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What is Home Air Geeks

HomeairGeeks is where a bunch of air quality specialists, home improvement guys share their opinions and expertise. We use our subject level expertise and do thorough research on the air quality improvement tools available in the market. You can get air purifier, dehumidifier, and humidifier reviews on HomeairGeeks to find the best products. We also share our knowledge base and guidelines on the site to help people live better.

What We Do Here

We understand that air pollution has vast negative impacts on human lives, and it’s mandatory to purify it before breathing in it. Whether you have smell in the kitchen from rotten foods or live in a polluted area, we know the way out. Our team knows how the air is good for cold allergies, and how to help your baby breathe fresh air. Therefore, we share our expert opinion on the best air quality improvement products on the market.

How We Make the Best Product Reviews

Let’s not forget that there’s a plethora of air products on the market that are enough to drive you crazy confused. Therefore, we conduct in-depth research on every single product we choose for each segment. The process goes like this:

Product Research

First, we select the best products in the market for the specific need you’re trying to fulfill and select the actually capable ones.

Identifying features

After selecting the products, we make sure it has every feature to fulfil a specific demand such as cold allergy, kitchen smells, etc.

Analyzing reviews

Once we have the right products for the right segment, we review the real life users’ reviews on user review sites from Amazon to local sites.


When the research and selection is done, our specialist panel does an expert rating on every product with a set of quality checklists.

Writing reviews

Now that we have all the specifics, our expert writers present the research in a written piece with all the findings and ratings for you.

Buying guide

Reviewing the products becomes more effective and sustainable when we write a buying guide to decide the right product by yourself.

How we do this

Thorough research and inspecting real user reviews, that’s how we review a product on HomeairGeeks. If you’re looking for the right device to make your home a better place to live in, we’re the ones who can guide you through. Since we’ve been in the business for quite a while now, we know what to expect from an air purifier or dehumidifier.

Our expertise helps us identify the pseudo specs in a product and non-effective user reviews while reviewing it. We also conduct thorough research on the most popular review journals and reach out to other experts to make sure the review we’re doing is legit. All these processes take time. Sometimes, it takes more than a week just in the research phase to do a review article.

Which products we choose

Many air quality products come with unnecessary pseudo features, and we understand that very well. That’s why we’re highly picky when selecting the best products for any review we do on the site. Regardless of your budget, there are products available for your problem, and keep that in mind as well. We make sure every group of people is getting products to solve a problem. So, we include both high-value and low-budget items in the review.

Our Ethics

We follow industry standard rules while selecting a product and reviewing it. Our specialist team has a high standard of ethical standing, and we take pride in that. While rating the products, writing about their features and benefits, our team is highly cautious. Both the writing and editorial process goes through a highly selective process.

If you need a one-phrase stand from our end to trust our reviews, we’d say this: You can trust us.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Have you been looking for a specific product and haven’t found anything good, even on HomeairGeeks? Or you may have any questions left! Don’t hesitate to leave a message to our team so that we can give you an unbiased, thorough review of the product you want. Contact us today and get your problems solved.

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