12 Best Dehumidifier for Closet Reviews and Buying Guide

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Are you experiencing a musty and unpleasant odor in your closet? Have your clothes, dresses, or bags in the closet got fungus? Then, the chances are high that your closet and wardrobe have suffered from excess moisture and humidity.

To solve it, you will need the best dehumidifier for closet. Yes, a wardrobe dehumidifier will keep the relative humidity level of your closet at 45% to 50%. It is the recommended humidity level to keep fabrics in fine condition without helping the moisture and mold to spread inside. It will help your clothes and fabrics remain in good condition; it also stops the musty odor development. So you won’t face any unpleasant moments.

Today’s article on the top portable dehumidifier for closets will review 12 iconic and high-performing closet dehumidifiers and their buying guide. You will also learn the technique to remove mold and musty odor from wardrobes.

We will also show you the benefits and user guidelines of a dehumidifier inside the closet. So, let’s dive into the wardrobe dehumidifier review.


Do You Need A Dehumidifier for Your Closet or Wardrobe?

No, not every closet or wardrobe will need a dehumidifier. The closet will only need a dehumidifier if it has an increased chance of being attacked by mold and mildew due to additional moisture. If you place your wardrobe in a place where there is excess humidity, you must consider removing the excess humidity somehow.

Nonetheless, these devices are a must if you have your wardrobe in the following locations and conditions and you need to maintain the humidity level.

Location of Your Wardrobe

If you have placed the closet in your bathroom, laundry room, or basement, you must choose a dehumidifier. These locations have more than usual moisture levels, and they can easily go inside the closet. Thus, the high humidity level will dampen the wardrobe.

If You Live in High-Humid Regions

When you live in tropical regions with high temperatures and moisture levels, it boosts the humidity level. During summer, many regions will have well over 60% relative humidity. It can easily dampen the clothes inside the wardrobe. So, you should consider using these devices for your closets to keep them in good condition during the summertime.

Musty Odor Development

When you experience any musty odor inside the closet, it’s time you introduce the dehumidifier. The musty odor is often a sign that mold and mildew have started building up inside the closet, so you must install the dehumidifier. The musty odor will remain in your cloth and create an unpleasant moment.

A Dampened Wardrobe and Dresses

Are you experiencing dampness in your dresses or bags? Are you feeling dampness inside and around the closet? If yes, then your closet needs a dehumidifying device ASAP. Dampness inside the closet indicates excess moisture in the air, and you need to deal with it strictly.

If the closet indoors is too damp, it will help mold and mildew grow faster. Thus, you will see mold and fungus on your clothes. At the worst, it may ruin your dresses.

If You Have Vintage and Musical Items in The Closet

Many people use the wardrobe to store their musical items. Since musical items such as acoustic guitars are prone to humidity change, you need to control the moisture level for them. Also, you may store exotic items, including expensive leather bags, inside the closet.

You will need to keep these exotic and expensive items in optimal condition. Thus, installing a dehumidifier will help you control the moisture level from 45% to 50% inside the closet.

How to Remove Mold from the Closet?

Nothing can be as scary as seeing mold growth inside the cabinet, wall, or surface of your closet. And it can be worse when you see molds on your dresses that ruin their fabric and look. Thus, when you see mold and mildew inside and around the wardrobe, you would want to get rid of it ASAP.

But, how do you remove mold in the closet on clothes and shoes? This is a burning question, and we will answer it as elaborately as possible. So, you won’t have to worry about signs of mold in the closet and its spread anymore.

Understand the Reasons

Before you remove mold and mildew from the closet, you should understand why molds grow inside the closet. Obviously, excessive moisture is responsible for mold growth in your favorite wardrobe.

However, other potential reasons will also cause mold growth on shoes, clothes, and the walls of your wardrobe. These possible reasons for white fuzzy mold in closets are:

  • There is extremely high humidity in your regions for an extended period. When the relative humidity level remains over 50%, mold finds the best environment to grow.
  • The ceiling leaks and it causes dampness to enter your wardrobe. As the ceiling leaks, the water might dip into the closet and increase the dampness to help mold grow.
  • Since closets are often put close to walls in the laundry room or bathroom, plumbing leaks may also cause dampness and mold growth. When the plumbing system leaks, the water slowly dampens the wall, and it enters the wardrobe to boost mold growth.
  • Finally, you may have put wet clothes or shoes inside the closet. Putting wet items inside the wardrobe is a bad practice, and it helps the mold find a way to spread inside.

Tips on Getting Rid of Mold Inside the Closet

When you see mold growth inside the closet, the first thing you should do is to remove everything from the wardrobe ASAP. After that, you should inspect if your dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories have been attacked with mold and fungus.

If you find any mold on your dress, try to wipe it with a dry cloth. Now, you should keep the mold-infected dress in a place and let it air dry. In the meantime, you can work with the closet’s interior to remove the dampness and mold.

Firstly, wipe out the entire interior walls and surfaces of the wardrobe with a dry and clean piece of cloth. After that, you should use bleach or white vinegar to remove the mold soon. However, you mustn’t use bleach and vinegar simultaneously. You should never use bleach with any other cleaning agent.

Otherwise, the chemicals of the bleach and cleaning agent may react to create a dangerous environment. Pour 1 cup of bleach into 1-gallon water and stir it to mix appropriately. Now, dip a clean cloth in it and use the bleach-dampened cloth to apply the bleach to the mold-affected area. Once you have applied the bleach to the surface, you need to wait for at least 15 minutes.

