7 Benefits of Air Purifier (That You Must Know About Before Use)

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be 5X more polluted than outdoor air. It happens due to the airborne contaminants that continuously live in the indoor air.

Thus, people are concerned about indoor air pollution and use an air purifier to clean and purify the indoor environment. However, the benefits of air purifiers are a hotly debated issue. Some people say that air purifiers are a must-have for cleaning and enjoying better air at interior. On the contrary, others believe that air purifiers aren’t of any use.

Nonetheless, the air purifier will filter the air to remove contaminants to offer cleaner, improved, and healthy air. If you have asthma or allergic symptoms, using an air purifier will truly be helpful for your health. What’s more, an air purifier helps you battle against mold and mildew along with bacteria and viruses for healthier and safer interior living.

What’s more, during the pandemic situation, the importance of air purifiers has increased massively. It can help you get relief from COVID-19 viruses from the air to help you stay safe.

What Is an Air Purifier and How Does it Work?

An air purifier is essentially an air cleaner. It works to catch the contaminants from the air and improve its quality to provide you with a healthier indoor condition. Air purifiers can remove even 3-micron particles from the air. Thus, it works brilliantly in improving the air quality in your home or office.

What Is an Air Purifier

But how does an air purifier work?

An air purifier is a combination of multiple steps to purify the air from pollutants, pollen, dust, etc. The purification steps will vary slightly depending on the air purifier models. However, the main steps remain the same, more or less, for standard air purifiers.

Firstly, the purifier will use a fan to draw the air into the device. As the device draws the air from the room, all the contaminants from the interior air are sucked into the device.

Secondly, the air will pass through different filters inside the device. When the air passes through a series of filters, different filters will grab different contaminants to improve the air quality. However, not every purifier has the same filters. The filtering system depends on the model and type of air purifier you have at home.

For instance, HEPA air purifiers work best to remove the virus and bacteria particles from the air. Thus, you will find HEPA air purifiers at many hospitals and clinics. On the contrary, you might use carbon-activated filters to remove contaminants and foul odor from the air.

Also, the amount of air a purifier can purify will depend on the performance of the filters. Thus, the air filtering volume will vary according to the filter’s performance.

The Top Benefits of Air Purifier

No doubt, the air purifier is an amazing device. It will grab and remove the tiniest pollutants, pollen, dander, dust, and other particles from the air. Therefore, you will love the improved air quality at home and office for a healthier living.

Benefits of Air Purifier

Nonetheless, when people talk about the air purifier’s benefits, most people are confused. So, we will discuss its advantages to remove your confusion. Also, you will know the precise uses of the device for your comfort and health.

Helps to deal with COVID virus

In the past two years, pandemic and COVID have been two of the most buzzing words worldwide. Almost 6 million people have died due to the Coronavirus in the past two years. Thus, everyone is concerned about it and looking for ways to get rid of the virus.

In this case, installing an air purifier will be a great addition. Several kinds of research show that using an air purifier will truly help battle the COVID contamination in indoor air.

In fact, at Harvard’s School of Public Health, there was research on reducing the impact of the Coronavirus in buildings. The director of the Healthy Buildings program, Joseph Allen, stated that installing a HEPA air purifier can help remove and reduce Coronavirus impact in the school and college classrooms substantially.

He further said that a good-quality HEPA filter with an appropriate size for the classroom could eliminate up to 99.97% of contaminants from the indoor air. But, that’s not all.

A recent study inside the hospitals with COVID wards showed that using UV and HEPA air cleaners in the COVID wards might help remove bacteria and viruses. In fact, the study demonstrated that using UV and HEPA filters will truly remove the airborne SARS-CoV-2 from the hospital air. Additionally, it also helped remove other viruses and bacteria from the wards. Thus, it offers a better and improved air quality that helps patients relieve their pain immensely.

On top of it, installing an air purifier will reduce the nosocomial spread of the COVID-19 virus through the air. Therefore, it is a great relief for patients suffering from the virus and those who treat and take care of them.

Get Rid of Asthma Symptoms

According to the WHO report on asthma, in 2019, there were around 262 million people affected due to asthma. What’s more, 461000 people died due to asthma, the same report tells. What’s more, asthma is a leading non-communicable disease (NCD) worldwide. Both adults and children suffer extensive due to asthma symptoms.

As these statistics are overwhelming and frightening, installing an air purifier in your indoor condition will help you remain on the safer side. Asthma causes inflammation in bronchial tubes. Pollutants such as dust mites, allergic elements, dander, and pollen are the major causes of asthma.

These pollutants block and irritate the airways or nasal passages of humans. Thus, people suffer from breathing problems and become prone to asthma—the problem triggered with pets at home. Thankfully, you can use the air purifier to remove all these pollutants and relieve asthma symptoms.

