12 Best Dehumidifier Under 200 (Updated List 2023)

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If you live in a region where relative humidity often goes beyond 60%, the best thing you could do is invest in a dehumidifier. These devices will help you control the humidity level to reduce it below 50%. Thus, you will enjoy healthier indoors without dampness, mold growth, bugs, etc.

The dehumidifiers come in various price ranges. However, if you are getting the device for the first time, you should try out the affordable options. Thus, we have come up with this best dehumidifier under 200 reviews to suggest 12 top appliances at reasonable pricing quickly.

These dehumidifiers come at affordable pricing and have superior usability. Also, we have ensured that these devices have a good build quality, quick adjustability for the settings, easy controls, and better performance.

Thus, this is your lucky jackpot if you are looking for a quality residential dehumidifier. We will also discuss the buying guide for affordable residential dehumidifiers, their advantages, disadvantages, and user and placement guideline.

So, if you want a complete and detailed guideline on dehumidifying machines, don’t go away.


Are Cheap Dehumidifiers Any Good?

Many people think that they need to buy expensive dehumidifiers to control the moisture level in their home or commercial space. Well, this option of most users isn’t true. You can easily control the relative humidity level of your residence even with a cheap dehumidifier for under $200.

When you buy a dehumidifier under 200, you can still get a quality one. It will deliver good performance and a moisture removal facility. Most cheap machines will work with the expansive ones.

For instance, even the cheaper dehumidifiers in this list have a humidistat to measure the moisture level. Also, they will have an LED panel to show the moisture level, temperature, and ambiance. These devices also have an auto-shutoff feature for safety.

Furthermore, you will get an alarm system for the dehumidifier’s tank full. It will help you drain the tank whenever necessary.

Nonetheless, the only difference between cheap and expensive dehumidifiers will be in their size and moisture removal capacity. Unless you need to remove moisture from an insanely large room, you won’t require the expensive models.

Even the cheaper dehumidifiers on our list can cover 2000 square feet of space. So, you can rest assured of getting premium humidity removal service from them. So, cheap humidifiers are worth the investment to remove moisture and mold and enjoy better indoors.

When to Use a Dehumidifier?

You can just continuously use a dehumidifier if you have one at home. You need to know when to use the device. It will also be useful since running the dehumidifier for too long can remove too much moisture from the air. Thus, the indoor air will be drier. Also, it will increase the electricity bill of your home.

So, when should you use a dehumidifier?

You should run the machine in the summertime. If the relative humidity level goes over 55% and stays above it for most of the day, you must run the machine. A dehumidifier needs 4 to 6 hours to remove the moisture properly.

Thus, you must continue running the device for a couple of hours. The best thing is to set the device in auto-mode with the humidity level in the preset option. It will help the device work properly by taking the moisture readings automatically.

How to Use a Dehumidifier Properly?

When you get the dehumidifier, you can’t start using it immediately. You need to follow the proper user manual to extract the best out of your machine.

  • You must clean the dehumidifier before you start using it at home. It is crucial since these machines will be in the warehouse for months and may develop odor and bacteria.
  • Once you have cleaned and prepared the dehumidifier, you should start it. If you use a cordless machine, you can easily switch on it. You will need to connect it with the electric outlet for corded or electric ones.
  • Now, you will need to set the humidity level. Usually, the optimal relative humidity level is 30% to 50%. However, we recommend setting the machine at a 35% to 45% moisture level to yield the best performance.
  • You must also choose the right sport to place your dehumidifier. Ideally, you must place the machine in a location with maximum airflow. It helps the machine extract maximum air with the least effort.
  • You must keep your doors and windows closed when the dehumidifier runs. Otherwise, moist air from the outdoor may easily come inside the room and ruin the machine’s work.
  • Lastly, you must drain the tank of the dehumidifier. It will help the machine work properly without stopping due to excess water in the tank.

Why Should You Trust Us?

During this review for the best budget dehumidifier, our team inspected 25+ devices. Also, we have talked with hundreds of real users. We have taken their feedback, gone through the user review on different websites, and inspected the devices thoroughly with our team.

It has helped us to develop this comprehensive review on affordable dehumidifiers. It will benefit you to get the right device quickly and affordably.

12 Best Dehumidifiers Under 200 Reviews In 2023

Are you on the lookout for an affordable yet reliable and high-performing dehumidifier? Then, you mustn’t miss this lifetime opportunity to look at our 12 best affordable dehumidifier reviews. It will present you with the twelve seriously performing devices without any fuss.

Best Dehumidifier Under 200

1. Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Energy Star Certified Dehumidifier: Editor’s Pick

The Midea Dehumidifier is an amazing piece of engineering with every feature you want. This dehumidifier has unique features, from broad coverage to a high-humidity removal capacity. Thus, it will blow your mind once you grab this device.

To begin with, this dehumidifier comes with 4500 square feet of coverage. You can use it to dehumidify even the largest room with ease. You may easily place it in your basement, living room, dining room, or even the large bedrooms to control the moisture level. Since it has a large coverage facility, it can easily reach the nook and crannies of your room to dehumidify it.

Next, it comes with 50 pints capacity (70 pints previously) per day. The device can remove 23.65L of water from the air each day. It will be more than enough, even during the most humid days. It is useful to quickly reduce the humidity level from 85% to 35%. So, it will be useful when you need to lower the moisture on an emergency basis.

Furthermore, the device comes with a large 0.8-gallon tank to collect the water from the air. It is sufficient to collect the moisture in a whole room with ease. On top of it, there’s a scope to connect a drain hose with the socket. It will help in continuous draining and free you from the hassle of removing water from the tank each day.

