to decide and want us to suggest you the overall best wall mounted dehumidifier, go for the Innovative IW25 In Wall Dehumidifier.

It’s the perfect choice to install your dehumidifier inside the wall without a flush out bump, looking like a regular vent. For the features, you’re getting a coverage of 1500 sq. ft. larger spaces, taking out 25 pints of humidity a day. You can set the desired humidity level anywhere between 30% to 90% and need no reservoir tanks as it has continuous drainage system.

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