These days, air purifiers come with HEPA and UV filters. These filters work amazingly to catch pollen, dander, and dust mites. So, the air cleaner will eliminate the root cause of asthma from the indoor air. Moreover, these devices will improve the air quality dramatically. Thus, people with intense asthma will get quick relief since it won’t block air airways with pollutants.

Furthermore, modern-day air purifiers come with replaceable and removable larger pre-filters. The pre-filters will catch and remove the larger particles from the air. Thus, HEPA filters can take care of smaller particles such as dust mite, pollen, dander, and other elements. As a result, you will get an improved air quality, reducing the asthma effect quite considerably.

Helps Fight Against Allergic Symptoms

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) reported that almost 7.7% of adults in America suffer from allergies. Also, allergic symptoms are a major health concern for children in the US. Therefore, people look for ways to remove allergic causes from the indoor air.

Luckily, air purifiers work brilliantly in removing the major causes of allergic symptoms from the air. The major causes of allergies are dust mites, pollen, dander, and dust. There’re many canal breeds and cats that continuously shed all the year. Moreover, pollens come inside the room from the outdoor environment and cause allergic sickness.

Air purifiers with HEPA or activated carbon will perfectly relieve dust mites, pollen, and dander. So, you will get rid of the allergy and its other problems. It will be useful for people suffering from chronic allergies.

Moreover, the improved air quality of the interior space will help you maintain your skin since dust mite and dander are the causes of skin irritation. So, you will love a better skin situation and allergy-free life.

Odor Removal Facility

The funny odor may build up inside your home due to many reasons. For instance, benzene or gasoline might break into smaller particles at room temperature and cause bad odor in congested locations.

Also, leftover food, untreated kitchen sink, and bathroom can develop a funny and stinky odor. These odors are unpleasant and also unhealthy. You might experience stomach upset due to these odors, which is the last thing you want to experience.

Thankfully, a good-quality air purifier will soak the odor and offer you pleasant air. Devices with HEPA-activated carbon or charcoal will work best to soak the funny smell better. Also, charcoal or carbon activated devices offer to remove and recycle the filter. You can air-dry these filters to help them regain their odor soaking facility for a pleasant interior.

In fact, a growing number of people are opting for air purifier in the bathroom to remove the foul smell from the bathroom. You can choose portable and small air purifiers for the bathroom and enjoy the odor-free environment.

Removes Harmful Chemicals

As civilization progresses fast, different chemicals for different industries and applications are increasing rapidly. What’s more, gasoline and fossil fuel-based vehicles also produce different kinds of gasses and harmful chemicals in the air.

Unfortunately, these chemicals such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide will find a way to enter your home anyway. Even if you shut off your doors and windows, these elements will enter the home through the air vents and ceilings. Whatever may be their entry source, these gasses and chemicals will hurt your health.

When you install an air purifier at home, it will care for the harmful chemicals. Research in the Environment Health Perspectives showed that an air purifier reduced carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide by 60%. It is an amazing study that opens up our thinking about the usefulness of an air purifier, particularly if you live in urban areas. If your home is close to a heavy traffic area, it will be even more helpful.

You may use carbon-activated filters for this process. The activated carbon will draw and trap the carbon-based contaminants to cleanse the air.

Helps in Reducing Airborne Disease

Although we might not believe it, our indoors are the breeding ground of different bacteria and viruses. Thus, the air becomes the carrier of these viruses and bacteria that will further cause airborne diseases such as influenza, nasal problems, etc.

Also, if a family member has flu, the virus will lurk in the air and might infect other members in your home. Thus, you can install an air purifier to soak the airborne particles. As a result, you will get rid of airborne diseases. It will be useful when airborne diseases are in the pick during the summer and winter days.

Air purifiers with UV filters will kill airborne germs. So, it will effectively eliminate the germs from the air to reduce the chances of diseases.

Furthermore, it will be a good deal if you have older people at home. They will appreciate your effort to keep them better with the improved air quality through the air filter. It will further help remove bad odor, contaminants, dander, and pollen that will also help older people enjoy a healthy living.

Helps You to Sleep Well

The air purifier will improve the quality of the air dramatically. Thus, it helps in your sleep. Also, many people need a slight yet subtle noise in the bedroom to sleep peacefully. In this regard, an air purifier can be a great help.

Helps You to Sleep Well

Most air purifiers have a smooth noise that sounds like the ocean. Thus, it truly improves your sleep. Also, you will have a better sleep without any allergy and asthma symptoms without any germs in the air. If you have a sleeping problem, the air purifier will relieve you of it. It will, therefore, give you enough strength during the daytime without any sleeping disturbance at nighttime.

Final Words

The benefits of air purifiers are truly limitless, and it’s nearly impossible to list them in one article. We have, therefore, listed the top air purifier benefits in indoor spaces. Nonetheless, you should use an air purifier in a closed environment to maximize its effect.

Yes, you should close the windows and doors to allow the air purifier to work to its full potential. The device will transform your indoor air into a heavenly one within a few hours.

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