Thankfully, the large dehumidifier comes with multiple innovative options. For instance, it comes with a turbo mode. The device activates the turbo mode and sets the fan and power at the highest settings when you press it. It is useful when you need to remove the moisture quickly.

On top of it, the timer mode lets you set the device from 0 to 24 hours of auto mode. Thus, it will operate for the time being you have set it. It even has a restart function. It lets the device function right at its settings before the power disruption. It saves your time from resetting the device in its previous functions.

More importantly, the device has smart controls. You can easily shift between the different modes with the LED panel. The panel also shows the humidity level and temperature. So, you precisely know what the device is doing. A filter check also alerts you when you need to clean the filter to reuse them.

Additionally, it has auto-comfort mode. You can use it to absorb the moisture quickly and enjoy the coziness at home. Therefore, you won’t find any inconvenience at all.

What’s more, the device has an energy-star rating. It helps the device reduce the electricity bill while perfectly controlling the humidity level. Also, despite being a large device, it operates quietly. So, it won’t create any disturbance in your ears at all.


Coverage 4500 square feet
Daily capacity 50 pints
Tank capacity 0.8 gallon
Sensor Humidistat and Auto-timer
Modes Turbo, timer, and continuous
Control Digital
Weight 33.5 pounds
Dimension 15.94 x 11.54 x 24.29 inches

Main Features

  • 50 pints capacity for larger rooms and spaces
  • Three different modes for perfect controls
  • Energy-star rating for saving electricity bills
  • Three fan speeds to lower the humidity faster
What We Like?
  • Easy controls with the digital LED panel
  • Large capacity to remove maximum moisture
  • Built-in time for easy controls and humidity removal
  • Sturdy four wheels for easy mobility and portability
  • Continuous mode with the hose connection
What We Don’t Like?
  • The device is on the heavier side
  • The tank capacity is rather too small

Tester’s Note

The 50pint Media dehumidifier is meant to work quietly. Also, it saves energy with the energy-saving rating for lowering your utility bills. Lastly, the rugged built quality offers durable uses for years to let you enjoy perfect humidity in your home or office.

2. Vremi 35 Pint 3,000 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier: Best for Apartments

The Vremi dehumidifier understands that running a device for 24 hours can consume too much electricity. It will increase your utility bills considerably. Therefore, this Vremi dehumidifier has integrated advanced energy-efficient technology. It can reduce the electricity bill by almost 40%, which is a great saving.

Apart from the energy efficiency, the device also does perfectly what it should do. Yes, the dehumidifier can collect 35 pints of water from the air to offer excellent interior humidity. It will be a great relief during the scorching days since the moisture level can easily go beyond 75% or even more in the summertime.

What’s more, the dehumidifier can cover up to 3000 square feet. Thus, it is perfect for controlling the humidity level in larger rooms. You can place it in the basement, living room, bathroom, etc. You may even use it in your offices. Its elegant design and attractive white look will work perfectly well with every indoor decoration. So, you won’t need to worry about how you indoors will look when you place it.

On top of it, the dehumidifier has four different modes. Depending on the humidity level of your region, you can choose between these different modes. The turbo mode lets you set the speed and power maximum for quick results. Next, the comfort mode lets you set the humidity level at your preferred level. Then, there’s the auto-time and continuous mode to set the schedule for the device.

However, you need to connect a hose with the socket for the continuous mode. It will drain the machine continues to the attached drain pipe. It frees you from draining the tank now and then. Besides, it has four caster wheels for portability. The wheels have rubberized cover to move through the floors silently.

Talking about silence, the energy-star-rated dehumidifier device truly operates silently. It works well below 35Db. Thus, you won’t feel disturbed while sleeping even with this device running. However, it emits heat while working. So, put it in a safe place so that kids and pets can’t go too close to it. Or else they may have a burning sensation.


Coverage 3000 square feet
Daily capacity 35 pints
Tank capacity 1.6 gallon
Sensor Humidistat and Auto-timer
Modes Turbo, timer, and continuous
Control Digital
Weight 39.8 pounds
Dimension 16.65 x 12.40 x 24.21 inches

Main Features

  • Auto-defrost facility for less maintenance
  • Slightly larger tank reservoir for the device
  • 35 pints capacity is suitable for large rooms
  • Multiple adjustment modes for easy controls
What We Like?
  • An elegant and sleek dehumidifier complements any interior
  • 35 pints of capacity is adequate for larger rooms with ease
  • Easy interface and controls with the LED panel and buttons
  • Easy to move with the rubberized caster wheels
  • Energy-star rating for saving electric bills considerably
What We Don’t Like?
  • At around 40 pounds, this device is bulkier
  • Heat emissions may be dangerous for kids and pets

Tester’s Note

The Vremi, 3000 square feet device, is the best residential you can get for the money. It has a sturdy built quality and great performance too. Thus, you should get it to enjoy the perfect humidity and coziness at home.

3. Shinco 3000 Sq.Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier: Ideal For Medium-sized Spaces

The Shinco dehumidifier is a perfect device to provide dry air where generally dampness prevails. You can easily install it in the basement, garage, laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Its 3000 square feet coverage will easily remove excess moisture from the nook and crannies of the room you install the device.

Besides its broader coverage, the device also has 50 pints capacity. Also, the tank of this machine can collect up to 4 liters of water from the air daily. You will find it adequate during the most humid days. It is also enough to lower the humidity level from 80% to 30% within 4 to 6 hours. The device works at 86°F temperature for the best results.