Then, you can scrub the bleach from the closet wall and surface. You might need to repeat the process multiple times to remove all the molds properly. Also, use a fan to remove any remaining dampness from the closet interior.

Alternatively, you can remove the mold from the wardrobe using vinegar or Concrobium Mold Control. The Concrobium Mold Control is a great way to remove mold if the closet has been affected by too many mold spores. When applying the commercial mold controlling agent to the mold, you need to wait for a few hours until it dries completely.

When the mold controller dries, it will create a layer over the mold. It crushes the spores of the molds and eliminates them. Now, on a clean piece of cloth, apply the Concrobium Mold Control. Use the dampened cloth to wipe off the surface properly.

Finally, restore your clothes, baggage, and accessories inside the closet. Now, it is mold-free and in good condition. However, if you find the leaky ceiling or plumbing as the cause of molds inside the closet, you must also repair the plumbing ASAP.

What Does A Closet Dehumidifier Do?

You might be interested to know the function of a dehumidifier inside the wardrobe. Well, the device does what it is designed to do. When you put the dehumidifier inside the closet, it performs a few key tasks for you. The list includes:

  • The dehumidifier will absorb excess moisture from the air. You can set the preferred humidity level if you have a dehumidifier with humidistat. Then, the machine will continue working until it brings down the relative humidity level at your preferred point.
  • The dehumidifier will also soak the musty odor from the closet interior. As it reduces the moisture level from the interior air, the musty odor will go away by itself.
  • Finally, the dehumidifier inside the closet will help reduce mold and mildew growth. Thus, it prevents mold growth.

The ultimate goal of a wardrobe dehumidifier is to remove the dampness from the closet interior. Thus, your dresses and accessories alongside the closet surface and wall will relieve the dampness.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We have worked with multiple machines during our research for this review on the best dehumidifier for closets. We have compared them with their features and specifications and went through the customer’s feedback. We have also talked with many users to know their real life.

And we have combined all this information to prepare this portable dehumidifier for closet review. So, you can trust our judgment on the sought-after devices.

12 Best Dehumidifiers for Closet Reviews In 2022

You have seen dampness and mold in the closet. Then, you went into the market to get a dehumidifier to deal with the problem. And only then will you find it frustratingly that not all dehumidifiers are built for your wardrobe.

Best Dehumidifier for Closet

While some are too big to fit inside the closet, others are inexplicably too small to deal with the moisture level. Also, a few units are too noisy to put inside the closet. We have reviewed the 12 top closet dehumidifiers to help you avoid such inconveniences.

1. Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier: Editor’s choice

The Ivation is a decent and reliable electric closet dehumidifier. It delivers more than satisfactory performance in eliminating excessive moisture from the wardrobe to offer you a cleaner and drier closet. Also, the device is affordable and easy to operate even without any prior knowledge of electric appliances. Lastly, it operates quietly and thus, is a perfect solution for wardrobe moisture removal.

Moreover, the thermoelectric device uses the advanced Peltier module system. It means the machine has no moving parts inside it. It improves the lifespan and efficiency of the machine. Its maintenance has become easier since it doesn’t have any moving parts.

One of the key benefits of this closet dehumidifier is its quieter operation. Thanks to its modern Peltier design, it can operate well below 30dB without any moving parts. So, the device is ideal for use in closets, RVs, bathrooms, and even in the kid’s room.

Its quieter operation means you will experience no buzzing or annoying sound from the closet. On top of it, with just 4.85 pounds, this device is super compact and lightweight. The compactness makes it an ideal choice for portability.

What’s more, the small dehumidifier for the closet can easily remove 20 oz of water from the air with ease daily. It is sufficient to cover a small to medium room, let alone your closet. It preserves the water in a reservoir tank.

Thankfully, you may remove the tank easily to drain the water. So, you will have no problem draining the machine. It also has a smart sensor that helps the device shut down when it reaches its capacity. It will indicate to you the capacity limit with the light. So, you will know exactly when to drain its tank and help the machine run properly.

More importantly, it can work up to 2200 cubic feet of space. It means you can use the device for larger spaces as well. Thus, you may choose it for RVs, boats, and baby rooms besides for the wardrobe, making it a versatile dehumidifier.

Last but not least, the machine is super electricity efficient. So, you won’t see any major change in your electricity bill with this machine turned on 24 hours a day. Thus, it is a pocket-friendly design that deserves appreciation.


Coverage 2200 cubic feet
Water capacity 20 oz
Sensor Capacity sensor
Control Manual
Weight 4.85
Dimension 9.6 x 14.1 x 7.2 inches

Main Features

  • Easy removal facility of the water tank
  • Light indicator when the tank is full
  • Small and compact design for portability
  • 20 oz capacity needs less draining
  • Operates quietly for a perfect indoor use
What We Like?
  • You can empty the tank easily, and it needs emptying only twice a week
  • The thermoelectric device is highly energy-efficient to reduce electric bills
  • It comes within a pocket-friendly budget and is easy to operate
  • You can use it for wardrobe, RV, boat, bathroom, room, etc. spaces
  • Strong build quality is made to last for several years with ease
What We Don’t Like?
  • The exterior plastic looks pretty cheap

Tester’s Note

The Ivation IVADM35 dehumidifier is for those who want a reliable and decent machine at a reasonable price. Also, it has some good features, such as a capacity indicator and a large tank to collect water. So, it will be a great fit to remove dampness from the closet.

