Are Plasma Air Purifiers Safe? Should Know!

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Did you know that there are hundreds of germs and bacteria that air contains? Now, imagine breathing in this air with these germs and bacteria. Sadly, only little can be done to combat this when you’re outdoors, but the moment you’re indoors, you should have access to only clean air.

However, there’s an issue. No matter how clean the house is, the air isn’t completely clean. This is because in the process of opening the doors and windows, these germs and bacteria get in. Also, activities from the kitchen and even your pets can contaminate the air you breathe in. This is why people use air purifiers.

Having the cleanest indoor air we can access is one of the basic things needed to live a healthy life. Air can be usually contaminated with bacteria and germs, and air purifiers have been proven as the new innovation that can combat this issue.

It might be surprising to hear, but not all air purifiers are healthy. However, are plasma air purifiers safe?” In this article, I would be answering this question and other questions pertaining to this topic that might prove helpful to you.

Are Plasma Air Purifiers Safe?

Plasma air purifiers are safe. They help to improve the quality of indoor air for both visitors and those living in the home. This process is carried out by eliminating all forms of contaminants or pollutants present indoors.

Plasma air purifiers form charged ions when air passes over the ionization tubes, these are usually found in the units or ductwork. These ions formed act in different ways to remove all forms of dirt from indoor air.

Are Plasma Air Purifiers Safe

They tend to lessen the particles in the air indoors. The ions formed by the purifier contract with the toxins in air particles to become one big-sized molecule. This enables them to seize even smaller particles. This way, the amount of toxins in the air is reduced.

Reducing toxins in the air keeps the air safe and healthy for breathing.

We know that having the cleanest form of indoor air is something that you need to be on the lookout for if you want to live healthy. Here is everything you need to know about plasma air purifiers. But first, what really is a plasma air purifier?

What Exactly Is A Plasma Air Purifier?

A plasma air purifier is a device that removes pollutants from the air within a room or an enclosed space thereby enhancing the indoor air quality.

The plasma air purifier began to gain popularity about a couple of years ago. They were previously manufactured mainly for hospitals to help eradicate viruses, allergens, and bacteria.  Although, they were really substantial at this time and not practical for home use. However with time, smaller sized air purifiers began to emerge as a product of different commercial manufacturers.

What Exactly Is A Plasma Air Purifier

Nowadays, plasma air purifiers are installed as a part of the air conditioning system in the home. A combination of small filters and ionization are utilized to help with purification of indoor air. In this process, smoke, dust, bacteria, and other allergens are eliminated from living spaces.

How Does Plasma Air Purifier Work?

Plasma air purifiers work by cropping up negatively or positively charged ions when air goes through the ionization tube. These tubes are usually placed in either the unit or ductwork of the purifier.

How Does Plasma Air Purifier Work

The ions that have been cropped up function in three different manners to remove every kind of dirt from indoor air.

Molds, viruses, pollens, spores, allergens, and other forms of bacteria are sterilized by these ions. Now, in the process of sterilisation, these molds, viruses, bacteria and other allergen become oxidized and destroyed once they are in contact with the already formed ions.

These ions then become removed from the air and can no longer increase. They therefore lose their power to take effect on the human body and cause any form of infection, disease, or health problem.

The ions that have become formed also work to oxidize and remove any form of odor from household cleaning products. These plasma air purifiers are specially designed to destroy all kinds of organic or natural odors such as those emanating from kitchen waste.

These are the key ways that plasma air purifiers function to preserve the quality of the air present indoors.

Benefits Of Plasma Air Purifiers

Gets Rid Of Odor Present In Air

When you hear odor, what is the first thing you can think of? smell of cooking gas, or emissions from industries as a result of fuel combustion?

There are lots of causes of odor that are present in the atmosphere.Apart from this, it is a common belief that the air indoors is safer than the air outdoors.

Gets Rid Of Odor Present In Air

Lots of studies have proven that although outdoor air is highly polluted, indoor air too also contains lots of toxic pollutants that cause air odor. Air purifiers help to get rid of these odors present in the air.