On top of it, the dehumidifier works at only 42dB. Although it is not the quietest device out there, it still manages to work more or less silently. It shouldn’t cause any disturbance to your sleep or work. Also, it comes with an energy-efficient rating. Thus, you can expect the device to lower your electricity bill by 30%. So, you won’t need to worry about electricity bills, as is the case with regular non-energy certified ones.

More importantly, the dehumidifier comes with some useful and unique controls. It has a smart humidistat to measure the moisture level continuously. It lets you set the device at your comfortable humidity level and let the machine take over the responsibility. Yes, once you set your desired humidity level, it will run continuously until the tank is full.

Thanks to the smart humidistat, it can read the moisture level. So, when the room humidity level goes above your setting, it starts working. It immediately stops working once it brings down the moisture to your comfort zone. It further boosts its energy efficiency.

Nonetheless, you must attach the drain hose through the tubing section for the continuous mode. Or else, it will collect 4 liters of water in the tank to shut off automatically. Thankfully, the tank is easy to remove and drain. On top of it, you can set the machine at 2 and 4 hours auto-timer. So, when you are sleeping, it will run for the time being and shut off automatically.

Next, we loved its LED panel that showcases the humidity level. Also, it is easy to read. Furthermore, we loved its revert back capacity during a power cut. Yes, even if the electricity goes off, it will revert to your preferred settings. So, there’s no hassle in using the device.

Therefore, the overall performance and usability of the Shinco dehumidifier are appreciable. It will serve you for years with the least maintenance.


Coverage 3000 square feet
Daily capacity 50 pints
Tank capacity 1.1 gallons
Sensor Humidistat and Auto-timer
Modes Timer and continuous
Control Digital
Weight 33 pounds
Dimension 13.5 x 9.4 x 20.1 inches

Main Features

  • Can cover 3000 square feet space at ease
  • Quiet and hassle-free functioning
  • Strong build-quality for longevity
  • Operates quickly to lower the humidity level
What We Like?
  • Easily reusable air filter for purifying air
  • Revert to settings after power shortages
  • Easy and intuitive controls for comfortable uses
  • The Digital LED pane is easy to read with clear texts
What We Don’t Like?
  • A bit noisy
  • Smaller water tank

Tester’s Note

Our tea loved the Shinco Dehumidifier for its intuitive operation and durable service. It also has air filters which are a bonus. So, you will enjoy the coziest and purest indoor air with this great dehumidifier at home.

4. Honeywell TP30WKN Energy Star Dehumidifier: Best For Saving Electricity

Honeywell is a well-known dehumidifier manufacturer. They make reliable dehumidifiers for both residential and commercial spaces. One of their best dehumidifier for apartments is the TP30WKN, and it will amaze you with unique and useful features.

As it appears, the dehumidifier looks compact and comes with a beautiful white finish. Although it looks tiny, the dehumidifier packs a powerful performance. Yes, it can remove 30 pints of water from the air per day. It is more than sufficient to work in apartments during the hot scorching days. With the energy-star dehumidifier running at home, you won’t have to suffer from mold growth and dampness.

Besides its water removal capacity, we were impressed with its coverage facility. The compact device can easily reach 1000 square feet of space. If you are looking for a compact dehumidifier for smaller rooms at an affordable price, the Honeywell TP30KWN is the best option right now.

Particularly, with an energy-star rating, it uses the least electricity. So, it further saves your money. You will also love its quieter operation, well-below 50dB. Therefore, it ensures you have a nice sleep at night with the perfect dehumidification and noise-free ambiance.

What’s more, the device has a digital humidistat. Since it can measure the exterior humidity level, you can set your preferred humidity level. Once the humidistat senses any increase in the moisture level from your preferred one, it will start working automatically. It improves the energy efficiency of the machine more.

On top of it, you may choose between sleep mode and timer modes. It will elevate your comfort and smooth your experience with this machine. You don’t need to worry about spillage from the tank either. Yes, it comes with a patented Smart Guard. So, it works brilliantly to stop water spillage.

Thankfully, the tank is easy to remove and drain. So, you won’t find it hassling at all. We would, however, like it more if the water reservoir was a bit bigger. Since the machine can remove 30 pints of water daily, its tank capacity seems inadequate.

Lastly, there’s an air filter. It lets you filter the dust and particles of the air as it dehumidifies the indoor space. So, you will enjoy purer and better indoor air quality.


Coverage 1000 square feet
Daily capacity 30 pints
Tank capacity 1.2 gallons
Sensor Humidistat and Auto-timer
Modes Timer, sleep and continuous
Control Digital
Weight 14 pounds
Dimension 10.5 x 13.2 x 20.1 inches

Main Features

  • Easy draining facility with the tank reservoir
  • Smart Guard protects the tank from spills
  • Ideal for smaller rooms with 30 pints capacity
  • Super-lightweight design ensures mobility
What We Like?
  • Smart humidistat and digital control for user’s convenience
  • Air filters will remove dust and particles from the air for a purer ambiance
  • Energy-Star 4.00 certification will save huge electricity bills
  • Quickly moveable with lightweight design and sturdy wheelbase
What We Don’t Like?
  • The smaller tank needs frequent drainage

Tester’s Note

The Honeywell 1000 square feet device will be the perfect dehumidifier for smaller rooms. Also, its high portability makes it suitable for you to move the device from one room to another whenever needed. So, you may easily move it from one room to another.