2. Eva-Dry E-333 Wireless Mini Dehumidifier: Best for renewability

The E-333 dehumidifier has a small size, but it seriously packs a punch to eliminate moisture and mold from the closet with a decent performance. The dehumidifier comes in a package of 6 and is 100% renewable which simply boosts its performance.

To begin with, Eva-Dry has used their latest technology to manufacture this cordless dehumidifier for closets. So, you can depend on its performance for sure. It uses silica beads to absorb the added moisture from the air and keeps the space dry with optimal humidity. Since it uses silica beads, you can easily reuse it for months. All you need is to remove it from the closet and air dry it for a couple of hours before it can start working again.

What’s more, each silica bead pack can absorb up to 6oz of water from the air. So, the mini dehumidifier can easily soak moisture for 20 to 30 days without a problem. And when it is full, you can easily remove it from the plastic box and air-dry to reuse.

Also, two indicator lights tell you about its condition. The black light blinks when the silica beads are wet and can’t absorb water anymore. The yellow light suggests it is still dry and ready to remove moisture. So, there’s no guesswork to renew the dehumidifier.

Furthermore, it doesn’t create any noise since it is a manual dehumidifier that works with natural silica beads. You have to hang it inside the closet and allow the device to work properly. The sleek design will also go perfectly well with your closet interior.


Coverage 200 square feet
Water capacity 6 oz
Sensor Capacity sensor
Control Not applicable
Weight 7.28 pounds
Dimension 10 x 9 x 8.5 inches

Main Features

  • 100% renewable dehumidifier for closest and small spaces
  • Noiseless operation for a perfect sleep close to the wardrobe
  • Removes up to 6 oz of water with the removable tank inside
  • Silica beads absorb and remove musty odor from the interior
What We Like?
  • Affordable package with 6 packs of mini dehumidifier
  • It needs less air-drying as the beads can work for 20-30 days
  • Indicator lights for dry and wet situation alerts remove the guesswork
  • Easy to operate for everyone
What we don’t like?
  • Limited capacity

Tester’s note

The EVA-Dry mini dehumidifier is the perfect solution for your closet dampness. You can hang one or multiple packs inside the wardrobe and keep it moisture and odor-free. Also, its renewable feature makes it ideal for long-term use.

3. Rainyb Dehumidifier for Home and Closet: Best for adding fragrance

Removing the water tank and draining it regularly can be a hectic job for you with a dehumidifier. Thus, we selected this dehumidifier with 85oz (2500ml) capacity. It will allow you to keep using the device for days without draining it, which should boost your operating comfort.

Besides the 2500ml water accommodating capacity, this machine has a sleek and reliable design. It is made strong enough to last for several years of harsh uses. Also, you will get all the top features you want in a good dehumidifier.

Firstly, it has a brilliant LED panel where you can see relative humidity and temperature with a beautiful white color. So, you know the condition of your laundry room, basement, and closet condition accurately. It will help you adjust the settings correctly. The good thing is that its LED panel also showcases negative-ion measurement, and you can control it with the switch.

Moreover, we found the design of this device truly user-friendly. The on-off button is placed conveniently on the top for easy access. There’s even a place for the fragrance. Thus, you may keep the essential oil diffuser there and enjoy a soothing indoor. After a long and hectic day, it will be a great relief to relax and feel at home.

Although you can’t put this dehumidifier inside the closet, placing it adjacent to the wardrobe will work fine. It can cover 480 square feet of space and is ideal for small to medium rooms. On top of it, the device works with ultra-quiet mode to allow you to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.

Lastly, the auto-off function will save the device from spills and messes. It improves operational comfort and user convenience, making it one of the top wardrobe dehumidifiers on our list.


Coverage 480 square feet
Water capacity 85oz (2500ml)
Sensor Humidity sensor, Temperature, Negative-ion
Control Manual
Weight 6.8 pounds
Dimension 9.45 x 5.59 x 13.78 inches

Main Features

  • The dehumidifier works incredibly fast and speedy
  • 2500ml water tank needs less draining for use
  • Humidity and temperature sensor for easy readings
  • LED panel for easy observation of everything
What We Like?
  • Super user-friendly design improves user convenience
  • A large water tank is ideal for less draining and comfy use
  • There’s an option to add fragrance for a soothing interior
  • Strong built quality will last for several years of use
What We Don’t Like?
  • A bit larger than our comfort zone

Tester’s Note

The portable dehumidifier from the closet will be an addition to your basement, laundry room, RV, or boat. It removes moisture from the air and lets you use your favorite fragrance for the best interior ambiance.

4. Hysure Mini Dehumidifier: Best for energy efficiency

The Hysure mini dehumidifier is a classic example of how a dehumidifier should look and operate. Yes, it comes with an attractive black finish that blends well with every room’s décor. So, when you place the dehumidifier in your room, it never looks like an extra piece. Instead, it becomes an integral part of the entire setup.

More importantly, this machine delivers superior performance regarding its pricing ratio. You will get 700ml water removal capacity. While it is not the highest in our review, it is still adequate for most rooms and closets. It can capture the moisture from the air for 2 to 3 days without any draining. So, you can remove the tank reservoir once every 2 days to drain it.

Additionally, yellow and green lights indicate the water tank capacity. The green light indicates the machine is working, and the yellow light means its tank is full. So, you know exactly when the device needs to drain. It also has an auto-shut-off feature to stop water spillage when the tank is full.

Thankfully, the tank reservoir is easy to remove as well. You won’t face any problem at all in removing and draining it. The device can collect 18oz of water each day with the highest settings. If you feel the humidity level has gone over 70%, set the machine in the highest settings, and it will soak the moisture pretty fast.