With the way life itself is evolving, most people find themselves working from home. Apart from that, we sometimes spend long hours indoors with family, especially during weekends.  It is therefore very essential to lessen the risk associated with air pollution to the sparsest minimum.

Gets Rid Of Spores, Mites, and Dust Indoors

The major forms of air pollutants in our homes and even offices include mold spores, mites, pollens, and dust. These could lead to health challenges such as watery or blurry eyes, migraines, catarrh, or even something more challenging such as asthma.

Apart from dust and pollen grains, some harmful gases are also present indoors. These gases are dangerous to human health and wellbeing. Most of these gases present in our living spaces are made up of unstable organic compounds.

Removes Smoke Particles

They are exuded from commonly utilized home utensils such as materials used in construction, varnishes, paints, and even cleaning solutions. Sometimes, fuel from combustion, and tobacco smoke can be very challenging for the human respiratory system.

Removes Smoke Particles

Indoor air pollution is one of the major health challenges in the world according to research. Air purifiers are specially manufactured to combat this issue and reduce health risks. They destroy all airborne pollutants that might be present indoors and help purify the air we inhale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Plasma Air Purifier Emit Ozone?

Yes, plasma air purifiers emit ozone but not all of them. The ambient systems of some

air purifiers may give off ozone.

These purifiers produce ozone as an electric discharge byproduct. Plasma purifiers use ions to filter the surrounding air, and in the process, split oxygen molecules may form ozone.

However, the number of ozone molecules is most of the time within the limit. It’s safe to double-check with the manufacturer if a unit emits ozone or not.

Is It Safe To Leave The Plasma Air Purifier On At Night?

Yes. It is perfectly safe to leave the plasma air purifier on at night. They are designed to function 24/7 without stopping.

In fact, most manufacturers recommend leaving it running around the clock.

Also, leaving the air purifier running 24/7 means you will get clean and pure air to breathe all night long.

However, you need to make sure the plasma purifier you are using doesn’t emit ozone as these molecules are harmful to health.

How Much Electricity Does A Plasma Air Purifier Consume?

The plasma air purifier expends about 550 kilowatt-hours yearly. Or, to be put simply, the same energy as that of a refrigerator.

The count is quite similar to HEPA air purifiers as well.

Is It Compulsory To Close The Windows Before You Use A Plasma Air Purifier?

No, it is not compulsory to close the windows before you use an air purifier.

Air purifiers are designed to cleanse the air of germs and pollutants that mostly get in the room. So you don’t need to close the windows because the air purifier will still purify the air.

Since plasma air purifiers have no effect against the room temperature, humidity, or other factors, you can keep the windows open and the purifier running simultaneously.

Do Plasma Air Purifiers Work In Large Rooms?

Yes. Some air purifiers are specially designed to function for large rooms such as hall spaces or office board rooms.

Can You Use Two Plasma Air Purifiers In One Room?

Yes, you can. Several air purifiers can work together to purify the air in a room simultaneously, mainly if it’s a large room.

Although some air purifiers are mainly designed for large rooms, you can make use of two small

air purifiers in the absence of a large one.

However, it’s better to look for a larger unit as these units will comparatively consume less energy than using two separate small units.

How Close Should You Sit To A Plasma Air Purifier?

You should sit at least six feet away from a plasma air purifier. Sometimes, a space of ten feet is advised for larger ones.

If you bring it any closer, you might feel a small air blowing at your face. Any further away, there’s the chance of missing out on maximum benefit. So, you need to read the user manual to have precise knowledge about how close you should sit near a plasma air purifier.

The distance matters, and so does the placement. Different units require different positioning in the room for maximum filtration. You can also look for plasma air purifiers with 360-degree filtration to save yourself from the hassle.

In Essence

Plasma air purifiers are safe for utilization in both residential and commercial places. They are helpful with preserving the quality of the air present indoors by keeping the air safe and clean for inhalation.

The plasma air purifier functions by eliminating all forms of bacteria, molds, viruses, pollutants, and allergens. Also, it is capable of removing all odors and keeping your indoor space conducive for you and the people present around you.

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