5. Ivation 30 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier: Best for Smart Humidistat

Are you looking for the right dehumidifier for 2000 square feet spaces and rooms? Then, nothing beats the performance, efficiency, and useful features of the Ivation 30-pints dehumidifier. It has unique features like a smart humidistat, excellent controls, and less maintenance.

We loved the dehumidifier mainly for its water removal capacity. It can remove 30 points (22 pints in the new standard) of water to dehumidify your indoors perfectly. It is handy even during the most humid days there. This machine can easily lower the relative humidity level from 80% to 30%. However, you must continue running the dehumidifier for 4 to 6 hours to achieve the required humidity level in an indoor space.

Thankfully, you won’t see any major increase in your electricity bills despite running the machine for such a long time. Yes, it comes with a smart Energy-Star rating. This helps the device lower your electricity bills by 30% or more. Also, it operates in less than 50db, which is below the loudness level. Thus, your ears will thank you for choosing this best residential dehumidifier.

More importantly, the machine comes with a smart humidity sensor. The humidistat lets you choose your comfort humidity zone, and the machine will work automatically to achieve your preferred settings unless you change it. For removing moisture under different conditions, you may choose from automatic, turbo, sleep, and comfort modes.

Therefore, you are in full control of the device. On top of it, the device has a LED panel. You can observe humidity level, temperature, filter alert, fan speed, and timer to control the device better. Also, the changes of the different settings are easy with the LED panel.

Last but not least, the dehumidifier has a strong build quality. It uses ABS plastic without any toxicity. So it is safe for kids and pets. Also, the caster wheels are sturdy. So, you won’t have to worry about their longevity. And with 31 pounds weight, the device ensures better portability.


Coverage 2000 square feet
Daily capacity 30 pints (22 pints in the new system)
Tank capacity 1.3 gallons
Sensor Humidistat, temperature, and Auto-timer
Modes Timer, sleep, and continuous
Control Digital
Weight 31 pounds
Dimension 14.2 x 9.9 x 20.1 inches

Main Features

  • Lowers humidity from 85% to 35% relatively quickly
  • LED panel for smart controls of the settings
  • 30 pints of moisture removal facility for medium rooms
  • The humidity sensor has accurate and faster readings
What We Like?
  • It is ideal for smaller spaces with less loudness and energy uses
  • Easy to shift between different modes and settings for all
  • Digital humidity sensor for the latest updates on relative humidity
  • Faster operation at high fan speed to remove moisture quickly
What WE Don’t Like?
  • The LED panel could be improved

Tester’s Note

The Ivation dehumidifier will be a perfect fit for those looking for smart controls and an easy user interface for home appliances. Its sleek design makes it ideal for indoor spaces with great aesthetics and looks.

6. Shinco 1,500 Sq.Ft Energy Star Room Dehumidifier: Best for Tank Reservoir

The Shinco 1500 square feet dehumidifier is another excellent collection from Shinco that deservedly found its place in our review. It is our second selection from the brand and has everything similar to the previous one except for coverage.

Yes, this dehumidifier can cover up to 1500 square feet of space. So, it is half the size of the previous Shinco dehumidifier that could easily cover 3000 square feet of space. However, that’s not a big deal since this device is made for small to medium spaces.

Thanks to its compactness and 1500 square feet coverage, you can easily place it in the basement, laundry room, bathroom, and where not! The machine can eliminate 30 pints of moisture from the air at 90% relative humidity and under 86°F temperature. Thus, it is more than enough for operating in the most demanding conditions.

On top of it, the dehumidifier operates pretty fast. If you want to quickly reduce the humidity level from 89% to 30%, it is your best choice. We found that it can lower the humidity level from 65% to 45% within 4 hours during our testing.

Are you worried about running the device for an extended time? You don’t need to fear it since it has an energy-star rating. Yes, it will reduce the electricity bill by 30% compared to the non-energy star-rated devices. So, it won’t rack up your electricity bills. Its electricity-saving properties combine with the quieter operation for a comfy ambiance.

The fact that this device works under 50dB despite removing 30 pints of moisture is an incredible ability. But that’s not all. The dehumidifier also has intelligent controls. You will get timer, turbo, continuous, and sleep modes to utilize the device with perfection.

Lastly, with the LED panel, 4l reservoir tank, and humidistat, the device should be a great help at home or office. You will appreciate its performance in lowering the moisture level and longevity. It doesn’t have any harmful elements and air filters that further promise to provide you with purer air.


Coverage 1500 square feet
Daily capacity 30 pints
Tank capacity 4 liters
Sensor Humidistat, temperature, and Auto-timer
Modes Timer, sleep, comfort, and continuous
Control Digital
Weight 31 pounds
Dimension 14.2 x 9.9 x 20.1 inches

Main Features

  • Four different modes for easy controls and settings
  • Quieter operation for a peaceful sleep
  • Humidistat lets you run the device in auto mode
  • Reasonable pricing is budget-friendly
What We Like?
  • Humidistat readings are highly accurate with fast updates
  • You can control the settings from the LED panel with ease
  • Reduces electricity bills up to 30% and so is eco-friendly
  • The tank is easy to drain with tank-full alert and won’t spill
What We Don’t Like?
  • Although it has less coverage, its weight is similar to the larger models; it affects the portability

Tester’s Note

The Shinco 1,500 Sq.Ft dehumidifier is one of the best dehumidifiers under 200. We must give accolades to its design, efficiency, and performance. Its 1500 square feet coverage and energy efficiency make it a good deal for small homes and apartments.