Next, the device can soak moisture from 220 square feet of space. We suggest you place it as close to your closet as possible. It will help the machine work better and remove moisture and dampness from the closet interior.

Finally, with less than 35dB noise level and a faster working process, we must give accolades to the designer of this beautiful electric closet dehumidifier. The only thing this device is missing is the cater wheels to move freely from one room to another.


Coverage 220 square feet
Water capacity 700ml
Daily capacity 18oz
Sensor Regular sensor
Control One-button controls
Weight 2.6 pounds
Dimension 13.86 x 6.5 x 4.33 inches

Main Feature

  • At 2.66 pounds, this device is super-portable
  • Works quietly in less than 35dB noise
  • One-button operation for user-convenience
  • Captures up to 18oz of moisture per day
What We Like?
  • Green and yellow light indicators for tank capacity
  • It needs water draining once every 2 to 3 day
  • 45% more energy efficiency reduces electricity bills
  • Easy to transport with a lightweight design
What We Don’t Like?
  • It has no wheels for movement
  • Only 220 square feet of coverage

Tester’s Note

You will love the moisture removal performance of the Hysure portable dehumidifier for closet. It can remove the dampness and stop mold growth pretty fast. Thus, you will love its operation and the less energy use.

5. Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier: Best for continuous use

The Pro Breeze is one of the best small dehumidifiers for closets that you can count on for money. It comes with a Pletier design and looks elegant with an attractive white finish and blue tank. The tank is transparent so that you can see the water level inside it for easy and timely removal.

Surprisingly enough, the machine can remove 9oz of moisture from the air daily. It is enough for most closets, RVs, boats, basements, etc. Also, it is suitable for spaces up to 215 square feet. While it isn’t meant for the big rooms, it can work brilliantly in smaller rooms and inside the closet. Its compactness means you can also put it easily in your wardrobe.

Thanks to its auto-shut-off feature, you don’t need to worry about water spills. Once the sensor detects that the water tank is full, it will shut –off the device to stop spills and messes. There’s also a full light indicator that informs you exactly when you should remove the tank to drain it properly. You will also love its tank removal process as it is straightforward.

What’s more, its tank can collect up to 16 oz of water in it. Since it removes 9oz of water from the air daily, you can drain the tank once every 2 days. It should be fine in most cases, given that it is a small dehumidifier.

Furthermore, we loved its water removal speed too. It can reduce the relative humidity of the interior space from 60% to 50% within a couple of hours. Thus, the device is perfect for closets, RVs, basements, laundry rooms, etc.

More importantly, the machine is super energy-efficient. So, you won’t see any major increase in the electricity bill with this incredible dehumidifier in your home. It will keep your expensive dresses and favorite clothing in fine condition controlling the humidity level that you will appreciate.


Coverage 215 square feet
Water capacity 16oz
Daily capacity 9oz
Sensor Regular sensor
Control One-button controls
Airflow capacity 12CFMH
Weight 2.4 pounds
Dimension 7 x 6 x 11 inches

Main Feature

  • Continuous operational mode until the tank is full
  • Auto-shutoff feature to stop water spillage and messes
  • Quick reduction of the humidity without any problem
  • Improved airflow capacity for power efficiency
What We Like?
  • It can work continuously for 2 days without any water draining
  • Fewer electricity bills due to energy-efficient design
  • Straightforward and one-button operation is user-friendly
  • A small and compact design ideal for use in the closet
What We Don’t Like?
  • A few customers said that the water tank is made of cheap plastic and gets damaged soon

Tester’s Note

Pro Breeze is a leading dehumidifier manufacturer of all types. This device for closet speaks about their relentless quality assurance. You will love its quick functioning and superior performance for an extended period.

6. Hysure Compact 700ml Dehumidifier: Best noise-free dehumidifier

This is another dehumidifier from Hysure that has blown our mind away with excellent performance, overall strong design, and operating ease. Thus, you will find it incredibly convenient to use to remove moisture and dampness from the closet.

To begin with, the dehumidifier comes with a 700ml tank capacity. It should be enough to collect water from the air for a couple of days to keep the environment dry. You will love its performance in daily life since the device can extract around 300ml moisture. It is enough for most regions unless you live in extremely high humid regions.

Next, we found its 215 square feet coverage quite useful in daily usage. You can easily place it in the basement, living room, bedroom, laundry room, or closets to enjoy a drier and better air quality. It comes with a beautiful black or white finish that complements the overall interior. So, it won’t feel like a fish out of water in your indoor space.

Furthermore, the machine has decent performance with user-friendly features. You will love its one-button functioning and tank-full alert. Yes, it has a yellow and green light indicating tank capacity full and device working condition.

As soon as the tank is full, the yellow light will start blinking, and the machine will shut off automatically. So, you will never experience spills and messes on the floor or inside the closet. Plus, it operates under 33dB and won’t create any buzzing sound for disturbance to your sleep.

Most importantly, the electric closet dehumidifier is rated energy-efficient. So, it won’t increase your electricity bill as it consumes only 0.55KW electricity after 24-hours of continuous use. It also comes within a pocket-friendly budget which adds to its advantages.