7. AIRPLUS 70 Pints 4,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier: Best for Large Rooms And Basements

Do you want the best and largest dehumidifier for a large apartment or office? Then, you must consider the Air Plus dehumidifier over any devices of its class. The dehumidifier can remove up to 70 pints of moisture from the air at a 90% relative humidity level. Thus, it is a great choice even if you live in the most humid regions.

Thankfully, its improved moisture removal capacity combines perfectly with its coverage facility. Yes, it can reach 4500 square feet of space. Thus, you may even use it as a whole-house dehumidifier. You can place it in your garage, basement, laundry room, living room, or bathroom to enjoy the coziest ambiance. It takes care of moisture and mold growth. So, you won’t face any problem with dampness at all.

Particularly, you may place it close to your closet to keep the wardrobe interior in the best condition. It will be useful for maintaining your clothes in the best conditions. Its broader coverage and better humidity removal facility combined with its four different operational modes

Depending on the humidity level indoors, you can choose from drying, sleep, raining, and standard modes. Thus, you are at full liberty to choose the right dehumidifying mode. On top of it, you can also choose to set your desired humidity level.

Thankfully, its smart humidistat can measure the moisture level and work accordingly to control the moisture. So, you will never have to find the humidity level inappropriate stage. However, you can use the training mode when you need to reduce the humidity level pretty fast.

What’s more, it has a 190CMPH airflow rating. So, it can draw more air from the indoor space to eliminate the moisture faster. We also loved its easy portability, thanks to the ergonomic handle. It is built sturdily to move it from one room to another easily.

Thus, you can use it in different rooms at different times of the day. Its plug-and-play facility is useful for portability also. Lastly, it includes an auto-defrosting option. It enables the device to defrost the frosts from the evaporator. It makes the evaporative dehumidifier maintenance easy and fast. Its 4.1L tank with a continuous draining option also helps in this cause.

Nonetheless, we recommend using a good-quality drain hose to activate the continuous draining mode. It will free you from removing and draining the tank almost every day.


Coverage 4500 square feet
Daily capacity 70 pints
Tank capacity 4.1 liters
Sensor Humidistat, temperature, and Auto-timer
Modes Standard, Raining, Drying, and Sleep
Control Digital
Air Flow Capacity 190CMPH
Weight 35.5 pounds
Dimension 26.25 x 17.25 x 12.6 inches

Main Features

  • 70 pints capacity for maximum moisture removal
  • Auto-defrosting system for easy maintenance
  • Quick mobility with the four caster PU wheels
  • 190CMPH airflow rating for faster dehumidification
What We Like?
  • Ergonomic handle design for easy portability and movement
  • Auto-detects the humidity change to bring it to your desired stage
  • Air filters make the maintenance easy by blocking dust and particles
  • Four different modes to adjust the humidity level just the way you want
What We Don’t Like?
  • The dehumidifier is a bit noisy.

Tester’s Note

The 4500 square feet dehumidifier is an excellent choice for larger spaces. Its four modes also help you control the humidity level better than any device.

8. Vremi 22 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier: Best for an Elegant Look

It’s time to introduce a small dehumidifier for your rooms with outstanding performance. The Vremi dehumidifier comes with 1500 square feet of coverage. It is adequate for most rooms in your apartment. Also, you can place it in the basement, laundry room, or garages.

What’s more, the device has 22 pints of moisture removal facility at the highest settings each day. So, you can expect that the device will easily remove most of the humidity from your indoor space. As it works brilliantly, you won’t see dampness, moisture development, mold growth, and damage to your wooden items with this device at home.

On top of it, the dehumidifier has intelligent controls. You can easily adjust the settings with the buttons on top of it. You won’t need to be a rocket scientist to adjust the settings and controls. You can use its continuous mode, sleeper mode, or comfort mode to eliminate the moisture with ease. The continuous mode enables the machine to run 24 hours with the attached drain hose.

Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the draining problem. Even if you don’t use the drain hose, its 0.8 gallons of tank reservoir will be a good choice. It can collect the water and lets you drain it when you have time. If you forget to drain the dehumidifier, its auto-shutoff feature stops water spills and messes. It will be a great relief.

Furthermore, its smart LED panel is quite intuitive. On the display, you can see the room temperature, relative humidity level, preferred settings, etc. Also, its bigger texts are easy for you to read. We also found its sleek design ad modern.

Henceforth, the dehumidifier looks gorgeous in any indoor space. It helps you place the device in any room, including the living or bedrooms. Also, the machine is quite lightweight at 33.1 pounds weight. Its four wheels are ruggedly built and comfortably move on the floor without scratches. So, you won’t need to worry about scratches on your wooden floor while moving the device.


Coverage 1500 square feet
Daily capacity 22 pints
Tank capacity 0.8 gallon
Sensor Humidistat and Auto-timer
Modes Auto, timer, and continuous
Control Digital
Weight 33.1 pounds
Dimension 16.1 x 10.4 x 19.9 inches

Main Features

  • Intuitive controls with the smart LED panel
  • Ideal for small to medium rooms
  • Auto-shutoff feature to stop water spillage
  • Continuous drainage system for 24 hours
What We Like?
  • Sleek design looks elegant on any indoors
  • Easy controls with the LED panel for settings
  • Quieter operates at less than 50dB
  • Energy-star rating saves 30% on electricity bills
What We Don’t Like?
  • The tank capacity is rather too small

Tester’s Note

The Vremi 1500 square feet dehumidifier is elegant, good-performing, and built for durability. You will also appreciate its electricity-saving capacity. So, it will be a good selection for your apartments.

9. Kesnos 2500 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier: Best for Quick Moisture Reduction

If you are looking for a dehumidifier for 2000 square feet of space, the Kensos will be a perfect selection. It comes with 2500 square feet of coverage. Thus, it provides better coverage than you need. Also, 2500 square feet coverage means you may easily use it for larger rooms. It includes usability in the garage, laundry room, basement, etc.

Moreover, you will get 34 pints of moisture removal capacity. It works best at 86°F or below and up to 90% relative humidity. It will be helpful to lower the relative humidity of your indoor space from 90% to 30% within a couple of hours. However, we recommend keeping the moisture level at 45% or around it. Or else, the room can be too dry, and you may experience skin sensations.

Therefore, this device will be useful to tackle the most humid day with ease. You won’t experience any dampness and moist feel with this dehumidifier. Also, we found the controls pretty easy when we tested the device. You can press the buttons on its top to shift between different modes. You can easily change the fan speed depending on the humidity level.

What’s more, you may set it in auto, continuous, or timer mode to meet your preference. It is also easy to understand which button you need to press with clear texts. The LED panel also showcases the relative humidity level. It further increases your operating convenience with the dehumidifier. Thus, we have to give accolades to its designer.

Talking about convenience and design, its white finish looks gorgeous in any space. Also, you will find its portability with the ergonomic handle and caster wheels pretty comfortable. Finally, with the quiet operation, it isn’t going to hurt your peace also.


Coverage 2500 square feet
Daily capacity 34 pints
Tank capacity 0.6 gallon
Sensor Humidistat and Auto-timer
Modes Auto, timer, and continuous
Fan speed High and low
Weight 27.1 pounds
Dimension 23.1 x 14.3 x 11 inches

Main Features

  • Quickly lowers the humidity from 85% to 35%
  • Lightweight design for mobility in indoor spaces
  • Multiple modes for quick settings adjustment
  • Smart humidity sensor allows automatic use
What We Like?
  • Lightweight design with a large coverage capacity of 2500 square feet
  • Easy and intelligent controls for users to change the settings
  • Two different fan settings for adjusting the device with moisture change
  • It works faster than most dehumidifiers in our review list
What We Don’t Like?
  • No energy-star rating
  • Too small tank size

Tester’s Note

You can choose the dehumidifier confidently if you aren’t concerned about electricity bills. Also, the tank size is small, but you can attach a hose to drain it continuously. It is priced reasonably and so should fit your budget perfectly.

10. TOSOT 20 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier: Best for Small Rooms

Tosot is a famous and reliable dehumidifier manufacturer across America. They have introduced a few superior-quality dehumidifiers that customers have loved amazingly in the past few years. The 1500 square feet dehumidifier isn’t any exception to it. If you are looking for the best affordable dehumidifier, this device is there to meet your necessity perfectly.

Also, the compact dehumidifier has 20 pints of moisture removal capacity according to the new standard. It is more than enough for a room-sized 1500 square feet. So, you won’t need to worry about the moisture removal performance of the device anymore. You can turn it on, set the preferred fan speed, and relax in the perfectly moist indoor space.

Furthermore, the machine runs quietly. So, you will enjoy the perfect ambiance for a peaceful sleep with its outstanding moisture control facility and quiet operation. You can use its timer mode to set it for 2 or 4 hours. When you set the timer mode and go to sleep, the machine will run for the preset time and then shut off automatically.

Henceforth, you won’t have to wake up to turn off the dehumidifier. Also, you can use the gravity drainage facility to connect it with the drain hose. The continuous mode is useful when the humidity level is well over 75% during the summertime. Also, it works pretty quickly. So, when you want quick relief from the extreme humidity, the Tosot dehumidifier will prove worth the investment.

On top of it, the device is designed to last long. Its strong ABS plastic is toxicity free. So it isn’t harmful to kids and pets at home. Also, we found its mobility quite useful with the four caster wheels. You will love the overall design and performance of the dehumidifier, and that too within a reasonable price.


Coverage 1500 square feet
Daily capacity 20 pints
Tank capacity 1 gallon
Sensor Humidistat and Auto-timer
Modes Auto, timer, and continuous
Controls Digital
Weight 31 pounds
Dimension 15 x 11.7 x 20.7 inches

Main Features

  • Gravity drainage for hassle-free water removal
  • Easy uses with intelligent LED panel for users
  • Ergonomic handle design for quick mobility
  • Quieter operation at less than 42dB noise level
What We Like?
  • Multiple fans speed to adjust the device with the humidity level change
  • Easy and smart digital controls for even the newbies
  • Better airflow rating to dehumidify the space faster
  • Strong build quality and ergonomic design for longevity
What We Don’t Like?
  • It lacks an energy-star rating
  • Heat emissions can be harmful to pets and kids

Tester’s Note

The Tosot dehumidifier is an ideal selection for every residential space. Whether you want a dehumidifier for the basement, garage, or living room, this device is ready to serve your purpose. Also, it is long-lasting.

11. HomeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier: Best for Airflow

Nothing beats the Home Labs devices when it comes to performance, longevity, and easy operation. This 1500 square feet dehumidifier is no exception. You will find its coverage pretty useful. Thus, you can use it to remove humidity from the basement, garage, or other rooms. The elegant appearance of the device means you won’t have to worry about its coverage at all.