Coverage 215 square feet
Water capacity 700ml
Daily capacity 300ml
Sensor Tank-full sensor
Control One-button controls
Floor space 20 cubic meter
Weight 2.7 pounds
Dimension 6.42 x 4.21 x 10.51 inches

Main Features

  • It covers 215 square feet of space with a compact design
  • Only uses 0.55KW electricity for 24-hours of operation
  • It needs less draining with a 700ml tank capacity
  • It doesn’t produce any noise as it works below 33dB
What We Like?
  • Energy-efficient performance for fewer utility bills
  • Easy to operate with one-switch controls
  • Auto-shutoff feature to prevent water spillage
  • Elegant and rugged design for look and longevity
What We Don’t Like?
  • Corded operation limits its mobility

Tester’s Note

The Hysure dehumidifier will be a perfect choice for those on a tight budget. Also, you will find its performance decent enough to keep your closet well-maintained and dry for your dresses to remain in a perfect state.

7. DERMA Small Dehumidifier: Best for small closets

We have talked with many dehumidifier users who complained their device had spilled water despite having an auto-shutoff feature. Since it is an important issue, we found this Deerma dehumidifier that will never spill water. Yes, it uses silica beads to soak moisture from the air, so there’s no chance of spilling water.

What’s more, the silica beads are capable enough to absorb moisture for 2 to 3 weeks. And once they are full, the light will turn yellow to indicate you renew the silica beads. Thankfully, renewing the silica beads is also easy. You will need to plug in the device with the electric outlet and let it charge for 12 to 15 hours. It will remove the moisture from the beads and help them start working like new ones in your device.

Additionally, the cylindrical design of the machine has more space. While traditional devices have 152 square-centimeter space for silica beads, this one has 385 square-centimeter space. It allows the device to soak more moisture for an extended period.

More importantly, the device is so small that you can easily place it inside the wardrobe. It won’t take much space either. And the fact that it can cover 35 square feet of space, the machine is perfect for most closets.

Last but not least, the dehumidifier is built to last with a sleek design. It has a great design without any toxicity and harmful elements. So you won’t experience any rashes or allergies. The ABS frame of the device has a flame-retardant (FR) rating for maximum protection.


Coverage 35 square feet
Water capacity Not applicable
Silica beads capacity 150ml
Sensor Regular
Control One-button controls
Recharging time 10-15 hours
Weight 1.98 pounds
Dimension 8.11 x 2.95 x 2.95 inches

Main Features

  • Dense holes allow better airflow for quick moisture absorption
  • Flame-retardant ABS frame for durability and safety
  • 385 square-centimeter space can accommodate 600g silica beads
  • Horizontal support for security and quick mounting
What We Like?
  • Extended ability to absorb moisture for three weeks
  • Fire-retardant material for durability on the body
  • 3PCS ceramic heating system for quick heat and moisture absorption
  • Small and compact size for placing inside the closet
What We don’t Like?
  • It takes 12 to 15 hours to recharge and renew the beads

Tester’s Note

You may even carry the dehumidifier in your baggage if you are set to go on a long weekend tour. It will surely keep your clothes in better condition without any dampness.

8. SnapSafe Rechargeable Dehumidifier: Best for stored accessories

If you have guns, ammo, or other expensive and moisture-sensitive accessories inside the closet, you must control the humidity level. And nothing beats the performance of the Snap Safe dehumidifier when it comes to controlling the humidity level.

The machine uses silica gels to absorb and remove moisture from the air. Thus, there’s no chance of water spills. You won’t have to drain the tank once every two to three days. It, therefore, offers you a great user benefit without any hassles. On top of it, the silica gels are quite capable enough to serve you for two to three weeks continuously.

Most importantly, you can recharge the silica gels easily by plugging in the device with an electric outlet. It operates with 110V electric outlet, which is the standard in American homes. So, yo8 won’t have to get any special electric port for the device.

Next, the silica gels can soak moisture from 500 cubic feet of space. It is more than enough for a small room. You can also place it easily inside the wardrobe and let it remove the dampness. The cordless dehumidifier for the closet will work quietly inside the closet.

Therefore, you can depend on its performance to secure your expensive accessories, including guns, ammo, leather items, etc. It will help you maintain your favorite dresses and items for longer than you can’t but love.


Coverage 500 cubic feet
Water capacity Not applicable
Silica beads capacity 175ml
Sensor Regular
Control One-button controls
Recharging time 10-15 hours
Weight 1.92 pounds
Dimension 9.5 x 9.5 x 2 inches

Main Feature

  • Small and compact device for use in tight space
  • It covers 500 cubic feet of space for smaller rooms
  • Safe uses with 110V power cord for recharging
  • Ideal for use with ammo and guns in wardrobe
What We Like?
  • Cordless operation is suitable for use in the closet
  • Easily recharges the silica gels when it is wet
  • Nice coverage considering its size and capacity
  • Super-affordable dehumidifier for a tight budget
What We Don’t Like?
  • The silica gels become smelly after a few days of use

Tester’s Note

The SnapSafe machine is a reliable small dehumidifier for the closet that will easily help you maintain the closet. It can soak excess moisture to keep the interior damp-free and prevent mold growth. Also, it has brilliant pricing.

9. Florida Electric Small Dehumidifier for Home: Best for large closets

Florida is a professional dehumidifier manufacturer with an excellent reputation in the market. You will find the reason for their name and fame once you grab this small electric dehumidifier. It can easily remove dampness and moisture from a large room, let alone your closet.

Therefore, you can use it to keep even the largest wardrobes damp and moisture-free. It makes closet maintenance easy and also prolongs its lifespan. The device will remove 250ml of water from the air every day. It is adequate to lower the humidity level from 60% to 45%, the recommended humidity level for homes and closets. Thus, the device is useful to remove mold, mildew, and fungus from the closet to stop furniture damage. It will also help maintain your dresses and accessories for an extended period.

Furthermore, the device offers a plug-and-play option. You can connect it to the electric outlet and press the button. It will start working immediately to reduce the moisture level in your home and closet. Also, it has an auto-shutoff feature to prevent the tank from spillage.

Unfortunately, the tank of this dehumidifier isn’t big. It only holds 235ml water, which is even less than the daily moisture removal capacity of the device. Thus, you might have to drain the water tank almost every day, and it is a hassle.

Thankfully, an LED indicator lets you know when you need to drain the tank. It will be useful for regular use. Also, the device operates at less than 35dB noise level. It is quieter than a whisper and so won’t create any disturbance in your ears.

Lastly, the dehumidifier is small and consumes less energy. So, you will love the device’s energy efficiency, and so it becomes pocket-friendly.


Coverage 225 square feet
Tank capacity 250ml
Daily capacity 235ml
Sensor Regular
Control One-button controls
Weight 2.42 pounds
Dimension 6.14 x 5.12 x 8.66 inches

Main Features

  • LED indicator for tank capacity full alert
  • Quickly reduces the moisture level from 60% to 45%
  • Low-power consumption for power saving
  • ABS plastic body is free from toxic elements
What We Like?
  • Its whisper-quiet operation is pleasant to the ears
  • The quick auto-shutoff feature prevents messes
  • Plug-and-play operation for convenient uses
What We Don’t Like?
  • Its tank capacity is not so satisfactory

Tester’s Note

If you can put aside the small tank capacity of the device, the Afolia dehumidifier is a great machine. It will cover 225 square feet of space and so ideal for even the biggest basement, laundry room, RV, and closet.

10. SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier for Home: Best for durable uses

In many senses, the Season electric dehumidifier is almost similar to the Afolia dehumidifier. Thus, you can choose either of these two devices. However, before you decide on your purchase, you should look at the top features of the Season dehumidifier.

Firstly, it can cover 225 square feet of space. It is enough for small to large rooms. Also, its coverage is enough for most basements, laundry rooms, and RVs. However, we suggest placing the machine close to your closet for the best dehumidifying results.

Secondly, the device has quite a good tank capacity to hold the removed water. Yes, it comes with a 500ml (16oz) tank size. Since it can collect 250ml (8oz) water from the air daily, you won’t need to drain the device each day. It will free you additional hassles. In fact, we have tested that you can drain it once every three days to help it work perfectly. It is possible because the device won’t need to work at the maximum setting always.

Thankfully, the device has a LED indicator with auto-shutoff properties. The LED will light up yellow when the tank is full, and the device will stop functioning until you drain the water. It will be useful to help the device work without any water spillages and messes. It is suitable to help you maintain the floor neat and clean.

Furthermore, its ABS body is quite ruggedly built. So, you can depend on it for years of use. Also, its energy efficiency and ultra-quiet workability make it the best dehumidifier for closet you can get for the money.


Coverage 225 square feet
Tank capacity 500ml
Daily capacity 250ml
Sensor Regular
Control One-button controls
Weight 2.40 pounds
Energy consumption 0.55KW
Dimension 6.5 x 5.3 x 11.5 inches

Main Features

  • Quick plug-and-play function for convenient uses
  • 250ml of moisture removal capacity per day
  • Strong ABS body for durability and lasting uses
  • User-friendly one-button operation for all
What We Like?
  • Its 500ml sized tank can hold moisture for two to three days
  • LED alert for a tank full to stop messed and improve convenience
  • Ultra-quiet operation for a peaceful sleep at night
  • Less energy consumption for saving your electricity bills
What We Don’t Like?
  • No humidistat facility
  • Lesser daily moisture removal capacity

Tester’s Note

The Season dehumidifier can cover 225sqaure feet of space. So, you can easily place it in the laundry or closet room to help the furniture remain in good condition. It will prevent the wardrobe from being damaged and improve your dress’s lifespan.

11. Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifier: Best for portability

The Pohl dehumidifier is designed to work in extreme humidity to lower the moisture in a relatively quick time. So, when you see the dampness in your closet and find molds inside it, you can choose this dehumidifier as an emergency option. It will never let you down in removing the moisture from the closet interior.

To start with, the device has 225 square feet of coverage. Thus, you will love its operational capacity in the basement, laundry room, bathroom, and not to mention near your closet. However, you should put it close to your wardrobe to yield the best results. Once you start working with this device, you will appreciate its moisture removal capacity.

Yes, every day, the machine can remove up to 300ml of moisture from the air. It is enough even for the most humid regions in the USA. On top of it, its tank can accommodate 500ml water easily. Thus, you may continue with the device without draining the tank for a couple of days.

More importantly, tank removal is made easy. You will love the easiness of removing and draining the tank. That needs only a few minutes to accomplish properly. And even if you forget to drain the tank timely, there’s nothing to worry about.

Thanks to the auto-shutoff feature, this device will stop working when the tank is full. Also, the LED indicator will inform you that the tank is full and you should drain it. So you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night and drain it.

Finally, its Peltier technology operates quietly without the compressor. It also uses the least energy and won’t cut your pocket with the high electricity bill.