More importantly, it can remove 22 pints of water from the indoor air each day. Its 135CFM rate means it also has improved airflow. Thus, more air can enter the machine, which helps it remove moisture faster. It will be useful to lower the relative humidity from 85% to an enjoyable 45% or around it. The faster airflow combines with, the higher fan speed to help the device work perfectly.

Particularly, the device has an energy-star rating. So, you won’t see any massive changes in your electricity bills even after running the device for 24 hours at a stretch. Thankfully, you don’t need to run it for 24 hours as it operates faster.

Yes, you can set it for 2 hours or 4 hours and go to sleep. Thus, it will run for the preset time and shut off automatically. So, you don’t need to worry about water spills too. You can opt for the continuous mode with the drain hose connection.

Finally, with the easy functioning and controls along with an energy-star rating, the Home Labs device is the dehumidifier lowest price you can get. So, it further benefits you.


Coverage 1500 square feet
Daily capacity 20 pints
Tank capacity 0.8 gallon
Sensor Humidistat and Auto-timer
Modes Auto, timer, and continuous
Fan Speed Low, mid, and high
Airflow rating 135CFM
Controls Digital
Weight 30.5 pounds
Dimension 15.2 x 10.2 x 19.7 inches

Main Features

  • Two different timer modes
  • Three fan speed settings
  • Quicker humidity controls the ability
  • Energy-star rating for electricity saving
What We Like?
  • Easy controls for every user with clear texts for buttons
  • Improved airflow rating for faster dehumidification
  • Continuous draining option for running 24 hours easily
What We Don’t Like?
  • Heat emissions can be harmful to kids and pets

Tester’s Note

The Home Labs device is the dehumidifier cheapest price you will get. So, don’t worry about budget and get this device to enjoy the perfect indoor ambiance.

12. Waykar 2000 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier: Best Value For Money

The Waykar device is the perfect dehumidifier for 2000 square feet within reasonable pricing. The good part about this device is that it doesn’t compromise quality and performance. You will love its superior performance under 95°F temperatures and 90% relative humidity. You will also love its faster operation with the

Particularly, the dehumidifier can reduce the relative humidity level in indoor spaces from 85% to quickly at 35%. Unlike the regular dehumidifiers, you won’t have to run the device for 12 hours. But, we suggest you keep the humidity level at 45% for the best indoor ambiance. If you keep the humidity level too low, you may experience burning sensations.

Additionally, its smart controls with the LED panel are truly beneficial. You can set it at 2 hours and 4 hours timer modes. Or, you may choose the continuous mode. Lastly, there’s an option to set the humidity level in your comfort zone. The built-in hygrometer will monitor the humidity and adjust the device’s settings accordingly. Thus, you won’t need to adjust the settings now and then.

Finally, the device comes with an auto-drain option. But that’s not surprising given that all the dehumidifiers in our list have this feature. The amazing feature is that it comes with a 5.6 feet drain hose within the package. So, you won’t need to buy the drain hose separately. It will save you money, that is a good bonus. And before we wrap up the best dehumidifier under 200 reviews, we must say this device has an excellent design. So, you will surely appreciate it.


Coverage 2000 square feet
Daily capacity 34 pints
Tank capacity 0.8 gallon
Sensor Humidistat and Auto-timer
Modes Auto, timer, and continuous
Fan Speed Low and high
Airflow rating 112CFM
Controls Digital
Weight 29.9 pounds
Dimension 22 x 15 x 12 inches

Main Features

  • Improved airflow facility at 112CFM rating
  • Includes 5.6 feet drain hose with the package
  • Faster humidity reduces the ability
  • Easy and intuitive operations for users
What We Like?
  • Smart controls with easy functioning for all
  • Removes 34 pints of moisture with a compact size
  • Restarts without changes in settings after power cuts
  • Loud water full alarm for quick draining option
What We Don’t Like?
  • The tank is small in size and may spill water at times

Tester’s Note

The Waykar 2000 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier is a great choice for residential applications. You will appreciate its design, performance, and reliability to offer the perfect humidity in your living space.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Dehumidifier Under 200

When you buy a dehumidifier under 200, you need to be choosy. Since you will have multiple options to choose from and might need to compromise on a few key facts, you must be careful. We have discussed the top facts when choosing the device in this large capacity dehumidifier review.


First of all, you must check the coverage facility of the dehumidifier. If you want the device for the basement or garage, you would need broader coverage. On the contrary, you can still do fine with the smaller ones for rooms.

But, you don’t need to worry since the smallest dehumidifier on our list has 1500 square feet of coverage. The largest one has 4500 square feet of coverage. So, choose the one you need.

Moisture removal facility

Next, you have to consider the moisture removal ability of the device. Usually, it is expressed in pints, and it is the standard for dehumidifiers. Anything over 20 pints of moisture removal capacity every day for the basement and garage is adequate. Also, it is adequate for use in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Thankfully, we even have dehumidifiers with 70 pints capacity in this list. So, you will easily find the one that best fits your moisture removal facility. Usually, the 35 pints or 75 pints ability is ideal for highly humid regions where humidity level stays above 75% for most of the years.

Fan speed, settings, and modes

You need to look at the number of settings and modes the dehumidifier offers. These devices will have auto, timer, continuous, and sleep modes in most cases. Some devices may include comfort modes. However, you mustn’t overlook the auto mode that lets you set the humidity level. Once you set the preferred moisture level, the device will run to offer you the perfect humidity.

Also, check the fan settings. Many devices will have low, mid, and high fan speeds. But, some may include only low and high modes. So, be careful of it since more speed settings mean you will have better control over the device.


When your dehumidifier comes with a built-in hygrometer or humidistat, it will help you measure the moisture level. Also, the humidistat offers you control of the device with a preferred humidity level. When you set the comfortable moisture level, the humidistat will take readings of the surrounding. The device will start working automatically once it detects that the moisture level has gone above your comfort zone.


The device must be easy to use for all. It shouldn’t be rocket science to control the settings. Thus, you must look at the display panel. It should have buttons in a convenient position for the users. Also, they should be easy to reach with clear text for every button.

Portability and mobility

Finally, you may want to look at the portability of your dehumidifier. It is crucial because you may want to use the device in different rooms. Thus, it should be lightweight. In this regard, anything below 35 pounds will work fine for you.

Mobility is also crucial. For this, the device must have rugged wheels. Also, it should include a rubber cover so as not to scratch your floors. Lastly, it should include 360-degree movement for the best portability within your home.

Pros and Cons of Dehumidifier

Why should you choose a dehumidifier? What are its top benefits? Also, does the device have any disadvantages? We will show it in the next two sections.

Pros of dehumidifier

  • When you use the dehumidifier, it will help you control your home’s mold and mildew growth. So, it will help you maintain the home easier and better. It also helps you protect your wooden items from damage and dampness.
  • Although you may not know, you can use the dehumidifier to remove water leakage. Also, you can use it to clean flooding in your home. You can easily set it in the maximum settings, let the device work and eliminate the water quicker than you expect.
  • Musty odor due to dampness can ruin your living experience in the home. Thankfully, the dehumidifier can help you eliminate the musty odor. When you run the device, you will never experience a foul odor.
  • When the indoor space is too moist, allergic elements can easily prevail. Also, it may increase the chance of the flu virus living longer. Thus, you can easily kill allergic items and flu viruses when lowering the humidity level. It, therefore, ensures a healthier environment.
  • Lastly, the dehumidifier can minimize condensation. It improves the health of your home and its longevity. Yes, excessive condensation can dampen and damage the walls. Also, it boosts pest infestation. You can get rid of these problems with the dehumidifier.

Cons of dehumidifier

  • Dehumidifiers with smaller tanks can be a hassle to drain. You will need to drain the tank frequently. So, be aware of it.
  • Many dehumidifiers can be too warm. Since it emits heated air, it can cause a burning sensation if you sit too close to the device. Also, it can hurt kids and pets.
  • Finally, many dehumidifiers are louder than our expectations. It can ruin your peace and cause disturbance to your sleep.

Where Should You Place a Dehumidifier?

When you bring the dehumidifier home, you can’t place it randomly. It will not help the device deliver the performance it should. So, you need to consider a few placement guidelines for placing the dehumidifier properly.

Firstly, ensure that the location has optimal airflow. If the dehumidifier is placed in a location with less airflow, it will have reduced dehumidifying performance. Also, locate the dampness level of your home and try placing the device in the dampest locations.

You may consider placing it in your basement, garage, laundry room, etc. Also, you can place it in a slightly higher position. It is crucial to have kids and pets at home since the device emits heat to lower the humidity level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much water does a dehumidifier absorb in a day?

A standard dehumidifier can collect 10 pints to 100 pints of moisture or water from the air each day. The actual capacity depends on the size of the dehumidifier. The larger and whole-house dehumidifiers can easily draw 75 pints to 100 points water from the air which is equivalent to 40 48 liters of water each day. But for most apartments, a dehumidifier with 50 pints capacity is adequate.

What size should I buy a dehumidifier for my 2000 sq. ft area in a house?

For a 2000 square feet room, your dehumidifier capacity should be anywhere from 35 pints to 50 pints per day. If the dehumidifier collects less than 35 pints of water each day, it won’t be suitable for 2000 square feet. So, when you buy the dehumidifier for 2000 square feet rooms, ensue you get a larger machine. Finally, consider the relative humidity level of your region. If the humidity level is too high, get an even larger device.

Will a dehumidifier make your room cold and fresh?

Although technically, the dehumidifier won’t change your room temperature, it gives you a cooler and fresher ambiance. The device does so by removing the additional moisture. As the relative humidity level lowers, you will feel cooler. However, also remember that dehumidifiers will release hot air to remove moisture from the air. So, when you stay too close to the machine, you might feel warmer.

Are dehumidifiers a good investment?

Yes, a dehumidifier is worth the investment if you live in a humid area. It helps you maintain the humidity level from 40% to 55% to enjoy the comfiest indoor inside. Moreover, with the device you can control mold growth, mildew, allergen and even asthma. So, investing on a dehumidifier brings both financial and health benefits for you.

Is the water produced by the dehumidifier drinkable?

No, it’s not safe to drink the water from the dehumidifier tank. If you drink the water, it can have germs and residues that can cause stomach problems. Also, the drain reservoir of the device can be dirty, which can contaminate the water. Therefore, it is not recommended for you to eat the water from the dehumidifier tank at all.


The best dehumidifier under 200 is a tricky selection. You won’t want to compromise the advanced features and still like to keep the budget tight. Therefore, we have considered your necessity and found that the Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Energy Star Certified Dehumidifier is our editor’s pick.

The best dehumidifier for apartments comes with 4500 square feet of coverage facility. It is insane. Also, it removes 50 pints of water each day. So, you will enjoy the best dehumidification with this device. On top of it, the machine offers a continuous draining facility and intelligent control with the LED panel. Therefore, it will be a great addition to your residence for enjoying the perfect humidity level.

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