Coverage 225 square feet
Tank capacity 500ml
Daily capacity 300ml
Sensor Regular
Control One-button controls
Weight 1.06 pounds
Energy consumption 0.55KW
Dimension 11.18 x 10 x 5.16 inches

Main Features

  • Peltier technology operates quietly and needs less energy
  • Super-lightweight design at 1.05 pounds
  • Optimal moisture removal capacity at 300ml
What We Like?
  • Easy operation with plug-and-play option
  • Quick tank removal facility for draining
  • LED indicator for tank full alert
What We Don’t Like?
  • The LED light isn’t durable

Tester’s Note

If you want a cheap yet reliable dehumidifier for your closet, you may choose the Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifier. It will ensure excellent performance with a quick moisture removal facility.

12. Air BOSS Closet Dehumidifier: Best dehumidifier bags

The Air Boss dehumidifier is particularly made for closet and storage spaces. Yes, it is a unique dehumidifier with beads full inside the plastic box. Once you keep it inside the closet, you can relax for months.

Surprisingly enough, the box full of silica beads will cover the moisture and dampness inside your closet and storage spaces. It can soak the moisture relatively quickly. So, it never allows the moisture to set inside the wardrobe. On top of it, it will remove mold and mildew from the closet to keep the furniture in pristine condition.

Moreover, it also helps you keep your clothing and accessory in good condition. So, you won’t have to be sad to see mold on your favorite dress. The moisture absorption capacity of the dehumidifier is 15 oz. It is quite enough for your closet since you will see less humidity inside the closet.

Unfortunately, you can reuse the silica beads. A porous film helps the beads collect the moisture and dissolve it in the film. You need to dispose of the water as waste and buy a new closet dehumidifier.


Coverage 100 square feet
Maximum capacity 450ml
Sensor No
Control Not needed
Weight 3.63 pounds
Dimension 12.05 x 10.43 x 4.96 inches

Main feature

  • Silica beads for moisture absorption
  • Removes up to 450ml of moisture
What We Like?
  • Easy to use
  • It can be put easily inside the closet
  • No water spills and messes
What We Don’t Like?
  • Not so good performance

Tester’s Note

The Air Boss dehumidifier is truly useful for your storage and closet. You can position the dehumidifier upright in the closet and enjoy a damp-free wardrobe for months.

How to Choose a Dehumidifier For Closet

When you are in the market to buy a dehumidifier for your closet, you can’t just pick any device. For instance, if you choose a too large dehumidifier, you can’t fit it into the closet. Also, if it is difficult to operate, you will soon lose interest in it.

Henceforth, we have prepared this guideline on the key facts to look at when buying the closet dehumidifier Daiso. So, let’s dive into the closet dehumidifier buying guide.

Size of your closet and dehumidifier

First of all, you must consider the size of your closet. If you have a large wall-to-wall closet, choosing a smaller dehumidifier won’t work. Thus, you must determine the closet size and buy the device accordingly.

Usually, a medium dehumidifier will work fine for large dehumidifiers. And for medium to small ones, you can pick even the smaller devices. However, you also should see if the dehumidifier fits inside the closet or not. Many cordless devices operate with a battery and can be easily placed inside the wardrobe.

The capacity of the dehumidifier

Next, you need to look at the dehumidifier’s capacity you want to buy. The capacity of these machines has two parts, firstly, its moisture removal capacity and secondly, tank capacity.

Thus, you must consider the moisture removal capacity of the device. Most dehumidifiers for closets can remove 200ml to 750ml moisture per day. However, some larger devices may remove up to 2500ml moisture from the air.

On the contrary, the tank capacity refers to how much water the tank can hold. Technically, the tank should be able to hold at least 2X more water than the daily moisture removal capacity of your device. Or else, you will need to drain it every day, and it can be a hassle. So, try to get a dehumidifier with a larger tank capacity.

Area coverage

You should also look at the actual area coverage of the dehumidifier. Since these are made for use inside the closet, they are quite smaller. So, most of these dehumidifiers can cover 200 square feet to 300 square feet of space. It should be enough for the largest closets even.

Nonetheless, you must look at the unit in which the coverage is expressed. Some devices will express it in cubic feet, and others will do it in square feet. So, look at it closely. Or else, it might deceive you.

Energy efficiency

After that, you must observe the energy efficiency of the dehumidifier. Many dehumidifiers come with an energy-efficient rating. It will help you reduce your electricity bill since you will run the devices for 24 hours.

Also, you may choose standard energy-efficient machines for better usability. However, don’t pick the device that doesn’t have such an efficiency rating.

Noise level

If the dehumidifier is too loud, it will be annoying inside the room. Thus, choose the dehumidifier that works under 35dB noise level. It will be useful for peaceful sleep. You can pick the dehumidifier that works with silica beads or gels instead of the mechanical system. These devices operate without any noticeable noise.

Auto-shutoff feature

Finally, look at the auto-shutoff feature for the dehumidifier with tanks. If the device doesn’t have the feature, the machine will run even after the tank is full. Thus, water spills from the tank, creating a real mess. Also, there should be a tank-full indicator to know when you need to drain the tank.

How to Use Closet Dehumidifier?

Using a closet dehumidifier isn’t a tough job. You may need to look at the device’s user manual carefully for this. The using process of the dehumidifier includes the following steps.

  • Firstly, determine what type of dehumidifier you have. If you have the traditional corded devices, you will have to use them outside the closet just like you do with the regular dehumidifiers.
  • For the battery-operated devices, you may consider mounting them inside the closet. However, ensure that you position it in upright condition so that water doesn’t spill from the device. Also, you must check the water tank to know if it is full or not regularly. Since it is difficult, we also suggest you position this dehumidifier outside the wardrobe.
  • Finally, if you use manual dehumidifiers that work with silica gels or beads, you may place them easily inside the closet. Since silica gels will absorb the moisture from the air slowly and can last for several weeks, you can easily renew them once every two weeks.

This way, you may use the closet dehumidifier to your best effect.

Benefits of Closet Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier inside the closet can be one of the strangest ideas you might have ever come across. Thus, you must know the benefits of the dehumidifier inside the closets. So, in the following points, we will enlighten your thoughts on using the dehumidifier in the wardrobe.

  • The device will lower the moisture level in your room, especially if you have kept the closet in the laundry room or basement.
  • The device prevents mold growth. So, it will keep your clothes free from mold and increase the clothes’ lifespan.
  • Different items such as guns, ammo, musical instruments, exotic leathers, etc., are sensitive to humidity. So, you must use a dehumidifier for the closet if you have kept one or multiple items of such kinds inside the wardrobe.
  • When the closet interior becomes damp, a slowly musty odor will develop. It will also carry on the clothes, and it is truly unpleasant. So, using a dehumidifier will help you eliminate the musty odor and enjoy a pleasant feel.
  • Lastly, excess moisture can damage your furniture, especially if it is made of processed wood. So, using a dehumidifier will reduce the moisture level to prevent the furniture from being damaged. It will extend the lifespan of the device superbly.

Different Types of Dehumidifiers for Closet

There are many types of dehumidifiers you will find for your closet. You should understand their key functioning and differences. It will help you fix which dehumidifier you should use in your closet.

Electrical or corded dehumidifier

As the name suggests, these operate directly with electricity from the outlet. Since it has a cord, it is also called a corded dehumidifier. It has air ducts to soak the air from the outdoor. Also, it may work with a compressor.

As the air passes the compressor or heated coil, it soaks humidity and condensates it into the tank.

Cordless or rechargeable dehumidifier

This device has a battery inside, and you can recharge the battery to help the dehumidifier work properly. Once you recharge the battery, it can work for several weeks with ease. The main functioning point of the device is silica gels that absorb moisture.

When the silica gel is full, you can recharge it to help the silica gels renew. In this way, you can renew the silica multiple times to use the dehumidifier for months or years.

Moisture absorber

The moisture absorbers are the simplest dehumidifiers you will ever see. It usually uses desiccant materials. These materials absorb the excess moisture from the air to keep the closet interior dry and neat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I go with a large dehumidifier instead?

Instead of installing a dehumidifier inside the closet, you may choose a larger dehumidifier. You may place it in your room, and it will still absorb the moisture to keep the closet free of dampness. However, a compact closet-specific dehumidifier will sit inside the wardrobe easily and soak the moisture. So, the wooden closet will remain in good condition with the closet dehumidifier than the larger ones.

How long will these closet dehumidifiers last?

The closet dehumidifiers can easily last for 5 years to 7 years. However, with proper maintenance, you may extend the lifespan of these devices up to 10 years. The lifespan depends on its build-quality, using frequency and maintenance. You may need to service the dehumidifier from a professional once in a year to extend its lifespan. Also, always keep the dehumidifier clean to help it live its expected lifespan.

What would cause mold in a closet?

Usually, dampness inside the closet will cause mold growth. The dampness may come from a leaking ceiling or plumbing system. Also, high humidity during the summer will cause dampness and mold growth. Mold will grow inside the closet, when you keep it in moist area without proper airflow. The lack of ventilation and boosted dampness will always help the mold. Plus, leaky water pipes around the closet may develop the mold.

Where to place a dehumidifier in the closet?

If you have enough space, you can position the small dehumidifier in the closet. Ensure that position the device is upright so that it doesn’t tilt and spill the water. When you place the device inside the closet, you should position it at one corner. It will help the machine to stay upright and it won’t tumble to cause the water spills.

How do I lower the humidity in my closet?

You may use a dehumidifier, air conditioner, exhaust fan, or baking soda to reduce the humidity level in your closet. If there’s excess moisture, you should keep a closet dehumidifier inside the wardrobe. If you live in high-humid regions, you better use a large dehumidifier. Also, keep the closet in well-ventilated space with a bit of warmth to keep the moisture level low.

How to get rid of moisture in the closet naturally?

You may keep a newspaper inside the closet to remove moisture naturally. The newspaper will soak the moisture from the air overnight. Also, baking soda will help you in lowering the humidity level. Baking soda absorbs the moisture from the air and expands. Thus, you will find less moisture in the wardrobe.

What are closet dehumidifier bags?

The dehumidifier bags have calcium-chloride crystals inside them. The crystals will soak the additional humidity from the air to keep your closet’s moisture in an optimal state. The crystals come inside the smaller bags and look much like the tea bags. It can be a temporary solution to get rid of the humidity. Also, many dehumidifier bags have added smell to keep the closet in even better condition.


Here we will end our detailed review of the best dehumidifier for closets. We have gone through the top 12 wardrobe dehumidifiers to help you maintain the closet, clothes, and accessories in pristine condition.

No doubt all the dehumidifiers are truly amazing. But when it comes to performance, reliability, and moisture removal capacity, Ivation IVADM35 Powerful Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier will always be the winner. Its 20oz water tank capacity, compact design, and rugged design make it great for your wardrobe. Also, it uses Peltier technology and so has no moving parts. It enables the device to work without any noises and keeps your clothes free from dampness and musty odor. Also, its compact size makes it the best small dehumidifier for the closet.

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